This name is such a beauty! A good alternative for its more common variants.
A very pretty name.
Pronounced LIL-ee-əs.
My mother's name is Lilias as was her Grandmother. They were both born in Scotland. My mother is still alive at the ripe old age of 92.

My mother gets very annoyed as people tend to shorten her name to Lil and she is constantly correcting them telling them her name is Lilias, Not Lil and not Lillias with 2 L's.
This is just a beautiful name. I also love Lily and Lillian (not Liliana) but Lilias is so unique. I've never even heard the name except in 'The Secret Garden' and names I have given to characters. I would definitely use this for my daughter, if I ever have one, maybe combined with something else flowery and beautiful. Lilias Poppy, for instance, or Lilias Daisy. This name deserves to see more little Liliases running around.
I love Lilias. It has such a lilting sound to it, is youthful and soothing, and very gentle. I do like Lily, Lillian, etc. But Lilias is better and more unique, and I like it's Scottish, as well as that Lilias Craven had this name. When I hear this name I think only about nice things - Scotland, "The Secret Garden", lilies, and flowers in general, nature, smoothness and softness, long, green, juicy grass, leaves on trees moved gently by the cool wind, a stream lapping, lots of greenness around, I see this name in green, or kinda feel it's green, I also think about violin and harp music when I think of it. When I try to imagine a Lilias, I see a young, innocent lass, who obviously loves to be out in the nature, is musical, gentle, sooo very girly, but not overly frilly or anything like this, just has a lot of youthful charm, and is a little otherworldly so to say, definitely a dreamer and romantic in a way, is rather calm but likes to laugh and is very bright, kind-hearted and enjoys every little moment of her life. It all sounds pretty poetic, but that's how I find the name Lilias - very poetic and gentle - and I think all these associations are very cool.
A very rare name. The only reason I know this name is because of Lilias Craven in The Secret Garden. She was said to be a lovely person, so it's a good association. I prefer Lillian though.
This is such a rare and unusual name; I'd say it's unique in English-speaking countries, having a feminine name ending in -s. I mean usually it's masculine names such as Rufus or Regulus that end in -s, but I don't know, it sort of goes quite well, I think. :-)
I do not enjoy the name Lily much, but I really like this name (recent discovery!) Love the 's' at the end! Kind of, I dunno, wraps up the name, doesn't keep the sound hanging like in the end of Lily. Plus I just like cool endings. Didn't even notice it was used in The Secret Garden, totally liking it even more now. =)
Lilias Folan is a famous yoga teacher who had a popular TV show on PBS.
I love this name because Lilias is the name of the deceased wife of Archibald Craven, and mother of their son, Colin Craven, from The Secret Garden. The garden originally belonged to Lilias, and when she died Archibald locked it up in grief. Later, her spirit calls to him in a dream, telling him to return to the garden, and there he discovers that their once sickly son has become a healthy young boy.
Colin Craven's dead mother and Archibald Craven's deceased wife in 'The Secret Garden'.
I like this name. If you ask me, it has a nice sound to it but it is different from other "Lil-" names.

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