I looked over thousands of names for my baby girl, and this one ended up on my list. I love how it’s easy to pronounce and recognize, and not heard often at all. I think it has a beautiful timeless feel to it too.
m00n  4/20/2021
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Frollein Gladys  3/9/2021
It's pretty.
Shadow and Revenge  2/11/2021
Leona is also Dutch (Rare), Polish, and Croatian. The name day for Leona in Poland is June 15.
glacier_bear_82  1/20/2021
I've only ever seen this spelled Liona, and I definitely like that better. This name is fine, I guess. I prefer Liana.
MayaHelen  1/4/2021
I love it as a middle name!
Inxpect  12/20/2020
Not uncommon in German-speaking Switzerland:
Frollein Gladys  12/4/2020
I was originally going to name my daughter Vivian after my Grandmother, but my brother claimed it. So I'm using Vivian as a middle name. It's not a competition. I plan to name my daughter Leona after her brother Leo who was named after their dad. Leo had another son named Leo. The first and second Leo's died sadly.
Leona is a beautiful, strong, name. I love how it means Lioness, certainly one of the best meanings out there.
So Leona is actually a wonderful name I could use if I have a daughter. Leona Vivian, has a nice ring to it doesn't it?
― Anonymous User  8/18/2020
I love this name, it's so pretty. I love the way it's spelled, the way it sounds. This is wonderful.
Anders1234  6/24/2020
I want to like this name, but; it just feels like it's trying too hard. It is interesting that so many Leonas mentioned people not remembering their name. I know a little girl with this name and I always struggle to recall if it is Leona, Lenora, or Liora when I see her.
Hforthewin  2/18/2019
Not a fan.
kayisforkeen  10/26/2018
In 2018, 84 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Leona who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 827th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2018
Lovely, feminine, and strong.
Phoenix Gemstone  1/30/2018
When I was younger I had a Webkinz Signature Persian Cat named Leona. It has a refined sound to me, so it fit her perfectly.
RadarKuma  1/7/2018
Teasing alert: "Oh, no, it's Leona!"
pukeko  12/13/2016
Well, this is my name :) I appreciate the fierceness behind it. As a kid I hated it because everyone said it wrong and no one could remember it! Haha Lee is a great nickname and it worked until I was older in age. It really is beautiful and unique! People still struggle with remembering what it is, but it's not a big deal to me anymore.
Lmshell  9/18/2016
My name is Leona and I think that this name is pretty in every way. It is so beautiful. My mom and I love it and everyone who I meet loves it too.
BOSSHL  5/30/2016
Everyone seems to love this name, but I'm going to disagree. It just doesn't sound feminine. It's Leon with an A, not a girls name.
― Anonymous User  11/15/2015
This is one of those names that I have always loved, even when I was younger. I have no clue where I heard it, but I remember one of my favorite toys being named Leona. I would seriously consider it for a child.
actingfun  8/23/2015
This is my name and everyone I know hates their own name, but me personally, I love my name :) :) lucky me :P.
leona 123  8/18/2015
This is such a pretty name. I like the sound of it, and it reminds me of the classy and beautiful Leona Lewis.
Buneary  3/5/2013
Also used in Croatia.
Sofia  1/9/2011
I first heard this name when I was around nine, and I thought it was so cool. Now, though I do prefer the less conventional and common Leonie, I still love Leona. Leona has beauty, grace and charm, and I love how it means "lioness". It's gorgeous whether you pronounce it lee-O-na or LE-o-na or le-O-na, though I slightly prefer the first pronunciation, as I like names that have a "ee" and stressed "o" sound - Leona, Iona, Fiona, Ilona. It reminds me of a young woman who's intelligent and independent; a lioness.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2010
This name also exists in Spanish, Italian, Czech, and Polish, among other languages. I like this name very much.
bananarama  7/5/2009
Leona and Elsa would be good names for twins born under the star sign Leo.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2009
Leona Aglukkaq, politician
Leona Brown, boxer
Leona Dalrymple, author
Leona Dombrowska, politician
Leona Florentino, poet
Leona Gom, novelist and poet
Leona Graham, DJ and voiceover artist
Leona Helmsley, hotel operator and real estate investor
Leona Hutton, silent film star
Leona Lewis, pop, R&B and soul singer-songwriter
Leona Machálková, pop singer
Leona Mitchell, soprano
Leona Naess, singer/songwriter
Leona Vicario, supporter of the Mexican War of Independence
Leona Woods, physicist
Leona Zawadzka, działaczka oświatowa (worker)
Leona Cavalli, artist
Emilie007  11/16/2008
Leona Stevenson is Barbara Stanwyck's character in the excellent movie "Sorry, Wrong Number", which was a huge hit in 1944.
Clytemnestra  9/28/2008
It's a lovely name, but I associate it with Leona Helmsley, who was basically famous for being rich and very mean to her servants and workers, and she had a very arrogant attitude towards people who weren't rich. She herself had basically become massively rich by marrying a billionaire.
slight night shiver  4/27/2008
Well, this is my middle name; I've never been very fond of it. Everyone else seems to like it, but it reminds me of old people, perhaps because this name belonged to two of my great-grandmothers.
― Anonymous User  3/30/2008
In Germany, the name is sometimes pronounced LAY-o-nah, based on the correct German prounciation of the German name Leonie, LAY-o-nee. [noted -ed]
LoQuiero  11/22/2007
The beautiful songstress that won UK's 2006 singing competion known as The X Factor was named Leona Lewis. She was the first female singer to win.
Cyneburga  10/26/2007
Leo = lion; Leona in most texts means "brave" or "brave-hearted".
cheex223  8/9/2007
I think this is a pretty name - it's not totally weird but sounds slightly exotic. My friend has a sister named this, and I also have another friend who is called this, but she spells her name Leeona, which makes it a bit more unique, I guess!
emeraldstar  6/28/2006

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