It means beautiful in my native language, and is my favorite of the Karen-Susan-Gail bunch. I like it as much as I'm able to like a secular name.
Linda is the first name to ever pass Mary in popularity.
This is not a pleasant name at all.
I wish Linda would come back into popularity soon. The sound of Linda is chic and maidenly.
Linda is a beautiful name in my opinion. It has class, it's uncommon, and just look at the meaning! Also, just say it! It sounds wonderful. Lindy is also a very cute nickname. Linda is very uncommon nowadays, despite its huge popularity in the 1930s-50s. It's also cool sounding. I think of a badass girl with this name. One of my absolute favorites.
My girlfriend’s name is Linda. It’s a beautiful name to me. Very special.
It's true for people who think this name is overused. Even in the country I live, I know about 20-30 women with this name. However, the name Linda is pretty, sweet, and ages well in my opinion.
I love love love the meaning, but it’s very common nowadays. I guess it’s because mothers love it so much! :)
Wayyy too common/boring. I prefer Lindsey.
Linda McCartney (née Eastman, and no relation to the Eastman-Kodak company), event/documentary/celebrity photographer (famous in her own right) and then wife of former Beatles member (James) Paul McCartney, also an avid environmental and animal rights activist, pro-vegetarian and green health supporter, and mother of Heather McCartney (child from first marriage, but Paul adopted her) who is a pottery artist, Mary McCartney (first child with Paul) who is a photographer like her mother, Stella McCartney who is a fashion designer, and James McCartney who is a musician and singer/songwriter.
I feel like Linda is a sweet and pretty name that goes well with lots of middle and last names. It fell out of popularity, I think, because of how high the popularity was at one point. People thought it was too common all of a sudden and didn't want their kids to all have the same name. Who can blame them? I think Linda is ready to make a comeback, though. It feels classic but still modern enough to sound good in this era.
Alright. Not that good, but not that bad. Many years ago it was really popular, not so much anymore. Simple name.
I think it's a wonderful name!
Beautiful rose.
Also Slovene:
Linda Kasabian was a member of the Manson Family, but mostly she was just against them in the trials.
Also Estonian: [noted -ed] -- "By folk etymology associated with Estonian lind (“bird”) and lendama (“to fly”)."
This name is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is written as ლინდა. (in Georgian)

The meaning remains the same, since Linda was essentially imported to Georgia, probably due to exposure to anglophone media (especially after the fall of the Soviet Union). If you take a good look at social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, you will find that most of the Georgian bearers belong to the millenial generation and younger.
It's an okay name. My grandmother is named Linda and she's not the nicest person so she kind of tainted the name for me. But whatever, I'd rather be named Linda than some trashy kre8tive name.
I love the nickname Lyndie/Lindie so much.
I don't really like this name to be honest, I DON'T hate it though as there are way worse names (Neveah, Abcde, Khaleesi, etc.).
I do however really like the nickname Lyn/Lin.
Linda puts the "duh" in Lynne.

Seriously, I've always disliked the name Linda, even as a kid. I was born in 1955 and knew more than my share of people with this name. I didn't mind Lynne or Linette or Lindsay or any of the other Lin names, just Linda. I thought it sounded stupid, with the emphasis on "duh."
For all you girls out there... or boys...:/ with the name Linda don't let anyone tell you that it is an ugly name because hell no it ain't.
Linda is actually banned in Saudi Arabia because Saudi government described it as being "too associated with the Western culture".
Despite meaning "pretty" or "beautiful" in Portuguese, it is not a *common* name in Brazil. In fact, from the 1930s to the year 2000, 9672 people were named Linda. The peak of this name was in the 1990s, in which 1966 baby girls were assigned this name. It is the 938º most popular female name in Brazil.

Linda has various meanings. Beautiful, pretty, tender and soft. Wait, clean, birth and fertility. All great meanings for a beautiful woman.
Linda Fairstein- Author and former New York City Prosecutor who gained notoriety for vindictively assisting in the incarceration of the Central Park Five (four black teens and one Hispanic) for an alleged assault and rape on a female jogger back in 1989. After serving thirteen years the teens, by then adults, were released upon new evidence locating the real perpetrator (Matias Reyes) of the crime by DNA testing that was submitted from the aforementioned person who was serving three life sentences for murder. The Central Park Five were all released and cleared of all charges brought against them by 2003.
This is such a pretty, classic name. I'm a huge fan of the classic names such as Susan, Denise, Patricia, etc. Little kids can go by Lindy as well as a cute nickname. Much more pretty than Lindsay.
Linda is also a Zulu name used in South Africa, it's a unisex name meaning 'wait' in English. I'm not sure of it's origin.
The name Linda is the #1 trendiest name in American History.
Also Sorbian:
Names like this are usually kind of boring (vintage names like Sharon, Ruth, Mary or Carol), but I've grown to find this one kind of pretty. At least most Linda's are happy with the fact that their name means pretty in Spanish, even though most of them are British!
Linda is a classy and old fashioned name. One of my favorite old fashioned girl names! It would be weird to see a girl of 2019 with this name unless she is above the age of 30, but it’s okay if younger females have this name. I think Linda sounds more like the name of a mom which is a cartoon stereotype. A lot of moms on TV have Linda as their name. I still love this name, but I wouldn’t use it. I’m using it for a character, if that helps!
Seems like a lot of Lindas I know don't like using the full name and go by the nickname of Lynn or even Lin.
I think Linda is pretty. It is a name from the 50s. Seems to have many definitions that people don't agree on, but I always heard it means "pretty" and I'm going to go with that, because I just lost my friend Linda and she had the most gorgeous huge smile.!
There certainly are a lot of different meanings for the name Linda and I would offer that the meaning comes from whether it is a stand alone name or a form of Belinda, Rosalinda, Melinda, or? A Spanish woman I knew put the letters Er in front of it, so.. Erlinda.
Also used in Poland.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Linda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 17th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Sounds very middle age-ish, like Susan.
Linda is a name, and it’s perfectly fine not to like it but I wanted to point something out. (1) Linda has variants like Lynda, and well that’s the only variant I could think of. Anyway let’s get back to out topic. Linda comes from roots, just like how you come from ancestors so I shall part with that being stated. (2) It’s very hypocritical to pick up for your name but bash other names on this site. I did that once on my name and I kinda regret it. (3) And before you say Linda is a “porn star name” just so you know, do you realize how many devil worshippers and porn stars have your name? So I shall part with that being stated.
Linda isn't a bad name, it's just boring to me.
I've known at least 4 Lindas... all unattractive more or less, but at least one went by the name Lynn, which seems a slight improvement.
Never liked it, plain hard ugly sound in contrast to, say Melinda or Belinda.
Sounds like a mom's name.
Linda Reid is a character in the game Trauma Center. Derek Stiles saves her from GUILT.
I like the spelling and the sound of this name. However, it's among the most popular English names for Chinese girls/women, so I will not use it. By the way, Hurricane Linda (1997) was the second-strongest eastern Pacific hurricane on record.
Sounds ugly and middle aged.
Linda is honestly such a harsh, ugly sounding name popular with mainly only Asians nowadays.
Linda Lee Cadwell is an American teacher, best known as the widow of martial arts master and actor Bruce Lee. She was born in Everett, Washington, the daughter of Vivian R. And Everett Emery. Her family was Baptist and of Swedish, Irish, and English descent. She met Bruce Lee while she was attending Garfield High School, where Bruce came to give a Kung Fu demonstration; he was attending the University of Washington at the time. Eventually, she became one of his Kung Fu students when she was attending the University of Washington, studying to become a teacher.
There's some pretty harsh comments on here about the name Linda.

Personally - I don't see anything wrong with it.
Linda Le is an American cosplayer, costumer, model, artist and Internet personality of Vietnamese descent. She is also known as Vampy Bit Me, or just Vampy or Vamp; "Vampy" is also a name she has given to her own fictional character persona.
Linda Sembrant is a Swedish footballer. She plays as a defender for Montpellier of the French Division 1 Féminine, as well as for the Sweden women's national football team.
Linda Pétursdóttir is an Icelandic business woman and beauty queen who won Miss World 1988. Her website is Linda was born in Húsavík and raised there and in Vopnafjörður. She won Miss Iceland on 23 May 1988 and Miss World that November.
I used to actually not like this name, but it is starting to grow on me. I think it's simple and elegant.
Hungarian pronunciation: LIN-daw.
Linda Ejiofor (born Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor) is a Nigerian actress and model known for her role as Bimpe Adekoya in M-Net's TV series Tinsel. She was nominated in the category Best Actress in a Supporting role for her first feature film, The Meeting (2012), at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards.
Linda is the name of a character in Madame d'Aulnoy's fairy tale The Bee and the Orange Tree. She is a princess who tries to take the orange tree into her garden, not knowing that it's really an enchanted prince.
Notable people:
Linda Barker, British television presenter
Linda L. M. Bennett, administrator and professor of political science at University of Southern Indiana
Linda Blair, American actress
Linda Bove, American actress
Linda Chung, Chinese-Canadian actress
Linda Clement, Scottish field hockey player
Linda Coffee, American lawyer famous for representing Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade
Linda Consolante, Canadian football (soccer) defender
Linda Darnell, American actress
Linda de Mol, Dutch entertainer
Linda Evans, American actress
Linda Evangelista, Canadian supermodel
Linda Fiorentino, Italian-American actress
Linda Grant (born 1951), British journalist and author, winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction and nominee for the Booker Prize
Linda Gray, American actress
Linda Haglund, Swedish short-distance runner
Linda Hamilton, American actress
Linda Hogan (born 1947), Native American poet, storyteller, academic, playwright, novelist, environmentalist, and writer of short stories
Linda Hogan (TV personality), wife of Hulk Hogan
Linda Knowles, British high jumper
Linda Lampenius, Finnish violinist
Linda Lavin, American actress
Linda Liao, Taiwanese celebrity
Linda Lingle, governor of Hawaii
Linda Lovelace, American pornographic actress, later an anti-pornography activist
Linda Lusardi (born 1958), British actress, television presenter and former glamour model
Linda McCartney, first wife of Paul McCartney
Linda Olofsson, Swedish freestyle swimmer
Linda Papadopoulos, English-Greek psychologist
Linda Perry, an American singer, songwriter and record producer
Linda Pétursdóttir, Miss World from Iceland and businesswoman
Linda Ronstadt, American singer
Linda Schrenko, American politician from the state of Georgia
Linda Seppänen, Swedish singer and one of the contestants in Swedish Idol 2006
Linda Sheskey, American middle distance runner
Linda Smith (disambiguation), several people
Linda Staudt, Canadian long-distance runner
Linda Thompson (disambiguation), several people
Linda Tripp, a Pentagon employee involved in the Lewinsky scandal of U.S. President Bill Clinton
Linda Voortman, Dutch politician
Linda Wagenmakers (born 1975), Dutch singer
Linda Winikow (1940–2008), New York state senator
Linda Züblin, Swiss heptathlete.
I HATE this name. I hate everything about it. For instance, how can you see a little girl being called Linda?
I never thought of Linda as a dated name, because I had a childhood friend named Linda (we were born in the early 1990s). It's a good name for a beautiful young girl.
The name is also rather common in Iceland. [noted -ed]
Linda Belcher is a character on the animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers."
A beautiful, smart-sounding name. (^^)b.
It is also used in Latvia and is quite a popular name here. [noted -ed]
Linda is a pretty good name. I like a lot of names that start with "L". Linda makes me think of this sour woman from a game I played but I still like it a lot. I like Lin more, and I absolutely LOVE Lynette. I would name my kid Lynette.
Linda (spelt just like that) is found in several Bantu speaking groups in east, south east and southern Africa. It means "wait".
American Broadway singer, Linda Eder (born February 3, 1961) is a famous bearer.
Very dated. It makes me imagine a middle aged woman with a high pitched, grating, nasal voice. A woman with overdone hair and nails who has evenings mixing elaborate fruity drinks with her equally obnoxious and middle aged friends. A woman who watches Lifetime for serious. A woman who wears tacky lingerie and feels "sensual" while doing so. That's what the name Linda means to me.
I know an 18 year old named Linda and I find it very interesting. It sounds like an older person's name, but matched with such a pretty young girl, it's quite intriguing.
Linda is not a Bulgarian name!
Linda doesn't sound old to me. It actually sounds more for a prissy, preppy girl :(
Also a feminine name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Lynda Carter (correct spelling) was Wonder Woman in the 70's. Lynda Johnson was one of former U.S. President, Lyndon Johnson. Extremely popular (Linda being the more common spelling) in the 1940's and 50's in the US.
A famous bearer is American actress Linda Kozlowski (born 7 January 1958). She's best known for her female lead role in "Crocodile Dundee" in 1986.
Also a common name in Estonia. [noted -ed]
This is a lovely name that I might consider for a future daughter. This was the first name of one my favorite teachers, so she emphasizes my fondness for this.
Sure it is/was very popular and commonly used, but it's still a lovely name. I would name a child Linda.
Linda Balgord is an American stage actress, best known for performing as Norma Desmond in touring productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Sunset Boulevard", earning rave reviews. She also performed as Grizabella in the closing Broadway cast of "Cats", Mme. Dindon in "Le Cage aux Folles", and Queen Elizabeth in "The Pirate Queen". She also covered for Donna Murphy's Fosca in the 1994 production of "Passion", and for Patti LuPone's Rose in the 2008 revival of "Gypsy".
Actually, Linda does not mean "Beautiful" in Spanish, it simply means, "Pretty."
Linda means beautiful and I think it is a great name for kids to grow up with and it fits any age!
Linda Brent was the pen name of Harriet Jacobs in her autobiography Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. She uses the name Linda all throughout the book. This is my mother's first name, spelled Lynda, though she has always gone by her middle name, Michelle.
Polish-American actress and opera singer Linda Kozlowska, 7th January 1958, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
Gosh I absolutely hate this name! Can you say ugly?
I like this name, but so many women born in the Forties (including a great-aunt of mine) and Fifties have this name, so it will be played out for quite a while. Maybe in a few decades it will be usable again.
I read a long time ago that in Old English -- which I might add is a totally different language than our English, King James's English is considered modern English -- that Linda meant lime tree.
A famous bearer is DJ LaDiDa, a real name is Linda Štìpnièková. Web:
Linda Downey is a character in the Heir Series, currently containing the Warrior Heir and the Wizard Heir. The Dragon Heir will be released August 12, 2008.
I'm fed up with this name, and it makes me think about rather mean girls and women. I can't think of any famous ones, but I've heard of them for sure.
Linda Chen is a golf tournament director and is included in the book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
Linda is also Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, German and Spanish form. [noted -ed]
Linda or linden is another name for lime tree. In Berlin there is a famous street called Unter den Linden (under the limes).

It's nice to believe that every girl's name means "beautiful", but there's nothing wrong with it being a tree.
Despite the association with the Spanish 'Linda' meaning beautiful, it's origin is almost certainly Germanic instead.
This is my mom's name so I think it is beautiful. And the meaning fits her well: Pretty!
I love this name for someone. I feel that it shows someone that someone is brave. I live the name and I would love to name someone this name.
My mum's name is Linda, it's not a very common name although I have met a few. I like it, to me it's quite strong but feminine. However, I think it is a little formal.
It's a bit old fashioned, but I think Linda is a lovely name, and as stated, it will probably become popular in a few years.
The first picture that comes into my mind when hearing this name is a stoic, stern middle-aged woman. Something about the name carries a sharp edge to it.
Linda actually means contiguous in Spanish.
Linda doesn't mean contiguous in Spanish. That'd be "linde".
There are authors named Linda Fairstein, Linda Howard, Linda L Richards, and Linda Ladd.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Linda here:
Two other actresses with the name "Linda" are Linda Fiorentino, who played Dr. Laurel Weaver in "Men in Black," and Linda Gray, known for her role as Sue Ellen Ewing on the '80's show "Dallas."
The singer Linda Ronstadt. One of her hits is the rumba song "Quereme Mucho"!
A famous bearer is Linda Darnell, a beautiful Hollywood actress of the 1940s and 1950s.
I think it's a wonderful, awesome name!
My name is Lynda, but most people forget and call my Lydia. Over a hundred different people have forgotten my name and called me Lydia or Lisa. Any wonder I dislike my name. But it has grown on me about half way.
"Linda" could be a short form of "Belinda" or "Melinda" too.
This is another name that seems more for women who are currently in their 40s-60s, but I bet there will be plenty of baby Lindas in about 15 years.
Linda Cardellini ("Lindsay Weir" on Freaks & Geeks, "Nurse Samantha Taggart" on ER, and Velma in the Scooby-Doo movies) is a famous bearer, born Linda Edna Cardellini in 1975.
"Linda" could be also a short form of "Rosalinda".
I like my name very much, it is pretty but not prissy girly.
Though Linda means "beautiful" in Spanish, the name is not associated with beauty in non-speaking Spanish countries.
Linda McCartney (wife of Paul) was a famous bearer.
Linda Carter is an actress famous for her role as Wonder Woman in the show of the same name.
I think the name is okay. I have never really liked it, people call me Lindy a lot. My middle name is Katherine and it actually sounds good when you say them both. It was the name I was given at birth, and after my adoptive parents acquired me, they never changed it.
This name sounds to me beautiful for a girl, though when I've said it people said that it sounds like a female dog's name. Two famous bearers are actress Linda Darnell and model Linda Evangelista.

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