Not too bad, but becoming too common. I prefer the Tahitian variant Heirani.
TheLivingStone  12/25/2020
I think this name was used in Beach Buggy Racing (it’s on the AppStore for mobile users.) Leilani in BB racing is a racer with a flower power and wears beach clothes and has a flower in her hair.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2020
Leilani is my older sister's name, and to be honest, if it weren’t her name, I would probably use it for my child, lmao.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2020
I used to be frustrated with my name because nobody could remember it or spell it correctly. Now I absolutely love it. I like the way that its nicknames are still pretty. I've been called Lani, Lele, Leila, and Lei, among others.
leleilani27  8/7/2020
So lovely.
saturnbrat  5/28/2020
Very pretty!
someone-  5/13/2020
I know a Lailani who pretty much exclusively goes by Laila (Leila). It's a pretty name, especially when spelled Leilani, but it's just so fantasy-like I can't see it on a real person.
MayaHelen  1/29/2020
Gorgeous name and would love to use.
CatherineTheGreat  5/23/2019
Fantastic name but I wish more people would be open to this also being a masculine name since it has a unisex meaning (unlike Madison/Grayson).
― Anonymous User  3/5/2019
This is my name! My grandmother is Hawaiian born and raised, my grandfather was a Marine stationed in Hawaii in 1957. two and two together = my mother and 3 other children later they move from Hawaii to my Grandfather's hometown, a little town in Northeast Pa. Fast forward to 1979 that’s when I arrived. My mother gave me a Hawaiian name.
Growing up I did not like my name- boy's would pick on me and say I wanna lay-lani and so on, back in the early 80’s it wasn’t popular and no one ever heard it really here in Pa so I was constantly being called everything but Leilani, it was always misspelled, and if you heard someone talking about Leilani it was always me because I was the only Leilani probably in a 200 mile radius if not more.. I just didn’t like it! I didn’t start liking my name until I was about 19-20. I love it! It sounds beautiful! The meaning is beautiful!
My nickname is Lani and my granddaughter calls me Nani.
Lani79  11/2/2018
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Leilani who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 520th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
Beautiful, perfect.
kayisforkeen  10/4/2018
The only Leilani I have met was an older (retirement-age) woman. I think it's lovely and can suit a person of all ages.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2018
Ehh. Leila is better.
Luvbug86  9/23/2018
I named our daughter, who is Korean/American, Hayan Leilani. Her name translated into English means white heavenly flower. I find that it fits her perfectly. I personally love the traditions of Korea and Hawaii and she has both.
gjmump  6/6/2018
A census-designated place in Hawaii was named "Leilani Estate". The recent volcano fissure caused lava flows that have devastated the community.
XYKLONE  5/6/2018
Leilani Dowding is an English former Page 3 girl, glamour model, television celebrity, and the UK representative at Miss Universe 1998. After her success in beauty pageants, Dowding dropped out of university to pursue a full-time modelling career. Although she had not originally considered topless modelling, she started appearing as a Page 3 girl in The Sun in 1999. Her younger sister Melanie ("Mel") Dowding also had a brief career as a model. Dowding appeared on a charity Page 3 episode of The Weakest Link where she lost out in the final round to Jakki Degg. Dowding was competing on behalf of the RSPCA and breast cancer charities. She joked before the show: "I look forward to using my brain for the first time in three years."
cutenose  2/16/2017
My daughter is named Leilani. I fell in love with this name because of its meaning. Leilani was born on her late sister's birthday 6 years later. Her sister's name was Emmilee rose, she is in heaven. So when I saw it meant heavenly flower it was a way to honor the sister she never met. It's the perfect name. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
taraGood30  11/11/2016
I think a possible nickname would be Leila and I like the name not because it's my name but because I love the meaning of it.
leilaninunes13  6/20/2016
Another way of spelling this name is Laylonnie.
Aloma laylonnie  12/17/2015
Why does the website say that this name is pronounced LAY-lah-nee? I'm pretty sure it's lay-LAH-nee. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  7/27/2015
I love this name, along with Nalani. I think I like Nalani a little bit better, but this name is still very beautiful.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2015
The Australian band Hoodoo Gurus have a song called Leilani.
shadow1999  11/12/2013
From the Hawaiian words lei (garland) and lani (heaven).
GoodNightingale  9/20/2013
I think of this as a classic Hawaiian name, along with Noelani. It fits well with non-Hawaiian names.
GoodNightingale  9/16/2013
I knew a girl in elementary school that had the same name. Never came across another girl with a name like that again. It's a very beautiful name and it's unique too.
Karina  7/4/2012
This name is exceedingly beautiful in sound and meaning - it makes me think of a bough of creamy frangipani blossoms.
Just Jonquil  10/24/2011
I love this name. I also like other variations like Leilana and Leiliana.
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  6/14/2011
Probably best known from the song "Sweet Leilani."
Kosta  8/11/2009
A somewhat famous bearer is the young Leilani Guiterrez. After being severely injured when a federal employee ran a red light on Mother's Day, she managed to stay cheerful even in times of hardship. She and her mother have appeared in commercials supporting stem cell research.
Wilted  6/10/2009
If I have twin girls I might name them Laelia and Leilani. How cute is that! (Pronounced lay-LEE-ah and lay-LAH-nee).
kool_babe14  5/15/2009
I first discovered this name because I saw it as the name of a street on a street-sign. I thought it was a beautiful name, but I didn't think it was real. But now I know it is. It's pretty.
Pippin  4/9/2008
I think Leilani is a very pretty name. Just the thought of "heavenly flowers" makes you think this name is beautiful. I think a good nickname would be Lei or Lani.
bunnygirl  7/19/2007
I love this name! A possible nickname could be Lani. Leilani sounds very Hawiian.
bobcat_explorer  6/15/2007
Pronounced lay-LAH-nee.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2006
A variant of Leilani is Leilana. I saw it spelled that way in a book called Island of the Innocent by Lynn & Gilbert Morris.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2006
I personally love this name. I've used it for several of my characters.
patchworkgirl  2/5/2006
This is probably the most popular and well known Hawaiian name.
Lakota_so_italian  1/24/2006
Another Hawaiian translation is 'Heavenly Child'.
triphazard99  4/10/2005

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