Liu Boxin, known as Lexie Liu is a Chinese singer. She voiced Seraphine from K/da’s League of Legends.
I think you should stick with Lexi.
I can’t hear this name without thinking of Lexie from “The Lost and Found”. She’s such an incredible character that I have to love the name.
The "e" in this name is bad. Sounds informal, immature and other stuff. I like Lexi and Lexy, but not this.
Honestly this name is kind of twerky celebrity to me. Sorry to the Lexies of the world.
Way too immature as an actual name.
Also a diminutive of ALEXIS. [noted -ed]
My name is Lexus but I’ve gone by Lexie most of my life. I do not like when people spell it “Lexy” or “Lexi,” they just look incomplete. I way prefer it spelled with an “ie” at the end instead. I think it’s a cute, feminine name and people always remember it (even if they spell it wrong.) “Lexus” was always annoying because people would call me Alex, Alexis, Alexandra, you name it.
I prefer Lexi. Lexie looks immature to me.
I love my name but the only thing I don't like is all the guys at school rhyme it with sexy.
My name is Lexie and it is so annoying when people spell it like "Lexy" or "Lexi" but my friends just call me plain "Lex"
This is my name and I kind of like it. I mean it's okay.
My daughter’ name is Alexandra. When she was five she wanted her nickname to be Alex. For some reason, it didn’t fit well. So she said her nickname for Alex was Ally. She did not understand her name was a lifeline. Then, we started discovering her character when she was 12. We all agreed with Lexie when she was eight, but she began maturing. It sounded too cute. Anyways, at 12 she wanted to model and was a sass expert. Lexi sounded like a stripper name, but after calling her Lexi she seemed much more mature and elegant. Now she is 16 and has started her acting and modeling career.Lexie and Lexi are both equally great names! They just show different maturity.
Q: What is a better name than Lexie?
A: Nothing!Lexie is cool, creative, pretty, all the good things. I love that it can be a nickname for Alexandra or Alexis or other names with 'Lex' in them, and also a name by itself. Lexie Alison and Lexie Abigail are two of my favourite combinations for this name.
The name Lexie was given to 381 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Lexie are female.
I don't care for this as a full name but as far as spelling goes, I much prefer Lexie over Lexi. I'm slightly baffled as to why the spelling of "Lexie" is lower on the charts compared to the other. Lexie looks more girly and complete.
My name is actually Alexa, but because it is a bit too formal for my age my friends and family call me Lexie or Lex. I honestly love it because it's so pretty and unique. Most people spell it Lexy or Lexi but I like it with the "e" at the end.
Lexie is a cool name. But why must people use it as nickname for the beautiful names Alexandra, Alexandria and Alexis? Those names are way too pretty to be broken down! If you want to use Lexie just please don't use as nickname for those names! Just have it by itself!
I like the name Lexie, short for Alexis, but I wouldn't call a small child this because it rhymes with sexy, so 'sexy Lexie'.
Greek - Female - Defender, protector. Used as a short form of Alexandra, though it has a different root.
Lexie is my name. And in my whole life, so far, I've only meet one other girl with the name spelled the same as me. So it's pretty unique and rare.
The fact that it rhymes with sexy makes it sound like a stripper name to me.
I love this name, it's my name. Well my real name is Alexandra but mum thought that Lexie was really pretty but a little too informal for when I am older so I was called Alexandra with the pet name of Lexie.
I really like Lexie (or Lexy) as a diminutive of Alexandra, Alexa, Alexis, etc. It's more feminine and distinctive than Alex - and it helps avoid confusion with all those boy Alexes out there.
Lexie was on the MTV show Laguna Beach.
I like the name Lexie. It is short for Alexis which is my name. All my friends call me Lex and Lexie.

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