It's actually pronounced Lil-ee-a so update it.
This "Lila" is pronounced LEEla. When Lila is pronounced LYla, it's likely the English name []. It can be a little confusing, but they're two unrelated names! Personally, I think it sounds very nice, "playful" as the meaning describes.
I prefer it pronounced Lee la, as Lie la just sounds harsh and awful.
Lila Rossi is a major antagonist in the show “Miraculous Ladybug”.
There’s nothing appealing about this name.
The German word "Lila" (LEE-la) means "purple".
This is a Sanskrit name and it's pronounced LEE-la.The name Lila (pronounced LIE-la) is unrelated to this name.
Nickname “Lie”?! No thank you!
I too, do not trust anyone whose name starts with LIE. The only potential nickname for this name is “Lie”. Awful!
LIE la.
Please don’t use any name that starts with “lie”.
Lila is a very pretty and delicate name. It would make a good alternative to the popular Lily.
I have had the name Lila for 62 yrs now & most people still pronounce it wrong! I always tell them, my name is pronounced with a long i. When I was younger I hated my name & was teased in school a lot because of it. As I grew older people would tell me what a beautiful name it is. It's a very unique name & of course today I love my name. I used to think it was a very odd name because for the longest time I had never met another Lila... not only Lila, but my middle name is Mona so it was like a double whammy for me back in the day! It only took 46 yrs for the name to come back! Lol!
Lila Addison Jones is the daughter of Ethan and Casey Jones from the reality show “Quints by Surprise”.
My sister is named Lila, and I'm named Maya. There's actually a Sanskrit philosophy that Lila is the playfulness in life, and Maya is the destruction and illusions of the mind. Our parents didn't know any of that when they named us, though. I found out from a friend of mine. My sister pronounces her name LIE - la, like telling a lie, or lying down. It means "night" in Hebrew, and comes from that Arabic Layla, I believe.
So, I LOVE the name Lila! Always have. My grandma, who passed away when I was 7yrs old, was named Lila (LIE-LA). She would be in her 80’s or 90’s now, if she was alive. My whole life I have always planned on naming my future daughter, Lila. So 1yr ago, when my cousin had his first baby, a little girl, and named her Lilah (LIE-LA) I was furious! My grandma Lila was my dad’s mom's name and my cousin is from my mom's side of the family. He had never met my grandma or had any emotional ties to that name. I do! Even though I’m 35yo and have no children yet, I felt like that was wrong for my cousin to name his daughter that! I’ve been trying to have a baby for 17yrs now, with no luck. So I've had that name picked for a very long time. And he has a 1-night stand and boom he steals my grandma's name from me. I know I'm on a rant but I'm just so upset! If I ever have a baby girl, I will still name her Lila! My grandma was the absolute best and I'm still going to pass down her beautiful and unique name :)
I like both pronunciations.
Pretty Persian name.
My name is Lila pronounced LIE-LA. I used to not like my name because teachers always got it wrong when they said it for the first time and because I could not find it anywhere in gift shops at the name plate section. I love it now because it is very unique.
In America this spelling produces the pronunciation LIE-LA. This is a very pretty, feminine name. I'm partial to the spelling Lilah. Spelled either way it is a lovely name.
Lye-la - shade of purple, flower short for (lilac) female version of Lyles meaning(Island) I'm Scottish. Lee-la is the eastern form which means night, dark hair (Arabic) closest meaning in English is (play) in hindu.
People get it mixed up. My Husband is hindu and he didn't even assume to say it Ly-la because in his religion (Leela) is Lord Ramas' wife, Lyla doesn't exist in the culture.
So basically, Lyla is the American/northern European name
And Leela is the middle eastern version.
I loved the name Lyla at first, but when I found out more of the history of the names and which had a clearer background I chose Leela- both are beautiful though.
Lila is a cute name with both Lee Lah or Lay Lah soundings, but in Europe it would be pronounced Leelah, so Lyla spelling would avoid confusions, I prefer Leelah, sounds girly and bubbly.
My name is Lila (lie/la) I hated my name as a child. I never knew anyone with my name, and teachers rarely, if ever, pronounced it correctly (Lee/la, lilly/a, lil/a) and some I have no idea how they came up with that p pronunciation. It's four letters how hard can it be? As I've gotten older I've grown to like the uniqueness of my name, although I've grown to accept that people will always mispronounce my name and it's my job to correct them, and people will always have trouble remembering it correctly.
I would see LILA and pronounce it LIE-LA not LEE-LA. My little girl's name is LIE-LA but its spelt Lyla as I thought so many people would call her Leela if they saw it written the other way... she does however get called LAYLA which really irritates me! Here in the UK Lyla is not a popular name, in fact I've yet to meet another Lyla and people are always commenting on what a pretty name it is and how they have never heard it. I originally always wanted to name my daughter Lily, but since hubby's cousin is called lily I had to change it!
I had Lila picked out for my future daughter from when I was in primary school - it was the name of my primary school pen-pal & a character in a book I was reading at that time. I am now in my 30's & still love it. Unfortunately I told everyone that, and my brother & his girlfriend swooped in and used a name so similar, that I it rendered Lila unusable (even after I told them 3 weeks before birth when they wouldn't tell their names "I don't mind what you name your baby as long as you don't take our girl's name, Lila". They called their baby Lola) To me this name is so pretty, elegant and feminine. I imagine it to belong to a strong, sleek, smart, dark-haired girl. I wish we could still use this beautiful name for our own child.
Lilah Tov means "good night" in Hebrew. I named my daughter Lilah (Lie-Lah) for two reasons... I loved the name Lilah since the 80's when I was addicted to General Hospital :) and, because I hoped by naming my daughter "night", it would provide a subliminal suggestion to sleep well through the night. It worked, in case you are wondering!
My daughter is Lila Lie-la. When I named her, the name was almost unknown. The following year it was one of the most popular according to the social security administration. I knew it as an old southern name, and I liked the Persian meaning which is God's Free Will. There is a word Lila which means night in Arabic, but the name Lila does not mean night. Two years ago in the grocery store, a middle eastern man overheard my daughters name, and he stopped me to tell me his aunt is Lila (from Iran I think) and he was very clear to say that when they call her Lila, they are not at all referring to night and the name carries no such impression in his country. He seemed a little offended that people associate night with the name. He said the name Lila and the word Lila are very different meanings. In English, and certainly in the south, the name is pronounced Lie-la. And yes, we call her Li (Lie) for short sometimes. Someone said it is old and new at the same time and I think that's pretty true.
I love the name! It is so pretty and sporty. Never name a girly girl Lila. If your kid is named Lila you should enroll her in gymnastics at NYC elite. I bet that she will be great at it.
I have always wanted to name my daughter this, and when I recently told my best friend she said that it was the ugliest name she had ever heard. Is there anyone else who thinks this? Or is my friend just crazy?
I like this name. It sounds pretty. However, it reminds me of the "ever so" annoying Lila from Hey Arnold.
Pro-life activist Lila Rose has this name.
Actress Linda Cardellini has a daughter named Lilah-Rose, Singer Lisa Loeb also has a daughter named Lyla Rose and Actor Mark Feuerstein has a daughter name Lila Jane and I think one of the more removed bristish royals (like 20 something in line to the throne) had a daughter named Lyla recently as well.
The Character Grace Adler from the show Will & Grace had a daughter named Lila in the series finale.
I love this name, I'm using it for my daughter. It can be sweet for a young girl but also appropriate for a woman as it isn't too cutesy. I hope it doesn't become over used. Beautiful.
This is a lovely name with either pronunciation. It isn't very common, so someone looking for a name that's a little different (not trendy), would do well to choose this name.
IMO, it sounds pretty when said both ways (LIE-luh and LEE-luh).
Lila is also German for the color lilac, pronunciation is LEE-la.
It's pretty, but I'm not a HUGE fan of the stressed "IE" sound in the beginning. It's a nice short form of Delila/h.
I love this name, but I like the spelling Lilah more!
I think that Lila is a lovely name when pronounced LIE-lah. When pronounced LEE-lah, the name sounds (in my opinion) too much like a combination of Leah and Lilo, which are two names that I am not at all fond of. I also prefer the spelling Lila to alternate spellings.
This name has always struck me as an old lady name. Perhaps this is because the only Lila I've ever met was an ancient old lady who lived next door to me as a child. That said, I still think it's a lovely name and I would like to see it used more.
I like this name pronounced LIE-la. I also named my violin Lilah, short for Delilah (yes, I know I'm odd, naming my violins).
Lila Sawyer is the name of a character on the Nickelodeon cartoon "Hey Arnold!". Lila is a very sweet, poor girl who moves to Arnold's neighborhood and quickly captures his heart and the fancies of the other boys. However, she only likes Arnold as a friend, making her his primary romantic interest.
Lila means 'voilet' in Dutch. It is pronounced as Lee-la.
I named my cat Lila. I pronounce it "Lee-la." It came from the German word for "purple." I wasn't aware of the Sanskrit meaning, but now the name seems even cuter.
My great-grandmother's name was Lila and I think it is a very beautiful name.
It should be a name for a funny person.
I have a cousin called Lila, pronounced LEE-la. It's short for her full name, which is Eulalia.
There is a character on Friday Night Lights called Lila!
My great-grandmother's name was Lila. I think it is a pretty name that sounds modern and old fashioned at the same time.
I've heard of three babies on a baby board named Lila or Lilah and another two on the way. Don't worry about the popularity of Delilah, Ayla or even Isla, Lila is the one to watch and be concerned by.
This is another soap opera name. General Hospital's matriarch Lila Quartermaine was played by the lovely Anna Lee from 1978 until she passed away in 2004. It was pronounced LY-lah.
There is a character named Lila on the show Dexter.
In my opinion, I like Lila pronounced, "Lee-lah" not "Lie-lah." I think "Lee-lah" sounds better. You don't hear the name Lisa pronounced like "Lie-sah" do you? If people prefer Lila pronounced "Lie-lah" then I believe they should spell the name like this: Lyla or Liela.
The Indian name is said LEE lah, not the trendy English LYE la. I've met many Leelas (not the Lila spelling).This one will be top 10-20 within five years in the US. I'm sure of it. If popularity annoys you and you love this name, BE WARNED. It's the next Ava.
Even though it's an Indian name I have only met people of European descent with this name, never once an Indian. Interesting?
Means "purple" in Swedish.
If the name is pronounced, "LIE-luh" like I think, I love it.
Sick of hearing it.
LEE la - *thumbs up*
LYE la - Trendful
Lyla is my cousin Carlisle's (a girl) nickname.
Lyla Novacek was the mother of August Rush in the movie "August Rush." This is a great name spelt either Lyla or Lila.
I've always pronounced it LIL-ah. Like Lily, but with an 'ah', in the place of the Y.
I like this name pronounced LYE-LAH. This is the name of Kate Moss's daughter, Lila Grace.
French actress Virginie Ledoyen has a daughter Lilas Fernandez, born 29 September 2001.
Actress Susan May Pratt & Kenneth Mitchell have a daughter Lilah Mitchell, born 7th July 2007.
I love Lila! I prefer the spelling Lilah, though. That is the Persian spelling. Lilah means "dark beauty" and I've heard the meaning "lilac" too.
Lila does not mean 'dark beauty' in Persian. Perhaps you're thinking of Layla, which means 'dark beauty' in Arabic. I also doubt that Lilah is the Persian form.Pretty name, though. LEE-lah is horrible, but LIE-lah is gorgeous.
"Lila" is also a kind of (light) purple in Dutch.
My name is Lila pronounced lie-la. Everyone pronounces my name wrong, they say leela.
Lila is a great name. I like it pronounced Lie-la better than Lee-la. It just sounds better.
I know someone called this and they pronounce it lie-lah.
In German Lila is the word for the colour purple.
The French singer Faudel has a song 'Lila', pronounced Lee-la.
I would pronounce it 'LIE-la' and I think it'd look much better spelt 'Lyla'. You know, like the Oasis song. :)
Lila also means "purple" in German.
This name is from BLOOMABILITY! Which, by the way, if you haven't read, READ! NOW! TODAY! It makes the Top 10 Luna List. Which can be hard for a book to do.
Lila (LIE-lah) is, in my opinion, plain. Yes, I'm one of those who is most likely to name my child Fauna or some other such creative name. However, I love LEE-lah. One of my best friends is going to name her first daughter Lila pronounced LEE-lah.
Lila was on the top 1000 list from the 1880's until the 1960's with its most popular year being the 1920's where it ranked 196. It came back on the top 1000 list in 2003 with its best year being 2005 where it ranked 448. The spelling Lilah appeared briefly on the top 1000 list in 1890's where it ranked 889.
I've also seen this name spelled Lyla.
Lila is a beautiful name for a girl. I also pronounce this name LIE-lah, not LEE-lah. I have also seen it used as a short form of Delilah, that is where another spelling of Lila could be from, Lilah. I like this name with the "h" on the end of it.
This is a very beautiful, elegant name. I like to pronounce it LIE-lah so I would probably spell this name Lyla or Lylah to avoid confusion on the pronunciation on this name.
Lila is taking off in popularity, so watch out, this name could become the next Ava. Especially with many celebrities recently using it, and on Will and Grace this was what Grace named her daughter. It could become wildly trendy in the near future.
I wouldn't associate Lila with the Arabic name Leila or the Indian name Leela as a variant. Lila by itself means lilac, and nothing more.
Lila means "lilac" in German and French, this is true. Lila is also an old southern nickname for Lily. As for the rubbish association with Lilith the evil vampiress cast out from Eden, this is for superstitious fools who read FICTION and twist it into FACT. We all know that Eve was the only wife of Adam, and any other claim is not Biblical. It's called folklore!
Lilith is indeed the first wife of Adam--in the Jewish Bible, so I don't think you should be saying ignorant things like that.Anyways, Lila is an okay name.
Lilith is not in the Bible. She first appears in the Babylonian Talmud, which is commentary on the Bible. But yes, none of it should be taken as fact, and it isn't by most clergy and/or religious scholars.
The Bible is a collection of mythology that has been interpreted over many centuries, not a fact book. And Lilith (or Lila) has been used in folklore as a name for Eve. Both Lila and Lilith mean "night."
The names "Lila" and "Lilah" could be also interpreted as short forms respectively of "Delila" and "Delilah".
This name can also be pronounced LIE-lah, as a variation of the Arabic Leila/Laila.
Lila is a very pretty, elegant name for a girl. A name she can grow up with.
I adore Lila pronounced Lie-luh. It's gracious, feminine, delicate and intelligent. One of my favorites.
The name Lila (or Lilah) can also be found amongst apocryphal myths and Jewish folklore as a diminutive of Lilith, Adam's alleged first wife, who rejected him and became the mother of demons, murderer of infants, and the "original" seductress. Literal translations of the name include "Night". The word "lullaby" possibly has roots in a plea for Lilith (or Lilah) to pass by, sparing a child. For additional info, I highly recommend the Online Etymology Dictionary ( For an interesting perspective, check out the title song of "The Night" by the band Morphine, which demonstrates a refreshing erudition; so rare in contemporary music. It is also a hauntingly beautiful love song, replete with dual meanings.
My name is Lila. That's pronounced: Lie-la (not Lee-la). I'm named after an aunt with the same name. I'm told it is an old southern name.
I've always heard Lila pronounced like LIE-lah.
Supermodel Kate Moss has a daughter named Lila Grace.
Lila or Lilah also means "night" in Arabic.
Lila is the French word for lilac. It's pronounced lee-LA.
The German word "lila", pronounced "lee-ah" means "purple".

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