Lise Meitner was an Austrian-Swedish physicist, best known for her contributions to the discovery of nuclear fission.
I like either pronunciation.
Also German, Dutch

Pronounced: LEH-sə (Danish), LEE-zə (German)

Meaning: French short form of ELIZABETH.
My aunt knew a person who changed her name (legally) from Lisa to Lise, pronounced the same. So I think of it as a variant of Lisa.
Lise Darly is a French singer who represented Monaco in 2005 Eurovision with "Tout De Moi". She did not qualify through to the finals.
It’s grown on me.
Marie Lise was my birth name. Am from Montmagny, Quebec but have been in Ontario since I was 5 years old. I don't like Lise. I now go by Lisa. Lise, Lisa, Lee are all taken out of the name Elisabeth/Elizabeth. Most school friends call me Lee as there was another Lisa and a Lise also, so I just went by Lee. Yes, we all had the same last initial.
I like this as an alternative form of Lies.
This name is also spelled Lyse in France - e.g. French Canadian BBC journalist Lyse Doucet.
Too boring. Alise is prettier and more elaborated!
I've loved this name ever since I heard the French song "Lise" by Emilie Simon. It goes:

Lise prend des airs
Qui déstabilisent
Les valises de Lise
Sont pleines d'air

Lise sounds so sweet and beautiful. Reminds me of Elise, another name I love, but I prefer Lise to Elise. Lise is adorable. :)
In France, this name would be pronounced "Leeze".
Lise is neat, but the variation Liseia is even better. I've only heard that name one time in my life before. And loved it ever since. Liseia (liss-SAY-yah); beautiful!
There is this Danish childrens' song "Little Lise, little Lise got a red, red hat." This name reminds me of dolls. In Denmark we say "Doll Lise".
This name is popular among French Canadians, particularly in Quebec, but it's pronounced Leeze, not Lisa or Lise. Personally I don't like the name.
I have co-worker who spells her name Lise, but pronounces it like Lisa.
I would assume a Lise was Norwegian or Danish (not English). I've always considered Lise the Norwegian and Danish form of Lisa. [noted -ed]
In Scandinavian countries the E would not be mute. It would be pronounced something like "LEE-seh" or "LEE-say".
This is not common in Sweden, more so in Denmark I think. I think it sounds much nicer for Elisabeth than Lisa. [noted -ed]

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