In 2019, the name Lennon was given to 65 girls and 28 boys in Ontario, Canada.
This name is so cute, and Lenny is adorable!
I love this name, probably because my new favorite YouTuber's rabbits name is that! Lennon I think is better for a girl.
I love Lennon, Lennyn makes me think of Lennin the former leader of the Soviets. Lennon Star is on the top of mine and my girlfriend's list.
John Lennon was an egotistical hypocrite. No thanks.
This is my name and it has a lot of meaning behind it, not just being named after 'John Lennon'. People also say it's a bland name but I really like it and think it's a cool name.
For a girl? And not spelled Lennyn? Come on, put the Y in there. You know you're dying to!
My brother's name is Lennon he was born on the day famous John Lennon died, no one planned this but it happened. :)
Lennon is the third daughter of country singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins.
Lennon- that is cool.
This name is absolutely the worst of all surname-derived names of all time. I loathe it as well as its connection to the late John Lennon.
I love this name along with Cobain. I really like names after famous musicians.
In my opinion, this name is better as a surname than a first name. Sounds quite bland as a first name.
Lennon is one of the coolest names, that’s why we called our last baby Lennon! He is now a strapping 6ft 16 year old! We’ve always had comments about his name! Our beautiful boy!
This is a last name.
Lennon may sound like a nice name, but there is a strong celebrity association, why burden a kid with that? John Lennon, member of the Beatles who abandoned his son, stated in recorded interviews that he used to frequently beat women, also said in the same interviews that he found his mom attractive growing up and that she would have gone for it, another accomplishment is that he's on video mocking disabled people. He pretended to be deep and political but had no real knowledge of moral sense. Total fraud.
The way I see it this name will spawn two reactions:
1. Beatles fans who will tell the person how much their name is cool.
2. Non-Beatles fans who will torment the person with this question: "Are you bigger than Jesus now?"

As for me, I come off as somewhere in the middle. I'm not a Beatles fan, but I definitely don't joke about Lennon's quote often. But due to the Beatles' large fanbase, the first reaction will happen most often.
My son was born 7/5/16 and his father adores the Beatles so we named our son Lennon. I love Bible names so his full name is Lennon Jude. It fits well. His nickname is "Len" but as a baby and being jaundiced he quickly became "Lemon" and "Lemon Juice". We embraced it and he was a Lemon for his 1st Halloween. We get tons of compliments and he adore music so it fits him perfectly.
I named my son Lennon back in 2007, it seems to have gained a lot of popularity as a first name. I'm a huge Beatles fan, I prefer Lennon over McCartney and anyone could be a John, so I chose Lennon. My family has a lot of musical talent and I hope he follows up in that field, if not that's okay too. He's such a good boy. Anyways, my 2 cents.
I like this name for either a boy or a girl. Just in my opinion I like it more for a girl, it’s not too boy-ish or girl-ish, it’s a perfect name for a boy or a girl.
We named our son Lennon in 2013. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is to call him Lenny. We do call him Len, though. He's an adorable little boy with pink cheeks and shaggy brown hair. I loved the name long before my husband and I met, so there was little democracy when it came to naming our son (he did get to pick his middle name, and of course, we both have his last name). I liked it for its classic yet modern feel... and also because I love the Beatles. I found out that it is derived from the Gaelic name Leannan which means love, or lover, after deciding on the name when I was pregnant, but that just made me love it all the more.
We named our daughter Lennon in 2014. Love it! Never considered John Lennon in the process however. My father's name is Leonard so one day we were playing with different ways to incorporate his name. I ended up watching the tv show Nashville and saw the opening credits for one of the singing duo sisters, Lennon Stella. Fell in love the second I saw it!
Sounds like Lenin, which isn't the greatest namesake. Looks good on paper, though. It's better for a book character.
My name would have been Lennon, after John Lennon, if I (born 1983) were a boy. So to honor my mom I decided when I was a little girl that if I ever had a boy I would name him Lennon. Fast forward to 2015 and we have our Lennon! Love the name! It's a strong name, but playful as well.
I LOVE the name. I named my son Lennon in 2014, however 1st heard it as a first name in 2010! It's definitely a unisex name... No, real love for the Beatles, but it didn't stop me from using and loving the name.
My name is Lenin and I love it! Its nice not having to share a name with anyone in school, but I can never find anything with my name on it!:(
Lennon and Maisy are a Canadian music duo composed of sisters Lennon Ray Louise Stella and Maisy Jude Marion Stella.
I would love to name my child this after John Lennon. Apart from that, I just like the name Lennon anyway. :)
Great name. I'm a Beatlemaniac through and through, but naming my kid after John Lennon seems to cross the line into worship. So maybe a pet or something.
What a perfect meaning!
I think this name works well for a daughter. I'm also a huge John Lennon fan, and I've always thought the name could be both masculine and feminine. If a girl were named Lennon, it would be different and spunky.
I think Lennon is a nice name and since I'm a Beatles fan, I would consider using it but only as a middle name.
I find it annoying how popular this name has become. I guess it's because one of the annoying Gallagher brothers from the irritating band Oasis used this name for his son, and because I'm not really much of a fan of John Lennon anyway. Having said that, the name sounds okay, but it will always have its associations.
My daughter's name is Lennon after John Lennon (my husband is a HUGE beatles fan) and we call her Leni. She loves it.
It's cool that it's pronounced the same way as Lenin; Vladimir Lenin being the leader of the Great Soviet October Revolution.
If I have another son I would love to name him Lennon but I don't know that I will go through with it as I STRONGLY dislike the nickname 'Len'. Maybe I'll use it as a middle name instead.
I want to name my son Lennon. I am a huge John Lennon fan and would love to show it by giving my son his name. The modern meanings do mean little cloak or cape but the original name of Lennon, Ó Leannáin does mean lover which makes me adore the name even more. I even like the shortened version Len too. Great name!
Lennon is a nice name for a boy. I read somewhere that Lennon is a English variant of Lenin. Lennon is Gaelic meaning little cape or Irish meaning lover.
This name has nothing to do with Lenin. Lenin was a nom de guerre, meaning "Man of Lena," a town in Siberia where he was exiled before his rise to power, similar to Stalin, meaning "Man of Steel."
Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit have a son named Lennon, in honor of John Lennon.
Lennon is probably best known as the surname of former Beatles member and activist John Lennon. Born John Winston Lennon (he changed his name to John Ono Lennon after marrying Yoko Ono), he was a prolific musician best known for songs like "Imagine" and "All You Need is Love." On December 8, 1980, John Lennon was shot and killed. He was forty years old.

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