Yan Lin and her granddaughter Hay Lin are the names of two major characters in the animated series called "W.I.T.C.H.".
It can or cannot be a variant of Lin, or a nickname, or a Chinese name, pronounced LEEN.
I love this name! It is so sweet, pretty, beautiful, unique, uncommon, great meanings, ages well too! It is amazing for both genders, does not look tacky or trashy or flashy at all, it is spelled great, smooth and sleek. I hate Lynn, Lyn is not good, but better than Lynn, but this is pure beauty! The best variant.
I’m getting an intense spiritual vibe from this name.
I think this is such a sweet, simple name that goes well with both genders and suits people of all ages.
*Lin-Manuel Miranda waiting in the background with a knife*... y'all forgot about someone.
"Lin" can also refer to the Chinese name “霖", which means "timely rain" and pronounced [lín] in Chinese.
(I'm Chinese and this is part of my name).
Lin-Manuel Miranda also has this name.
Lin-Manuel Miranda, author and star of the musical Hamilton.
I see this name as super masculine, mostly because of the actor Lin-Manuel Miranda. He's amazing.
In the book "The Glass Demon," the main character's nickname is "Lin," which is short for "Lindisfarne" (a name in which she utterly despises).
Lin Bei Fong is a character from the series The Legend of Korra.
This is better as a feminine name if it really does mean gem.
It is said that the emperor of China gave this surname to a commoner out of gratitude. He was given this surname because he lived in hiding in the forest for five years.
My friend's name is Paulina and we call her Lin or Lina.
The character "林" with two trees actually means a grove or a copse. (A single tree is "木") If you looked up "forest" in a Chinese dictionary, the character you would get is "森" with three trees. 木, 林, 森. Tree, grove, forest.
You don't pronounce this name like you do with "Lynn." It's pronounced Leeng in Chinese.
The name also means "quiet" in Romanian. It means "linen" in French and in Welsh. In Welsh it can also meen "knee" or "we meet."
It also means "sing" in Sindarin.
Yes, it can be a variant of Lynn, usually. It can also be a nickname for Linzee, Lindsay, Lindsey, Linda, and so on. It's very beautiful. I'm going to name my daughter in the future Linzee, nickname Lin.
I thought this was a variation of Lynn!

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