In 2019 the name Logan was given to 499 boys and 30 girls in Ontario, and 156 boys and 12 girls in British Columbia, Canada.
It sounds kind of goofy and harsh with the og sound. Too pretentious and trendy.
This name is super masculine.
Handsome on boys, gorgeous on girls.
This does not sound good on a girl and I don't like it on a boy either, although it is better on a boy.
I'm a girl named Logan and I've gotten nothing but compliments about my name my entire life (I'm 27). I even had one guy told me it sounded like a cool tomboy name.
So, to everyone talking about their daughters getting bullied over this, it's probably not gonna happen unless you live in 1950s land.
So go ahead and name your sporty princess this if you want.
Very handsome name for a boy!
Cool on a boy. Silly on a girl.

When I think of the name Logan, I picture a sporty type of boy.
I feel shocked when people are naming their daughters Logan. I'm glad some comments say this name does not sound feminine.
Now that I think about it, Logan isn’t that masculine, but it isn’t that feminine either. I feel neutral on it. I can’t say I like it on a girl though. Maybe it’ll grow on me.
Although I do know a girl with this name, I feel that Logan is a boy's name.

Logan is NOT a girl name.
I never even liked the name that much in general, but to know there are girls with this name makes me wanna cry a bit.
Logan Paul definitely ruined this name for me. However on another note; sorry, but I don't see how this name is feminine in the slightest.
My first name is Logan and my middle name is Joseph. After this last year, life was really put into perspective for me, especially with my father’s health; his and my grandfather’s name is Joseph. I never gave much thought to it until my wife and I moved from the Northwest to the Midwest. Logan is a good name, (and I am not opposed to it being used as a girl’s name), but it was the fact that I would rather have a traditional name if it was becoming increasingly common, which is the case. In the Midwest there are many Logans, Masons, Paisleys, Aidens, and more, all with “creative” spelling, unfortunately, and the letter y is a favorite among Dakotans both North and South. For the aforementioned reasons and this one, I deliberately began to stylize my name as L. Joseph Cooper, using Joseph day to day. I asked my father and he was delighted. Now, people make an effort to ask whether I prefer Joseph or Joe and I chose Joseph. Being from Seattle, I can understand why people may assume I am pretentious, but Joe is my father... and the President. Besides, my wife is Katherine (spelled correctly), never Kathy, and both her first name and my “new” name are timeless. Maybe when we grow old we can be Joe and Kathy, but good God, not today. The older I get in this chaotic world, the more I am enjoying a more “anonymous” name like Joseph Cooper. Plus, I take too much enjoyment out of explaining to people that I am not a ten-year-old and that I already have a last name when they ask why I do not go by Logan.
To everyone who thinks this name is only for boys-
This name is NOT ONLY FOR BOYS I find it a very nice name for a girl actually! I think it's strong and different. If I met a girl named Logan I would tell her her name is very nice. So yeah please just consider it as a girl name and I think it would make everyone very happy. Also it is kind of offensive to any girl who is named Logan. I was reading comments on my one name and some of them made me sad. I understand it's your personal opinion but it is not okay to make someone feel left out just because of a stupid name.
Unisex. Surprised this made it to the top ten in Canada. It seems so early 2000s in the US.
Cannot stand this name on a boy OR girl!
I like it on a boy, on a girl, not as much. It's not feminine, sorry. Not horrible on a girl, I just don't like it.
Logan's my friend's name and they're really fashionable and feminine :)
Please don't name your little girl this. Tired of having to repeat this. This is not a girl's name!
Logan Paul definitely ruined this name, and he sure lives up to the image of the name being douchey. I just can't stand this name anyway. It looks even worse in a non-English-speaking country - I know a French guy younger than me with this name (who thankfully isn't anything like Logan Paul) and he told me that he hates his name.
The name is decent at most but definitely not feminine. I honestly feel for girls with this name.
If you are American and want to use Scottish names because you have Scottish ancestry or just like Scottish names, don't use this one - there are much better Scottish alternatives (Callum, Lachlan, Alastair, Cameron, Jamie) to name a few, Logan doesn't cut it for me personally.
It's an okay name, but I don't see it as feminine in the slightest.
My name is Logan and I'm a female- if you have a problem with it you'll just have to suck it up. I was doing a project for school on my name and saw all of this hate and all the people who are saying my name (and plenty of other GIRL'S names) is pretty and can be used for a girl- you dislike their comment. Sounds like you have a problem with yourself. This is 2020, it's a weird year but we're getting through it and we don't need stuff like this. Dislike this all you want I'll just know that those of you need to grow the hell up. Thank you.

-from an 8th grader that is a better person then you sexist people who can't get over a name.
My name is Logan and I'm a girl. Sometimes it's a bit hard to have a more masculine name because people can be immature about it. When I was in first grade a boy walked up to me and was like why did your parents name you a boy's name? so that was great. If you want to give your child this name and they are a female it may be hard for them to understand why you named them that but the meaning is actually pretty in Scotland at least, because it means little hollow so it's not that boyish when you think of it like that.
My teenage daughter’s name is Logan. She has a feminine middle name to go with. She’s a beautiful girl and it perfectly suits her. I can’t imagine her with any other name and most importantly she loves her name.
I wasn't aware that it could be considered a female name.
The fact that people are disliking the positive comments about this name being used for girls says a lot.
Thanks for boosting my confidence!

-a girl named Logan

P.s if you're saying this is a new thing, it's not. Logan has always been a gender-neutral name.
And there are even women in their 40's with this name.
I have never liked this name.
Sometimes using a male name for your daughter isn’t’s just odd.
I like this name. Not a lot, because of how popular it is, but I like the meaning at least.
Again— not for a girl. For a boy.
Logan is a very nice name and I love it too.
In a way it is nice to see a Scottish name become so popular in the US, although it shouldn't be this one. Don't like it at all and was made worse by Logan Paul. There are better Scottish names which US parents should consider such as Callum, Lachlan and Alastair (which is the Scottish Gaelic form of Alexander).
Why the hell is this being used for girls?
I really like the name Logan! My 13 year old nephew is named Logan and it sounds great on him. My daughter's friend is also a Logan, and she is a girl! I haven't heard of Logan being used as a girl's name until she told me about her, but I now think it suits a girl as well as a boy!
This name is ugly and unappealing. I don't understand why it's currently in the 10 most common names in the US.
Logan Sander! Or, used to be known as, Logic! He's a smart cookie.
Logan International Airport in Boston, MA.
I don’t really like this name because I know 4 Logan’s and three of them are SUPER annoying and one of them is fine. Also one of them is a girl.
The name itself is alright, but Logan Paul ruined it for me.

I don't understand why it's becoming a unisex name. In my opinion, it does not sound feminine enough.
I am a youtuber named Logan and I am proud of it. My YouTube channel is spaceman1235. The name is totally for boys and if you want a unique girl name then go find a girl name. This name has power in it now scram if you think it is a girl name- go.
I somewhat like it yet there are names that I prefer over this.
I don’t really like this name. I also don’t like that it’s a unisex name. I like unisex names, like Alex, Avery, and Jordan, but some names should stick to being guy names and some names should stick to girl names.
I'm sorry to all Logans out there but I hate this name.
This name makes me think of a whiny ignorant little tween boy. My cousin and I are named Logan, too.
My brother’s name is Logan. He was named after Wolverine. It would be cool if I didn’t hate my brother, he’s a little whiny, sensitive fortnite player. Don’t be like my brother.
Other than that, the name is pretty okay.
May mean 'little hollow' in Scottish Gaelic, but as a given name, it also serves as the Scottish and English form of Ludwig.
Don’t like it much for a boy's name. I prefer it for a girl’s name. Reminds me of Loganberries. I’m not a huge fan of the name. A bit too soap opera for me!
Logan Paul screwed up the name.
I love the name Logan. I named my second son Logan and I think it's an awesome name!
Logan reminds me of Morgan, Teagan, Reagan...
Modern English form of Ludwig derived from a Scottish surname. Serves a direct replacement for Lewis (LOO-is), but not for Louis (LOO-ee, not LOO-is).
It's the name of Logan Paul and Logan Swan, two nasty people.
The YouTuber Logan Paul destroyed the name, it's a shame as it's actually a rather nice name.
It's a very handsome name, but I can't believe it's gotten all the way to #4 in the US! I wouldn't want to use a name that popular.
Definitely masculine, can’t see it on a girl and don’t want to. A little like Joshua, in the sense that it sounds inherently young.
I am a boy named Logan. I think that this name is definitely NOT PURELY A GIRL'S NAME. I believe that it works just fine for a girl though. However, if I had to classify this name as "boyish" or "girly" I would classify it as "boyish". I say this because it is traditionally a boyish name. It also will automatically be associated with Wolverine from Marvel Comics. This is in no way saying that a girl cannot or should not have Logan as a name; it is merely saying that it is more commonly and traditionally a boy's name. I also think that it works fine as both a given and a surname. I was actually named after Alexander Logan. So I believe it works well as both. It also might work as a middle name, but I don't really know about that one.
My name is Logan and I've never heard of these stories of my name but I do know that Logan means hollow- a deep, rough hollow. I know that I'm mostly strong and immature and these are all the traits that I see in the graph of the name Logan I'm kinda surprised to see that I'm stronger than I think I am. I like this site and I'm going to use it all the time.
I used to think of Logan as a boy’s name, probably because I never even met a female Logan, and I watched Zoey 101 and there was a guy named Logan in that show. But once I saw that this was a unisex name, I started to appreciate it. The name Logan sounds masculine to me, but the meaning sounds feminine. “Little hollow” doesn’t make me think of a boy, I think of a girl, yet this name in general feels like a male's name. I think Logan suits boys more than girls, but Logan as a girl’s name is a cute boy name on a girl! It’s just that the name sounds more masculine to me!
Logan’s a very beautiful and noble name, and I personally prefer it for a boy. It’s fine for a girl, especially with a girly middle name, but Logan always sounded so strong and masculine to me, so I love it more on a boy than a girl. Even though I love Logan for a boy, I kinda like it on a girl too, but pairing Logan with a feminine middle name like Isabella or Aurora makes me NOT hate Logan for a girl.
Logan’s a very beautiful and noble name, and I personally prefer it for a boy. It’s fine for a girl, especially with a girly middle name, but Logan always sounded so strong and masculine to me, so I love it more on a boy than a girl. Even though I love Logan for a boy, I kinda like it on a girl too, but pairing Logan with a feminine middle name like Isabella or Aurora makes me not hate Logan for a girl.
Sorry to all of the Logans who are good people. I used to like the name until Logan Paul became popular. Now I just get reminded of that guy whenever I hear the name. Shame. It sounded really nice at first.
I used to think Logan was strictly a boy's name, but it’s starting to sound more feminine the more I hear it being used on girls. It’s going the way of other boy names like Avery, Jamie, Reece, and Taylor that are now used mostly on girls.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Logan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 253rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 14 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Logan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 470th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like this name! I met more boys than girls named Logan, so I prefer it more on a boy, but it sounds nice on a girl too! Though I didn’t know this name was unisex! I though it was only for boys. Cute name though:)
All I can think of is that douchebag Logan Paul.
Logan is a meh name. It's way too trendy, and sounds like other trendy names: Jordan, Jaiden, Cayden and the like. To me, it doesn't make sense to name a girl Logan. Some people use the argument about how Madison, Kimberly, Courtney, etc. used to be boy names, but those names sound feminine. There is nothing feminine sounding about the name Logan.
Male names are being used for females because they can be. Once taken over by a majority of the female population, the once strong, masculine name no longer is strong or masculine. Example: Ashley, Madison, Taylor, Loren, Riley, Courtney, Bailey, Sydney, Leslie, Blair, Lindsey, Addison, Avery, Sandy. I could go on. My point is, while it may seem cute, unique and/or trendy to call your daughter Logan, James, Wyatt or any other male name, it's not. Why don't we start naming our sons Rose, Mary or Elizabeth? No? That's because "A boy named Sue" is a life long curse that most parents would never saddle their sons with. Just because girls can use most boy names doesn't mean you should. There are so many beautiful, strong, unique female names to choose from. Please leave the boys names alone.
Logan is the name of Thomas Sanders' 'Logical Side' from his series Sander's Sides. His name was revealed in the 9th Sanders Sides video; 'Losing My Motivation', and has been referred to as such almost every episode afterwards.
This name jumped thirteen positions to #5 in 2017, probably due to the release of the movie Logan early that year.
I’m a girl named Logan and I love it because it’s so unique and I like having a name that doesn’t specify a gender because it makes me feel like I can be as girly as I like or as Tom-boy as I like. I think gender neutral names allow people to feel more free and happy. I love it!
I think this name is way too trendy and popular; there are like 6 Logans in my grade alone. I don't really understand the appeal as I don't particularly like the way Logan sounds or looks (especially for females).
My name is Logan and I am female! I never used to like the name because every other Logan I had met was male! I personally think it is a very girly name!
For me personally, I like Logan as a girl name. Now, why are all of these sick dudes against unisex names and girls having boy names? I have two words for you guys: WHO. CARES.
I know a girl named Logan and she is nice, I don’t know any information about her liking her name, but I personally think it sounds a little bit weird on a boy, probably only because she is the only Logan I have known in my life.
Funny thing is, I am a girl and my name is Logan and yes I hate it but it's still a masculine and/or a feminine name in my opinion.
It's kind of trendy. Same as Owen, Liam, and Noah. All of which are names I am not particularly a fan of. Not for either gender, especially spellings like Logann and Loganne.
My name is Logan and I think it's a great name!
Logan Paul is a former Viner and a Youtuber. He posts vlogs daily and posts music videos as well. He is Jake Paul's brother. #Logangsterforlife.
My name is Logan and I think it is a great name- I get a lot of compliments.
My name is Logan. I am a boy. I was named Logan because of "little hollow" which my mother thought matched the small dimple in my chin. I am also half Scottish. I like the name Logan as a unisex name and being born in 2000 I just finished school where I was the only Logan.
This is a last name, not a first name and unless it is a family maiden name, it's silly to use it as a first name. It has a coat of arms for God's sake. It's a clan name and has an extensive history of warriors who fought for land. Stop taking people's last names for your children. It's ridiculous and confusing to give your child two and sometimes three last names. Only in America.
So my understanding of how I got my name, was when I was still in my mothers womb and we were flying back up to Alaska. As the flight attendant announced that we were passing Mount Logan, my mom tells me she was looking at it, and I kicked hard in a unique way. She looked down and asked about the name Logan, and I kicked again. It comes down to just a strong theory that I had wanted to pick that name...

Who knows. Personally I love my name. I am Scandinavian with some serious red hair, sort of figured Logan was Scandinavian. Despite the fact I love my name, when I hear it means hollow, I feel rather insulted. I am not hollow!... I'm just upset that it feels my name is demoting, as if I am a servant who is hollow inside. Why is it a name I love so much, but feels very demeaning, when I realize I have the name of a hollow servant?
Very, very masculine sounding name. I can't believe it's used for girls as well. I don't like this name anyway, but it is way worse for a girl.
With the release of the movie 'Logan' early this year, I predict the popularity of this name is gonna jump a few positions. I already know of one person who explicitly named her son Logan because of the movie.
Logan Thirtyacre (SuperMarioLogan) bears this name. He has 2.6 million subscribers as of 18th June 2017.
There are two translations for Logan. One is very common meaning a hollow in the land, be it rugged mountain or grassy glen and is Laggan. The other Loughan and if people do some digging it means Spear. It's a warriors name.
Logan Wade Lerman is an American actor, known for playing the title role in the fantasy-adventure Percy Jackson films. He appeared in commercials in the mid-1990s, before starring in the series Jack & Bobby and the movies The Butterfly Effect and Hoot. Lerman gained further recognition for his roles in the western 3:10 to Yuma, the thriller The Number 23, the comedy Meet Bill, and 2009's Gamer and My One and Only. He subsequently played d'Artagnan in 2011's The Three Musketeers, starred in the coming-of-age dramas The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Indignation and Sidney Hall, and had major roles in the 2014 films Noah and Fury.
I have a brother named Logan and I can't imagine his name being something else!
If you are deciding on a name then you should definitely consider the name Logan!
I know a couple of girls named Logan and 1 boy with this name. I used to like this name but don't like that it's becoming unisex.
I think Logan only suits a boy.
My 2 year old daughter's name is Sawyer and our daughter who will be born in March will be named Logan!

I am all about doing things that are different. If you raise a strong, confident daughter, she can carry any name!
I like Logan for both a girl or a boy!
To all the lovely Logan's who are girls...
Do not... for one second... let anyone's opinion of your name impact you in a negative way. Saying that Logan is a boy's name (only) is not true. Just look at how many of you popped up to say so. You will always find people who don't like this or don't like that and need to share their negativity on comments like this. They need to because of their own stuff... NOT you or your beautiful name. Incidentally, I spent three years trying to have a baby, and when I finally did, I named her Logan. Others may object. They always will. Let them object. The only way to come out on top is to love your beautiful name anyway... rise up above all that whining, Logan!
Logan for a girls' name.
All the baby name books and websites list this name as unisex. I don't know why people are fussing about whether it's for boys or girls but they don't have a problem with other unisex names like Charlie, Alex, Harlow, Morgan, Lindsey, Casey, Harley, Tracy, or Joey.
I really like this name, but because of its overuse and popularity I'd never want to use it. It sounds like the name of a real joker of a guy who's a little immature at times, but is always well-meaning. I don't think it sounds even remotely feminine, to be honest; it's not a terribly masculine name, but it's not feminine, either.
Logan is a boy name, people.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Logan Parker
Logan Xavier
Logan Ridge
Ross Logan
Miles Logan
Thomas Logan.
My name is Logan. I'm a girl. So what if girls/boys are called it. I believe I have a very unique name and I love it. Logan Marie. Sounds feminine enough to me. It's like other names that can be used for both. I have gotten so many compliments for having Logan as a name. I would love to name my daughter Logan. It all has to do with the middle name.
I LOVE this name! I have so much respect for it. Definitely a name possibility for a future little boy of mine and definitely a boys name; No doubt about that. Logan is not a fitting name for any female. It just isn't. Why name your daughter something that will make others suspect that she has male plumbing down below? Seriously?
I see a sturdy, yet welcoming young lady.
Logan is a beautiful name, that is considered unisex. I am surprised by all the negative comments people have about naming a girl, "Logan." Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't understand the need to be crass, judgemental or rude. In an educated society facing real issues such as properly funding education, addressing equal rights, fighting poverty, ending hunger, war on crime, etc... What a person names their own child is really no one else's business. Most importantly, sharing opinions should be done in a respectful manner, to encourage a healthy exchange of information and views. In my experience over the years, it's the person who makes the name! The origin of Logan, can be interpreted in many ways, by different people. It may be considered as feminine or masculine. All the male and female Logans I have met, are amazing individuals, well-suited to their name. The boys were friendly, energetic and masculine; while the girls have been strong-willed, outgoing yet very feminine. To those who generalize and stereotype the idea of naming a boy or girl "Logan" - Shame on you! If only you were fortunate enough in your life to experience the beauty in all the Logans out there, perhaps you would be less bitter. Good job to all the female Logans who shared their point of view on this website. You were all a true testament to the great women/girls behind the name "Logan." - Continue to proudly represent your name! This is a salute to all present and future girls named "Logan." You are a treasure to your parents, friends and people blessed by your presence. To all the boys named "Logan," you are in great company!
It's okay! It's just a discussion about names... will we not all survive it? Although, I do find women in particular have quite a lot of strong name opinions. People have a lot of emotion about names... it's O-kay:) As a teacher, I have to catch myself on my own bias against names like Cody and Cory or Ashley and Jessica.
I only came to this site to understand why the name Logan is so popular and find out its meaning. We have encountered it among 2 sets of twins on my sons different hockey teams over the years. I don't get the attraction to it. It has no personal draw for me. In fact, if I'm being honest... not really that fond of it because it's quite ordinary given all the attention it's had over the last few years. I do find name trends interesting.
My daughter is 18, her name is Logan. She has always loved the fact that her name is unique and strong. She has always received compliments on the fact that she has such a beautiful name.
The name Logan actually means Lowlander. The clan split in Scotland and some took to the highlands, others to the lowland. Those were named the Logans. This includes my ancestors, Sir Robert Logan of Restilrig. He helped put the Queen back in power and was thus awarded land, titles and money. When I was a little girl I loved my last name so much, I always knew I would name my first son Logan, especially since my Grandmother believed in using lineage to name the children in our family. I did name my first born Logan Anthony Deutsch. Every part of his name means something. I love that.
Logan is a very handsome & cute name. I simply ♥ it. :D.
My son's name is Drake Logan and I think it's a very strong name. Love it!
Ok. So apparently a lot of people don't like the name Logan for a girl and I don't like how society has labelled the name Logan to be a boys name because my name is Logan and I really like my name. Other then the society labelling Logan as a boys name because people have always said that Logan is a boys name from 1st grade up. I really don't appreciate that is how my name is getting labelled. So if you're one of those people that don't like the name Logan why don't you like it as a girls name? I myself think it's the best name either way and no matter what anyone says I won't change my name because of society because Logan as a girls name is getting more common than you think.
It's funny how the majority of these masculine names for girls are only popular in the states. I can't be the only one seeing it. Take the damn hint America.
Logan is a boys name. Go find something else to name your damn daughter. Logan is boy boy boy. Not just my opinion but just a straightforward fact.
I would use this name for a son within a moments notice even if it became too common among girls (god help the Americans) Logan will never be feminine. And if I do ever name a son of mine Logan and anyone asks about the gender upon discussing the name, I would turn to them with a blank gaze and wouldn't even acknowledge their mentally challenged question.
I work with a girl named Logan and she is totally amazeballs. If she had a different name like Emily or Cassandra, I'd be like "that's super lame". Do I make fun of her name anyway? Definitely. Did I make her a "Logan's Run" blinking hand gem thing for her 30th birthday? Absolutely. Is comparing her to Hugh Jackman's X-Men portrayal of wolverine a frequent occurrence? You bet. But let's not kid ourselves, Logan can totally be a girl's name provided that the girl in question is friggin' awesome. Planning on having a lame girl who isn't awesome? Well then, this is not the name for you.
I am so mad that some of you hate people named Logan just because of their name! My name is Logan and I like my name! >:(
People, I was named Logan and that does not bring me down! There are plenty of girls named Logan! It is unisex!
Honestly, all you people saying Logan is only a boy name, and that parents need to think about what they are naming their kids, that is a very cruel comment. My name is Logan and although it is not as common in girls, I think it is better for girls. "Hollow Log" does not make me think of a boy. It seems like a very elegant name and it would fit either a boy or a girl, but I think it is a very unique name for a girl.
I knew before my child was born his or her name would be Logan. It is a family name. We had a girl. She is 10 years old and loves her name. She really likes that Wolverine's name is Logan. I think it's a beautiful and strong name for a girl. I could not see her with any other name.
If this name is common that is a surprise to me. It seemed that for a few years 90% of babies born both girls and boys were named Jayden. I have never known any Logan. But I think it may be that perfect balance between unique, but not over used, like Mary was in the mid 1900's.
It may seem shallow to name someone inspired by pop culture, but who cares. What, are you just going to name everyone born after a previous relative? I looked at my husband's family history and there are like countless Richards and Kirks. If something inspires you, or has a personality you're looking for, go for it. I personally wanted a masculine name and wolverine is all sexy muscles and side burns! I would name a boy this, and I'm sure he would be excited to brag that he's named after wolverine.
I guess everyone has their own opinion, but I don't see how it's possible to see this as a feminine name. Totally masculine.
A girl can have it but it's a boys name. Whether you want to give a girl a boys name is a seperate issue. Some people think it's cute to give girls tomboyish names. I've known a guy named Kelly and a girl names michael. People seem to think it's unique to switch them around. But giving this name to a girl does not make it a girl name.
My son's name is Logan. We wanted a strong Scottish male name. While the baby books may have Logan on the female side in this day and age, it will always be of male origin. I've come across a lot of male Logans and only one female named Logan, and that was 14yrs ago.
It devastates me that Logan is labelled as unisex according to this site.
Logan is definitely masculine-much more suited to a boy. I picture it on a cute little boy with dark features to an older, attractive male.
I love this name for a boy soo much (loved it for years)
On a girl it's a joke and downright cruel and harsh. Should be a form of child abuse in my book!

Logan will always be a males name in my book (: ♥.
Logan Bruno was Mary Anne's boyfriend in the "Baby-Sitters Club" books. He was portrayed as being really nice and good-looking; given the popularity of the series and the fact that its readers are now of childbearing age, I wonder if the positive associations with the character have anything to do with the name's current popularity.
My name is Logan and I am a girl. It’s funny how some relate this name with masculinity, because I am extremely feminine. I also find it strange that some assume that girls with the name Logan are deemed to face humiliation and gender confusion growing up. From preschool, I was always the only female Logan in my class, but this never bothered me. Even at a young age I was aware of my gender and never really questioned the name given to me. I would have teachers from time to time state that they expected a boy because of my name, but that never made me, as a girl, feel less feminine. Growing up I was never made fun of or ridiculed because of my name, in fact most liked my name, even the boys my age who were named Logan thought it was cool. It’s sad to see people getting so worked up over girls being named Logan, declaring that it’s too strong or too powerful to be a "girls" name. Being a girl, I am honored to have such a strong and powerful name because that is what I aim to be, a strong, powerful women. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, and I believe that Logan is a beautiful name that suits both boys and girls and it can be unique and/or traditional.
I like this name but don't like the fact that this page has it labled as unisex

Logan is a males name. Bottom line.
This is a man's name, I don't care if your trying to be unique. Naming a girl this name is practically labeling her for future ridicule.
This name sounds so masculine! I kind of want to gag when I hear of a female being named this; why not just name girls with girl names? Anyway, I don't particularly like it for either gender, but better for a boy.
I love this name but really wish it wasn't this popular.
I love this name! Completely adorable for a little boy. Nickname "Logie" or Logie Bear like that cartoon "Yogi bear" - that is sweet. Then growing up Logan is a very masculine and adult sounding name.
This name is forever poisoned for me because it was the name of an absolutely horrible bully in junior high. Besides my personal association, the name just doesn't sound that flattering or strong. I also don't get why so many people are fawning all over it as a girls' name. What's next, naming your daughters John and William?
I love this name. It has also stuck out to me, and if this baby turns out to be a boy I think we will be calling him Logan! I live in Australia and the name is not as common here, I don't know any Logans. My hubby will be easy to convince as he is a big Xmen fan.
Everyone has the right to their own opinion of course, but I have never understood why people see this as a feminine name. It seems very masculine to me and there isn't even a somewhat feminine nickname for it (like Maddie for Madison or something). The only argument I can sort of understand for the "Logan is a feminine name" crowd, is it is similar to Regan, which is a girl's name. Personally, I don't really like this name for either sex, but it seems MUCH better suited on a boy. All of this is just my opinion of course. Hahaha.
My oldest daughter is named Logan and it suits her well. She is now five and is proud of her name and loves telling everyone her name and that she's a girl!
My son is named Logan who was born in 1990 (Australia). I had not heard the name before so I checked its origin and meaning. At the time I was informed that it was Irish Gaelic and meant "from the hollow". As the meanings of names are very important to me and that my Logan was delivered via Caeserian I thought the name was very apt! He didn't like his name growing up, he wanted to be a Matthew like 30 or so other kids at his primary school. It was awesome as he never had to use his last name on anything as he was the original Logan as opposed to all the Dylans and Matthews and Jacobs (Jakes). I have heard the name more often recently (three times in the last year I have seen little boys named Logan). I do not see Logan as a unisex name, as it even sounds masculine. I think names should be picked for their meaning and not some soapy star character or movie title! Have a bit of imagination, as our kids are stuck with our decision for life!
I can't understand how anyone can believe Logan is a girl's name. It doesn't sound the least bit feminine, and a girl with this name would go through life having to correct people who first believe she's a guy, or are confused about her name. I've never met any female Logans. I've never pictured this for a grown man either, but that's because all the Logans I've ever met are under the age of 10.
Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush. That is what I think of when I hear/see this name. So therefore I love this name. I think it is strong and just perfect.
Logan Marshall-Green is an American actor. He has a twin brother named Taylor.
Logan Wade Lerman is an American actor.
I think Logan is a very, strong, handsome, and masculine name to call a boy. It will suit all ages and all personalities. It is gaining popularity, but I wouldn't worry about it. These days, naming is like high school. EVERYONE is trying to be different, and the only way to truly be unique is to choose a name everyone can spell and pronounce.

I could easily see myself calling my son Logan, I do like it on a girl too. I can't picture myself naming my daughter Logan, BUT, I think it's a cool unisex name that's been established for a while, like Jordan. It's cool, spunky, and fun on a girl.
Common as dirt. Your kid would be known as Logan B. (or whatever the last initial i) throughout his (or her, I guess, though I have yet to actually meet a female Logan) schooling career.
Logan Henderson from the band and Nickelodeon TV show Big Time Rush.
Stupid name.
I can see why it's popular; very nice-sounding. Unfortunately, it's being used by morons for their daughters, because they think it's "unique" or "beautiful" for females. It's not. It's trendy and annoying.
I don't really like the name Logan, but I think it works best on a boy.
"Logan the Bogan" seems like a good nickname for this.

Especially as I'm pretty sure most Logans ARE bogans.
A loganberry is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry, named after its accidental creator, botanist James Logan.

That's all I can think of when I hear the name Logan - fruit.
This is a pretty good name for a guy, even though it sounds kind of youthful.

I also knew a girl with this name, and it totally fit her. However, I can't really picture a sweet little girl in a dress named Logan.
The super hot Logan Lerman plays Percy Jackson in "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief", Simon Silverton in "Gamer", William Evans in "3:10 to Yuma", Robin Sparrow in "The Number 23", and Roy Eberhardt in "Hoot".
Ugly name on either sex. Ewww.
Errrr, I think it's a decent name for either gender, actually. I've met three girl Logans and I know about six boy Logans. All of them are really nice and the name suits them well.
Definitely an overwhelmingly MASCULINE name. I have met three Logans in my life, one a middle aged man, one is currently a junior in high school, and one in the second grade. I think it suits all ages and I am a fan!
I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about this name. I know one girl named Logan and one boy named Logan. The name is too feminine for the boy and too masculine for the girl. AWKWARD.
I hate that this is being used for girls. It is 100 percent a male name. I don't think a woman with this name would be taken seriously. The only unisex name I like is Drew which sounds very boy and girl like. I do like Logan for a boy.
Total BOY name.
Logan is an amazing name for a boy. It's such a nice name, and it isn't super common. I love it.
This is an amazing name for a girl. :) I like it better on a GIRL. It's ok on a boy, but I LOVE it on a GIRL.
Love it on a girl! Sounds so pretty and sounds like she would be a strong girl. I don't know. I just love it on a girl. But I don't like it on a boy at ALL.
I LOVE this name on a girl! It's so pretty! ♥
Boys name for me! But, if you like it for a girl, then it's up to you. But I'd use it for a boy (and I don't even like it all that much).
This name is widely known as one of the identities worn by the character Wolverine in Marvel Comics. (He's, like, the most famous and iconic Marvel mutant ever. How does he not merit a note in the name-meaning?)
This is another soap opera name. Logan is one of the soap families' surnames on _The Bold and the Beautiful_. Also, the popular character Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is sometimes called Logan.
I personally can't stand this name and equate it as the painfully overused masculine version of the vapid feminine Madison and Addison.
I love this name for a boy or a girl. I have a new 3 month old cousin and her name is Logan Cecilia, so beautiful!
I don't understand all the fawning over this surname, it sounds like a big bowel movement. There are more pleasant sounding surnames to use.
In Romania, Logan is the most important model of Dacia cars, known as Dacia Logan, while in some other countries it it sold under the Renault brand, as Renault Logan.
Excellent example of a unisex name. I was six years old when I first heard the name Logan (a little girl in my grade had the name), and that was in the mid 1980's. I still love this name 2 decades later.

I feel people should appreciate the value of a unisex name, and I don't understand the battling over what "should be" masculine or feminine. The name being used on a girl should not "ruin" it. The fact that this was a family name and Clan name expresses to me that it is a name for everyone.
I used to really like this name for a girl, but now I think it fits a boy more than ever. It's way too masculine sounding for any girl (tomboys included).
Celtic/Irish Gaelic origin-a word which means lovely meadow.
Considering that the height of popularity for this name for girls was in 1996 at 257, while for boys it was 42 that same year, I’m going to have to agree with the people that say this is a boys name. To me the “gan” sound is just to masculine for a girl.
Actually, in 1994 there were 879 girls named Logan, which is a clearly larger number than 257.
It was *number* 257, the 257th most popular name for girls. And the 42nd most popular name for boys.

I love the name Logan, especially since Veronica Mars. It's not my usual style, although I do like Cameron as well and that's another clan name. It's just handsome. There's a likeable quality to it, it's not out to make a statement or to challenge. That's refreshing. I like the meaning; it makes me imagine a boy who loves being out in nature.
I think this is an absolutely awesome name for a boy, and if it wasn't so hideously popular, I wouldn't mind using it myself. For a girl, it is too masculine, and it would only really suit tomboys and edgy young women with an androgynous or indie look. I can't picture this on any ordinary middle-aged woman.
I like this name on a boy, and I used to hate it on a girl but since meeting a girl Logan for myself, all I can think when I hear the name is 'spunky, sweet, cute, pretty, outgoing,' etc.
I feel that this is a more masculine name, but that's probably because I immediately associate it with the X-Men's Wolverine.

I don't mind at all if you use it for your baby girl, and I certainly won't berate you for it. :]
I'm more of a purist! For boys only, please!

My name is Ashley which is traditionally a BOY name and I HATE it. Please, name boys after men, and girls after women. When you give a girl a male name, you take away the masculinity of the name, but it never QUITE becomes feminine. It sort of staggers in the middle and becomes rather 'butchy'. I wouldn't want my daughter growing up with a name that we hear repeatedly as a MALE name. That would be very confusing I think. But for my situation, I shun pop culture and look to the old stories and mythologies (and many modern fantasy and non fiction tales) for entertainment and will find myself reading to my children out of old tales of our distant peoples. So for me, something like Logan or Tristan etc would come up repeatedly as a MALE name or masculine sur-name. That wouldn't fit a girl!
I actually prefer Logan for a girl. Even though more boys have the name, I like it. It's a unisex name so I find no problem with liking it for a girl.
How many boys do you know named Logan? I know 3, and I also know 4 girl Logans. So really, the girls pretty much out-weigh the boys huh?
This is my oldest daughter's name and we found it on the girl's side of the baby book, ergo it is a girl's name. Her middle name is Brooke and I think it flows nicely. She loves it when she meets new people, expecially when they have to type in any information in on a computer, they always think the computer is messed up because it says she is a girl. She always tells me, "Mama, the joke's on them." And she's right as it is a girls' name too.
Hi. My name is Logan and I'm a girl. Most people think it's for a boy but now it's on the girl's side of the baby book so now other girls have this name too.
My first name is Logan, and I'm a girl. I've hated growing up with it (I was born in 91) because I've always considered it a boy name only. My advice - solely for a boy, please. I've never met any other female Logan, by the way.
Love this name. I would love to use it, even though I try to shy away from overly popular names. I just love it enough that I think I may not care how popular it is.

I wish people would stop taking names like this and using them for girls, because it's really not cute. It's annoying, there are plenty of girl names and every year it seems like another boy name goes right out the window. Logan is awesome, but really, it's a boy's name.
Give your son a real name, not a surname for a first name! Too many X-men fans. Too many people altogether naming their kids after popular culture characters.
On Zoey 101 there is a character named Logan played by Matthew Underwood and in the movie The Babysitters Club Mary Anne's boyfriend's name was Logan Brunno.
Too overused!
This is ridiculous! Logan is a BOYS NAME! It's not the least bit feminine! Parents should seriously think about what they're naming their kids. For a boy-yes, a girl-NO WAY!
Cute for a boy, NEVER for a girl.
Logan is the name of one of the Pack werewolves in Kelley Armstrong's 'Women of the Otherworld' series.
Logan Huntzberger was Rory Gilmore's boyfriend for pretty much all three of the last seasons of Gilmore Girls. He was played by Matt Czuchry.
I adore this name!
Logan, like Loegan and Loegaid and Leucain and perhaps later Lucien may be of Celtic origin: Some of these names appear in the Irish legend of the Ulster Cycle: the father and the charioteer of the hero Cuchulain are named Loegaid and Loegan or Laeg. These names come from the Celtic god Loeg or Lugh or Lugus.
I really lilke the name Logan. I think it is acceptable for either a boy or a girl, although I prefer it for a boy. To me the name doesn't describe some brawny, buff, ultra-masculine man; it more identifies a handsome--though more "sweet" handsome than "hot" handsome--more thoughtful boy, sensitive, but not feminine, and quiet, but not timid. I really like this name.
I think this name is more for a GIRL. I can never picture a boy with the name Logan, it just sounds so girly! You can name your son OR daughter Logan but I prefer it for a GIRL.
This is a BOY name I think parents these days are having serious a identity crisis with themselves and it is showing with these ridiculous names.
My name is Logan, but when I was little, I HATED my name, because I am one of the few female Logans. So all the Logan's I have ever met (except for ONE) was a boy! My neighbor's boy DOG even had the name of Logan!
I really like the name Logan! It makes me think of someone who is handsome.
Logan is great for a boy's name and girl's.
I can't really see a girl having this name, but I think it fits my father and my brother very nicely.
Logan is a lovely character on Veronica Mars.
My brother's name is Logan. I love it so much. It's very rugged and masculine. I'm not a fan of a girl being named Logan.
This is my son's middle name. I hate that it is being used for girls. I think it is a great name for a boy. Although my daughter has named ALL her baby dolls Logan. :)
My parents were sci-fi buffs, I am a female named Logan after Logan # 5 on Logan's run. I have always liked my name, and apparently many others do as well. I have had several children named after me. I think it works well for either gender.
Logan is Wolverine's name from X-Men.
I also prefer this name for a boy. As a girl, if my parents named me Logan I would go for a name change. This is such a nice strong Scottish boys name.
The major airport of the Boston area is called Logan airport.
Mount Logan is the second highest peak in North America.
My name is Logan and I love it just because it's an uncommon name. My Grandmother's maiden name was Logan and my dad liked the movie "Logan's Run" so it came out of that. I've known one girl named Logan, but she went by the name Libby. She thought it sounded too strong and she wanted a girly name.
Logan is a very nice name. It is rugged, and handsome. I definitely like this name for a boy not a girl.
Logan Tom is an awesome US Olympic volleyball player. She was the youngest to join the team. She also went to Stanford University.
Hi, my daughter's name is Logan, but I spell it Loughen, just kinda different!
If I read the name Loughen, I would pronounce it like 'LOWG-hen' or 'LOOG-hen', not LO-gan.
I have to say that a name with the meaning "little hollow" does not sound extremely masculine. When I think of a hollow, I think of a beautiful scenic area with wildflowers blowing in the breeze. I would use this name on a little girl but never a boy.
I love the name Logan for a boy, but I really do hate the name Logan for a girl.
If I have a son, this is what I would name him. Definitely a masculine name - very Scottish. Short & simple.
I know one Logan who was named after the 70's sci-fi film "Logan's Run".
Logan Bartholomew plays Willie LaHaye in Love's Enduring Promise and Love's Long Journey (Hallmark movies based on books by Christian author Janette Oke).
I think this is a wonderful name! I liked it so much, I named my son Logan. In doing my husband's family history, I found that one of his uncles who was born in the mid 1800's carried the same 1st name. This name is gaining great popularity in the area where we live. My son is 1 of 3 Logan's in his class.
As far as I remember the name is not only Scottish. Clan Logan was a long time ago split up and the name didn't really exist any more. But people from both Ireland and Scotland went together after a few hundred years and remade Clan Logan. Wherefter it became one of the biggest clans in the whole of Ireland and Scotland.

this is just stuff i have heard. and i havnt checked it to se if its true. but thought id let you know anyway. btw, great page.

Ah and btw, as u writte the name is origenaly pronounced in gealic, but you didnt writte that its pronounced somthing like: "Lohren".

-Tim Logan-

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