Leland Turbo is a character in Cars 2.
Fictional character Captain Leland Stottlemeyer from the show Monk.
Leland is not really my style, as I like very few surname names, and I'm not crazy about this one, but still like it a bit. To me, it conjures up an image of someone rather elderly but I can see it feeling as a very trendy name to many people because the L sound is so trendy, as are surname names in general. I like a lot of L names but this one is a little too much with two L's being so close and makes for a bit lispy impression. So it's definitely not my cup of tea, as I said, and has its downsides, but it is decent and I can't say I seriously dislike it. It's an okay name.
Hanne Leland is a Norwegian singer.
It’s decent, but a bit surnamey.
I don't really like Leland, it sounds surname-y and rather stiff.
Don't like it.
There is an American character in the film "How to Steal a Million" starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'toole. This character goes by the name, "Leland Davis... or Davis Leland," according to Ms. Hepburn's character.
Pronounced LEE-lend.
Leland Hayward (Born: September 13, 1902, Died: March 18, 1971) was a Hollywood and Broadway agent and theatrical producer.
Leland Stottlemeyer is a character on the TV show "MONK"
A major character in Ken Kesey's novel "Sometimes a Great Notion" is named Leland, full name Leland Stanford Stamper.
This name would be better without the 'd' at the end. Leland just sounds so old-fashioned. After watching Twin Peaks in 2007, I just couldn't imagine using this name or even Lelan, as it would remind me of the creepy Leland Palmer.
A famous bearer is the Conteporary Christian music group "Leeland". I believe that is the lead singer's first name. I quite like the name, and the group!
I like this name, it's diffrent. I like it better spelled Leeland.
There's a Stephen king character that goes by this name in Needful Things. His full name is Leland Gaunt.
A Leland Cyprus is a type of evergreen tree.
Leland Blanchard is the name of Aaron Eckhart's character in the movie "The Black Dahlia" (2006).
Let's not forget the movie "The United States of Leland".
Dog: The Bountry Hunter - Dwayne 'Dog' Chapman's third son is named Leland. I wouldn't be surprised if the name's popularity increased along with the popularity of the show.
There are better names for men but I like this one.

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