I prefer the one with two Ls but this works.
Not a fan at all! I like Lillian more than this one!
Very beautiful, lovely, and feminine. I love it as a middle too.
Lovely ♡.
Now I think this name is childish, cutesy and tender.
Lilian is also Estonian (used alongside Eliisabet, Elo, Liis, Liisa, Liisi, and Liisu in Estonia) Polish (used alongside Elżbieta, Ela, Eliza, Izabela, Izabella, Iza, Liliana, and Lilianna in Poland) and Swedish (used alongside Elisabet, Elisabeth, Elise, Ella, Elsa, Elsie, Lis, Lisa, Lisbet, Lise, Isabella, and Lilly in Sweden). The name day for Lilian in Estonia is May 20. The name day for Lilian in Poland is February 14. The name day for Lilian in Sweden is September 6.
Elegant, beautiful and ages well. I would name a daughter this.
Allegedly also used in Hungary: -- mention Lilian
It’s cool.
My grandma’s name... will be our daughter's middle name.
Ugh. I think Lilian looks incomplete. I prefer Lillian, it just looks better in my opinion.
It’s a nice name. Only for girls in my opinion.
Lilian on a guy?
My grandma's name is Lillian, so I've always thought that this name sounded dated. Not that there's anything wrong with dated names.
Lilian Jackson Braun, author of The Sin of Madame Phloi and other works.
I prefer Liliana, and I like this name only for a girl.
I prefer this spelling to Lillian, and I find this name to be a beautiful classic that I hope never fades away. Though to be honest, as pretty as "Lily" is as a nickname, I think hearing "Lilian" instead of "Lily" gives it more originality. Lily's are everywhere, Lilians are rare.
Lilian is so pretty but she is fragile like a little purple flower.
The name "Lilian" sounds good & lovely.
Lilian Harvey (Born: January 19, 1906, Died: July 27, 1968) was a German-British British-born actress and singer.
"Lilian" is the typical form used in the UK. "Lillian" is the typical version used in the USA.

The name does have a nice, understated elegance to it. And no need for fancy-shmansy pronunciations: "LIL-ee-un" will do just fine! ;-D.
Why do the French name their sons Lilian?
The diminutive of Lilian in Spanish is "Lily" or "Lilita".
Professor Lilian Charlotte Anne Knowles (1870-1926) was a British economic historian, the first woman to be appointed to a Chair at the London School of Economics.
Lilian Klot was the real name of famous British jazz singer Georgia Brown (1933-92), born to Jewish parents in London's East End.
Lilian is very pretty. I think the spelling Lillian is a little overdone, as the lily flower is spelled with a single L.
Author Lilian Jackson Braun.
Princess Lilian (born 1915) is a member of the Swedish Royal Family.
This is a lovely name. It sounds very esthetic without being cutesy and girly. I only hope it isn't overused as a middle name, as I would like to combine it with something a little more unusual. Very charming.
The (male) French football player Lilian Thuram is a famous bearer.
This name sounds very elegant. I like the short form, Lily, too. But the variant Lily Ann is just awful!
This name is very pretty. I much prefer Lilian to Lillian as it looks more balanced. My grandmother's name was Lilian and her character was as pretty as the name, very special meaning.
A famous bearer is II. Vicemiss Czechia Lilian Sarah Fisher.
Lilian Thuram is a famous bearer.
I think that Lilian and Lillian are nice names, and people should stop trying to find variations. They are just fine the way they are.
I don't get it. On the ratings, people think Lillian is "Unintellectual", but with Lilian, they think it's nerdy.
It's a very pretty simple name. Just perfect for a little girl!
Lilian is considered to be a male name in France.
There is also a Chinese name, spelled Lilian, Li-Lian or Li Lian. It means "beautiful lotus". It is pronounced as "Lee-LEE-enn".
Another variation is Lilliann (pronounced like Lily-Anne).
Variant spellings include: Lillian, Lilien, Lillien, Lilienne, Lylyan, Lyllyan, Lillienne, Lilyanne, Lillyanne, Lilyann, Lillyann, Lily Anne, Lilly Anne, Lillie Anne, Lily Ann, Lilly Ann, Lillie Ann, Lily-Anne, Lily-Ann, Lilly-Ann, Lilly-Anne, Lillie-Ann, and Lillie-Anne.

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