Ligeia - /laɪˈdʒiːə/
Very pretty and poetic sounding.
The spelling is cool.
It's very pretty.
Hi! My name is Lígia. I am of French, Basque/Spanish background. If you say my name in French Basque it sounds like this: Lee-sheeah, with a very soft G, as in she. In Spanish, it will sound like this: Lee-heeah, with a soft G, or H sound. In English you would pronounce it: Lee-geeah, with a hard G, as in a hard J, or like in Genie. Both I's are always soft and pronounced as a hard E. The A is always soft as in ah. Almost everyone mistakenly gives a three syllable sound to Lígia. However, the correct sound is of only two syllables. The first syllable in any language, is always pronounced as a hard E, as in Lee. I hope this will help anyone understand how to pronounce this slightly confusing but definitely beautiful name.
I have always loved this name and want to use it for a character, but not sure if I should because of the negative connection it has with Edgar Allan Poe's "Ligeia".
Līga - Latvia
The girl name Līga comes from the Latvia-indian word which means, "lord of sweetness."
Actually it's pronounced LYE-GEE-UH. My good friend is named this :o). I love it.
Just a little nitpick: 'Edgar Allen Poe' should be 'Edgar Allan Poe'. :)
[noted -ed]
I believe this name is pronounced lee-GAY-ah.
According to Richard Frushell, this spelling is often considered to have been made up by Poe for the title character in his short story (not poem). It was most likely derived from Milton's character Ligea in Comus, a work with which with Poe was familiar. Milton, in turn, got the name from Homer's siren in the Odyssey, who was originally named Lambda Iota Gamma Omega Iota Alpha (ligoia).

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