It's a bold, strong nickname. No nonsense, streamlined, powerful.
Means law in Latin, and then there's Lex Luther. It is pretty cool sounding, though. I prefer Lux for a boy or Luz for a girl.
I just love this name.
On this page, under Related Names, OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES, it says "Alexander, Alexandros (Greek Mythology)". That is not correct. Alexander, or Alexandros in Greek, is the name of several ancient Greek historical characters, but not a single mythological character. Therefore "Greek Mythology" is incorrect. It should just say "Classical Greek".
Love this name for a boy.
Lex sounds completely male to me. But it looks more feminine.
Lex Lang, an American voice actor whose given name is Walter Alexis Lang, bears this names.
I've always had such a strong aversion to the female name/nickname Lex (and Lexie)... but I realize now that I actually find it interesting in male usage.
Lex Croucher is an English 22-year-old who makes YouTube videos. Her main channel is tyrannosauruslexxx.
I find this a good name for both boys and girls, but not as a 'proper' name, as a nickname then yes I love it. Before I never actually thought of it as a nickname for a male, as always I thought it to be short for Alexa and Alexis.
In the book 'Jurassic Park' there is a girl called Lex. She also features in the first and second film versions. Probably for this reason, I think of Lex as more of a girls' name.
My mate's called Alexis an we call her Lex. To me it sounds like it could be feminine or masculine.
This name is also used in Dutch and Limburgish, though mostly on males (as a short form of Alexander).
My friend is Lex, though his real name is Leslie. Probably influenced by him, I prefer it for a boy.
I love Lex for both boy and girl.
Lex means "law" in Latin. Not a good name for a person.
Lex. Simple, and very unique. I like it as a nickname. It's intriguing.
Lex can also be a short form of Alexis or Alexa.
Lex can also be a girls' name/nickname. My name is Alexandra and it's often shortened to just Lex or Lexa.
Lex Luther is Superman's nemesis.
Lex is the name used by Superman villian Lex Luthor. According to Smallville TV series, Lex is short for Alexander, and this is most probably a link to Alexander the Great.
Me and my friends are always calling my friend Alexia this name. She rather likes it too and it suits her.

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