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I don't really like Leland, it sounds surname-y and rather stiff.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2018
Don't like it.
kayisforkeen  9/1/2018
There is an American character in the film "How to Steal a Million" starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'toole. This character goes by the name, "Leland Davis... or Davis Leland," according to Ms. Hepburn's character.
1lizam234  7/15/2017
Pronounced LEE-lend.
actingfun  4/13/2016
Leland Hayward (Born: September 13, 1902, Died: March 18, 1971) was a Hollywood and Broadway agent and theatrical producer.
― Anonymous User  10/25/2014
Leland Stottlemeyer is a character on the TV show "MONK"
Meapergirl  10/29/2011
A major character in Ken Kesey's novel "Sometimes a Great Notion" is named Leland, full name Leland Stanford Stamper.
sariamew456  8/3/2008
This name would be better without the 'd' at the end. Leland just sounds so old-fashioned. After watching Twin Peaks in 2007, I just couldn't imagine using this name or even Lelan, as it would remind me of the creepy Leland Palmer.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
A famous bearer is the Conteporary Christian music group "Leeland". I believe that is the lead singer's first name. I quite like the name, and the group!
quigonjecca  11/17/2007
I like this name, it's diffrent. I like it better spelled Leeland.
applemilk  11/2/2007
There's a Stephen king character that goes by this name in Needful Things. His full name is Leland Gaunt.
Nanashi  6/30/2007
A Leland Cyprus is a type of evergreen tree.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2007
Leland Blanchard is the name of Aaron Eckhart's character in the movie "The Black Dahlia" (2006).
audreyhubley  8/28/2006
Let's not forget the movie "The United States of Leland".
innamorato87  8/28/2006
Dog: The Bountry Hunter - Dwayne 'Dog' Chapman's third son is named Leland. I wouldn't be surprised if the name's popularity increased along with the popularity of the show.
ADT  7/17/2006
There are better names for men but I like this one.
Mithos514  3/17/2006

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