I actually really like this name. It has a cool sound to it. But I much prefer it as a surname.
I'm so sorry for Lennoxes for this comment, Lennox is a great sounding name, but it sounds like lummox.
All it makes me think of is Lenox china.
Doesn't look or sound very attractive. Also, I see this as strictly masculine.
Really stale as a given name. I'd better opt for Leonardo, as in the great Leonardo da Vinci, over Lennox.
Merely a modern variant of Leonard in the Anglosphere.
This makes me think of recording artist Annie Lennox, of Eurythmics fame. I personally wouldn't use it unless you have a special connection to the place from which the name is derived.
My 3 year old daughter’s name is Lennox and I do not regret it. I think the nickname “Lenny” is super cute and suits her spunky personality! I think it works great for boy or girl, like many names these days.
I really dislike this name. Sounds very lastname-ish, not attractive, and very masculine. The nickname Lenny isn't great either.
This is the name of a district in Scotland, sounds like it too. Twas a name once but who cares, it's a place now.
The name Lennox was given to 394 girls born in the US in 2016.
My son's father is from Scotland and like someone said above about the name and the Scottish background, it's true. The name is defined as a masculine name and as a clan from Scotland. It means 'amongst elm trees'. The name gained popularity after Disney decided to have a show with a GIRL named Lennox: this then took off in the states. I truly believe still that it's a very masculine name from its roots.
It's the last name of Colonel William Lennox in the Transformers movies. Since watching these movies, I have fallen in love with this name! When I am going to have children, this name is at the top of my list for boy's names.
Our first son is Roman and we're looking for an equally awesome name if we have a 2nd little boy. We feel like Lennox may be that name! I don't know why people are using it on girls when it's so masculine. All I can think of is Lennox Lewis the famous boxer.
I chose Lennox for my girl who is due in July, but opted to spell it 'Lennix' for a bit of a feminine touch. My mother is Lynne and my grandmother is Lynda. I wanted a name that could be shortened to "Len" and I absolutely loved Lennox. Her full name will be Mila (pronounced mee-la) Lennix ______.
Lennox is a great name. We chose it for our boy after listening to Annie Lennox's amazing cover of "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by Neil Young. Obviously Annie was not happening, but I stared at Lennox and the more I looked at it the more I liked it. I'm so glad he's not Matthew H or Chris M in his kindergarten. It's nice to be unique.

Our Lennox will be 6'2" or taller. I'd say it's quite fitting of any kid who is bound to be a big boy. Strong, powerful name.
Hello! My name is Lennox Ann. I love the uniqueness and get complimented on it everyday. It's a great name for a girl!
I typically like unisex names on boys, but I kind of like Lennox as a feminine name. It seems to have a spunky vibe to it. That's not to say that it can't suit a boy, it certainly can, but it has a really cool feel when paired with a long, ultra-feminine middle name.
We named our daughter Lennox. We wanted a name that was strong and unique. To soften it, her middle name is Eloise. We love that Lennox is a name that can be either masculine/feminine and we prefer names with those qualities.
I love the name Lennox for a girl, my first mental image is Mary Lennox. I don't get any uber-masculine vibe from it at all, after all it began as a place name, followed by being a surname and is therefore not a "boy" name. Just like any other place name or nature name, it is perfectly lovely and very usable for either sex.
Lennox is super masculine. Clearly a boy's name that I could never imagine on a girl. It would be like naming a girl Magnus. That being said, I think Lennox is a strong, sophisticated Shakespearean name with a good meaning. It wouldn't work on every little boy, but matched with the right personality, it could be a great name choice.
Lenox is a brand of fine china. I directly associate this name with the female gender and simply cannot imagine naming a boy after fine china, personally. It's classy, easy to pronounce, and isn't overly common like Mary, Jessica or Emma, for example.
Lennox is a brand of air conditioning and heating systems named after its founder Dave Lennox.
We named our daughter Lennox in 1996. She is a very cool kid and it fits her well. I'm not a hipster, but would like to think I'm a cool mom. It's a great name for a girl or boy. I always thought her name sounded strong and had a leadership feel to it. She is definitely a leader! Her middle name is Delaney. I think we are going to hear more people using it yearly.
With today's trends such as Nyx and Lux, I don't see why not Lennox for a girl.
93 baby GIRLS born in the US in 2012 were given the name Lennox. This could be one of the most masculine names there is. I have a very hard time imagining a little girl with pigtails and a pink dress named Lennox.
Lennox is one of the Scottish lords in Shakespeare's Macbeth. As with the other lords (Ross, Angus, etc), Lennox was not his given name, but rather the region of Scotland over which he presided.
Yuck. Am I the only one who doesn't like this name? I admit it's not as bad as the similar sounding Maddox, but it's pretty darn close. I would imagine the type of people who name their son Lennox to be some weird hipsters who think it sounds "cool" and "obscure" or unwed teenage parents. Heck, maybe even both. It's a nice name for a dog though.
I love the name. It has a rock star feeling to it but to be honest I feel it's a girl name not because it's girly but because the first time I heard this name it was a girl from 'Melissa and Joey' so my opinion is different. Like I imagine a cool girl who's independent. But if you're using it for a boy it's still cool and for using it for a girl then use a feminine middle name so it has an elegant twist to it.
Sounds like Linux. Who wants to sound like a computer operating system? Just go with Lennon.
Annie Lennox from the band, Eurythmics, is a famous bearer.
And in yet another Agatha Christie masterpiece, Appointment with Death, there is a character named Lennox Boynton, who was a man. With all this you'd think she loved the name! I, personally, like the name Lennox, although it gives a semi-androgynous vibe for the male name I intend it to be.
Sounds too Brangelina for me to use.
There's a character in Macbeth called Lennox.
In Agatha Christie's novel "The Mystery of the Blue Train" there is a secondary character named Lenox Tamplin, which incidentally happens to be a female.
My middle name is Lennox, and I'm a girl! I think it's a cool name for ANYONE!
Lennox is a cool name for a boy.
Mary Lennox in the book The Secret Garden.
British boxer Lennox Lewis.
This is the name of a town in California near LA.

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