It does bother me when people call this a 'modern' or chopped-off version of Olivia, when, in fact, this name is much older. While I think both this name and Olivia are lovely, I much prefer Livia. It sounds more sophisticated and feminine to me, and it's a nice change from its uber-popular distant cousin.
Similar look and sound like Olivia, but Livia somehow feels more mature and serious. Olivia is really popular in these days, in many, many countries, so basically Livia is a great alternative for overused Olivia. I like this name!
Love! Very pretty!
Very sophisticated, and it makes a good alternative to the popular Olivia.
Also Slovene:
Also Sicilian:
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Hebrew for ‘crown.’.
I have a friend named Livia. I like it and I think it looks better than Olivia. Olivia is nice too but way too popular and Alivia looks really weird to me. Livia is a nice name.
LIV-ee-ə and LIV-yə in English, LEE-wee-a in Latin, LEE-vi-a in Swedish, LEE-vya in Italian and German, and LEE-vee-ah in Finnish.
I come from an Italian family that moved to America and when I was little. I soon realized that no one in America ever pronounced my name correctly and either called me Alivia or Olivia but I didn’t really care until my friends would correct anyone who pronounced it wrong. I love the name so much and even later found out that my name was Liviana but it was shortened so now I’m so very proud of my name to learn its history.
My name is Livia (I pronounce it liv-ee-ah) and I used to hate my name because no one would ever say it right, but after reading this and learning the history behind it I’m so happy it’s my name.
I think that Livia is a really pretty name. I've never met anyone with the name, I have only read it in books. But I love it.
I have a sister named Livia and we all call her Livvy which I think is a sweet nickname for her. I love the name Livia, I meet a few Olivias but no Livias.
I think it's very unfair when people comment that it's a 'made up' version of Olivia or simply a shorter version of it. This has been around much longer than Olivia, and if we're being correct, Olivia is actually a made up version of Livia.
In my native country Slovakia, today is Livia Name's Day. I gave this name to my older daughter in 1978 thinking of its Roman origin and my old French friend Gerard gave it later to his daughter too, to remember me forever.
Livia Orestilla, or Cornelia Orestilla was a Roman Empress and the second wife of the Emperor Caligula in AD 37 or 38.
I personally think Livia is a disgusting name. If I were to name my child, it would be Olivia instead because it is rather more proper and sounds nicer.
I prefer a different name over Livia any day.
This is one of my favorite names. I think it's very pretty and elegant-sounding. I think it sounds a lot better than Olivia. As for the association with Livia Drusilla, she wasn't as awful as I, Claudius makes her out to be, so I wouldn't worry about that.
How pretty!
Decent. I would never be found using it as a first... but I have no complaints over it being a diminutive for the Italian "Liviana." My only worry would be that people may see "Livia," itself, as a "kre8tiv" (made-up) form of "Olivia," or even "Lydia." English-speaking countries will have issues with correct pronunciation, for another point.
Overall: As stated at the beginning, decent. From my understanding it is fairly popular in Italy-- especially Rome.
Italian Pronunciation:Lee-Vee-AhStress the "I" in "Li" to "EE." Again, "Vi" to "EE." "A" is as always, "Ah," or otherwise spoken as in the "A" in "Father."
I love this name! This is my friend's name, but she spells it Livviya. Olivviya is not her full name, it's just Livviya but lots of people call her Olivia, so I don't think it's a great choice for a name.
Livia was the name of the younger daughter of Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.
Livia Soprano was the name of Tony Soprano's mother on the hit TV series, The Sopranos.
Livia Drusa is a leading character in Colleen McCullough's The Grass Crown. Although not famous in herself, she was the sister of tribune Marcus Livius Drusus, mother of Servilia Caepionis and Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis, and grandmother of Brutus and Porcia.
I really like this name, but am hesitant to use it for our daughter because I'm afraid it will be confused with "Olivia" which is one of the most popular names right now. I'm all about more unique & for now it's still on the list.
I love this name! It makes a nice alternative to Olivia.
I simply adore this name: Livia Drusilla, the wife of Augustus, was the most powerful woman in Roman Empire. She was faithful, determined, strong, wise and bright, clever, and deeply involved in her husband's political questions.
Livia is also the Czech form. Name Day: 14 December.Famous bearers:
First lady of Czechia, Livia Klausová.
Livia Kuchařová is also sister of Czechoslovak model Taťána Kuchařová.
Livia is also the Czech and Slovak form.
Name Day: 14th December (Czech) and 20th February (Slovak).
It also is used in Romania. [noted -ed]
Livia Drusilla, after 14 AD called Julia Augusta (Classical Latin: LIVIA•DRVSILLA, later IVLIA•AVGVSTA[1]) (58 BC-AD 29) was the wife of Caesar Augustus and the most powerful woman in the early Roman Empire, acting several times as regent and being Augustus' faithful advisor. She was also mother to Emperor Tiberius and Drusus, grandmother to Germanicus and Claudius, great-grandmother to Caligula and Agrippina the younger and great-great-grandmother to Nero. She was deified by Claudius who acknowledged her title of Augusta.
Livia is a nice name for a cat, but not a person. When I think of Livia I think of Siân Phillips in "I, Claudius"!
Not such a bad name, but whenever I see it I think of the word 'livid'.
My name is Livia and it´s not very often heard in Germany. I didn´t like my name, but now I like it.
Julia Livia, most better known as Livilla who was the sister of Emperor Claudius. She had an affair with few men but most notably Sejanus, agent of Tiberius and they plotted to have him killed. When news got out, Tiberius had all of their friends killed and Livilla was starved to death by her mother Antonia Minor.
This name has been used on TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess". It is assumed by Xena's daughter.
The Latin/Ancient Roman pronunciation would be li-wee-a.

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