A really nice name. If I ever have a son, I'm inclined to give him this name.
As a Llywelyn, I reckon this is a pretty decent name.
So is it pronounced "shuh-well-in" in Welsh?
Correct pronunciation is lhu-WEL-en.
It's from Welsh llwy "leader, steerer" + eilun "image". Nicknames Llelo (LHE-loh) and Llew (LHE-oo), which is also Welsh for "lion".
In Shakespeare's play Henry V, there is a Welsh character named "Fluellen." This is an anglicization of this name, the "fl" being an attempt to reproduce the voiceless "ll" sound of Welsh.
Ew! This name sounds like "Lewd Ellen".
Not if you pronounce it right. But if you do pronounce it right, the double L sound is even worse.
I agree. I love this name and I'd still spell it with the double L, but I'd just pronounce the double L like a single L. I don't like double Ls in Welsh. :)
I absolutely love this name and the history behind it.
In D.C. Simpson's comic "Ozy and Millie", Ozymandias Llewellyn and his father (just known as Llewellyn) are sovereign rulers of Llewellynland (ie: their house and yard). Llewellyn is a dragon and therefore responsible for many of the world's conspiracies.

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