This name is alright, but I think Liberta looks more mature, sounds more serious, something similar like great names of Alberta or Roberta, so changing end letter of the name would make quite difference, make it a lot more beautiful. Liberty feels not mature enough.
I absolutely love this name, it's so pretty. The nickname Libby is so cute too.
Terrible name, I think of dumpsters when I hear it.
Nah... don't really like virtue names.
While I wouldn't recommend this name for a human, my dog is named Liberty! I think it is a super cute name for a dog!
My name is Liberty, and when I was younger I got bullied for it. Much less nowadays though, just some little comments on it. I personally dislike the name but maybe that's just because I live with it. Whenever I mention how much I dislike it, my parents get super defensive and tell me I should love it. I don't know man, but naming your kid "Liberty Belle" just seems like it's asking for your kid to get made fun of. I mean, you can own the name and be confident but that's not how I feel. Sorry if that offends anyone? :/
What a cocky name.
Oh no, this name is so cringy. I feel like overly patriotic Americans use this name the most because of the Statue of Liberty and the 'land of freedom' thing. Saoirse is a better alternative.
My name is Liberty with the nickname “Lily”. My parents weren’t religious freaks but rather named me this because I was born super tiny and over a month early. My mom thought that giving me a strong name would help because of how little I was. My parents hated the nickname “Libby” and would always correct people who called me that. I decided to go by Lily because I think it suits me better than Liberty does and like my parents I hate the name Libby (no offense I just don’t like the way it sounds). To people who want to name their kids this - girl or boy - go ahead! It’s not a bad name. Keep in mind that your kid might get made fun of for it at some point in time, but it’s nothing they won’t be able to handle (trust me I got them all... “statue” etc). Most people have positive reactions to the name and say that it’s really beautiful or pretty, I’ve even been told a few times by kids from my school “I wish my parents had named me something cool like that” (no joke). It’s honestly a pretty badass names! And if you’re like me and don’t like “Libby” but still want to use a nickname, here’s some:
- Lily
- Birdy
- Bert/Berty
- Lee/Lea
- Li
- Tilly
- Lay
- Ty
My mother's family name is Liberty, it's from Sicily, Italy. It was Americanized before they hit the boat for Ellis island New York where the statue of Liberty resides.
I like the name Liberty for a boy better than for a girl. I'd consider naming my son Liberty.
I would name a girl Liberty, but not a boy, it seems too feminine. Liberty Hope or Liberty Faith are cute.
I love this name, its meaning is awesome. I know a Liberty, but she mostly goes by Libby.
For my 5th and last child I picked out the name LIBERTY for either a boy or girl. I decided if it was a girl, I would call her Libby. If a boy, I would call him Li. I loved this name and thought of it because my great great grandmother named one of her son's LIBERTY. She was from New Orleans, back some time in the mid or early 1800's. (I plan on doing more genealogical work on this soon.)
I picked this name out mostly because of the family history of it and this was from my grandfather's (my mom's father) side of the family. Otherwise, I would probably not have used this name.
I tell everyone to call my son Li. Sometimes they spell it Lee and I'm okay with that.
I have known someone with the name Freedom, but I prefer the name Liberty. Having 5 children (ages 21, 13, 4, 2, & 1 month) and naming my son Liberty may make me sound like a modern day hippie.
I used to be CRAZY over this name, but now I don't like it as much anymore; I love the patriotism of the name, yet I don't like the way it feels in my mouth or the nickname "Libby".
Okay, I do like this name. I guess the association with libertarians doesn't really bother me, though I am not one, it's more that it seems in some cases of its use to be linked to a kind of disturbing form of militarism disguised as patriotism. Don't want to imply things about everyone using the name though. The other potential downside is the girl might be teased with references to the Statue of Liberty, or if the middle name Belle/Bell was used, which I wouldn't do, to the Liberty Bell. But I don't think that it is too much of an issue, as these are not negative things, and anyway, almost any name can be teased for something, and if not the name, than someone who wants to tease will tease about anything. I also do not like the nickname Libby for this name, but would rather see it used in full.
My 6 yr old daughter is named Liberty Star. I and my husband, who is in the Army, picked out the name due to patriotism, and it suits her very well, she's a wild child and in every sense is free as a bird.
She loves how unique she is, loves to see that there is a statue with her name.
Good meaning, but sounds like a name favored by Tea Party members and libertarians. Liberty is a noble and essential concept but I don't quite agree with those groups' definition/interpretation of it. And honestly, I think that's the association this name has.
I agree with the virtue name thing. But my husband and I are devout Atheists and have used virtue names because of the deeper meaning. Liberty means Freedom, as in her free spirit and her freedom to live the way she would like to.
My daughters' name. I love it. Gives her uniqueness and most defo suits her! & I'm pretty sure she is the only one called that where I am so far! Don't find it weird- in fact, it is a beautiful name which means freedom! I love that about it.
I like this name. It sounds pretty, and different without being ridiculous. You could always call her Libby if it sounds too weird.
I could see this name as very appealing to military parents.
Six-year-old Liberty Mae Battaglia was shot and killed by her father, John Battaglia, in his Dallas apartment on May 2nd, 2001. Liberty and her older sister, Faith's, murder was a wake-up call to law enforcement, who over the next few years proceeded to make more airtight, protective domestic violence and abuse laws.
A famous bearer of this name is the daughter of British Conservative politician George Osborne, Liberty Kate Osborne, by his wife, Frances Osborne née Howell. :-)
Whoa, um. Just no...
I like this name for a boy. My friend's mom just named her newborn son Liberty. Very nice name! :D
It one of those names that women have in romance novels, but not in real life. I like the word and meaning, but it's a bit over-the-top as a name.
I love this for a story character. Might use it (for a story).
I love it. Will most likely use it for the protagonist in my story. It has grown on me. I love the meaning. It's not a name I would choose my daughter though.
No offense to anyone, but I really hate this name. I love the meaning and patriotism of this name, but really, it's very unoriginal.
I would avoid this name, because of the bad usage in The Catherine Tate Show.
I actually love this name, even though some people think it's ridiculous as a name. However, the combination Liberty Belle looks pathetic.
I adore the name Liberty. I think it's wonderful; and I want to name my daughter this.
I LOVE Liberty for a boy or girl. Yes, a boy I find it suits a boy better actually. I have found boys named Liberty before. To the person who named their son Liberty good for you! I love it. I'd use it myself.
Liberty has suddenly grown on me. Maybe because summer's coming and it makes me think of liberty prints on summer dresses! I think it's best on girls - it just sounds more feminine, like Felicity, another virtue name.
I would like to state that I feel this name should be listed as both Feminine & Masculine. Just like River, Justice, and all of the other nouns-turned-names.

In fact, I named my son Liberty (and no, I am not a "religious wacko".) I chose it because he was born in Guatemala on their Independence Day — Libertad 15 de Septiembre. I knew the pronunciation of Libertad would be butchered beyond recognition when I came back to the states so I gave him the English alternative. 7 years later he has never been teased for his name, and I have never regretted naming him it.
Liberty also happens to be a male name. Hasn't anyone ever heard of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?
I'm sorry to insult anyone but this name just sounds silly! I don't like it at all.
It says quite a lot about the parents if they choose this pompous, megalomaniacal name for their poor daughter. They must have some rather big plans and possibly even grand delusions, and delusions of grandeur. Sounds like something religious wackos would name their daughter.
You would be correct in one sense - Liberty was considered a "virtue" name by the Puritans in early America.
Liberty is the name of a character on Degrassi.
I love this name. My name is Liberty, everyone loves my name. It's a beautiful name and I chose it because first my name was Cheri then it was changed to Libby by my mum and dad (as someone said if you look up!) I choose Liberty when I was in year two at RAB. Now I am in year five.
The Statue Of Liberty is named after the word Liberty meaning "freedom." The French gave this statue to the USA as a gift representing the newly aquired freedom granted to the United States Of America!
I don't see how anyone could not like the name Liberty. I like the nick-name "Libby" for it.
I love this. It has such a nice meaning. The only time I've heard it used was for a girl born in the early '80s.
Liberty Phoenix's name is well obviously Liberty. She was born Libertad Mariposa, the Spanish form of Liberty Butterfly.
This name is used in the Eugene Delacroix painting "Liberty Leading the People".
This name is pretty and it has meaning to it.

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