Loren is one of my main OC's name, I chose it because it began with "lo" and lo is at the start of my username Lovely_YT.
I think this looks much more masculine than Lauren.
It's pretty for a variant.
I know someone with this name. It’s pronounced more like “luh-REN” for them, but then again they also have an accent over the e the way they spell it.
Loren Gray would be a famous bearer of this name (at least for Generation Z people anyway)
This spelling of Lauren seems a little bit more masculine than Lauren, but a lot of people are preferring it for a girl rather than a boy because Lorin is still feminine but Lauren is way more feminine. I still think Lauren is more of a girl’s name, no matter how it’s spelled, if it’s spelled Lorin, it’s still more feminine than masculine, especially if you spell it Lauryn... Lauryn is definitely not a strong manly name! But if I ever named a boy this, I would spell it Loren!
The name Loren was given to 107 girls and 71 boys born in the US in 2015.
My name is Loren. I am a girl and it is a unisex name. I have only met 1 other Loren and that was a girl also.
I love this name, it's so uncommon for a male and very sophisticated. We also have a anchorman in our city named Loren and he's very handsome! ;-)
The name Loren was given to 71 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Loren Singer was a fictional Navy lawyer on the CBS show Jag. She was overly ambitious and trampled on everyone in her path. She was not the nicest or dynamic character.
Loren Bouchard is a famous writer, producer, and voice artist. He created several cartoons, most notably Home Movies, Dr. Katz, and Bob's Burgers.
I know a Loren, and I think it's strictly for boys. Lauren is for girls! He's half-Hungarian, and I've been told that Loren is actually Hungarian (and doesn't mean anything). His name is Loren Francis, and when he was little, used the nickname Lotzi (prn. Lote-zee), a diminutive of Loren.
I love the name Loren. That´s how I named my daughter. We use Lori as nickname. For me it sounds better as a girl´s name. My daughter is American but I am Brazilian, so I was looking for a name easy for both languages... turned out it´s not common in Brasil so not very easy. But I do always love the name... and my girl she´s a princess! : )
This name is actually pronounced 'Lo-ren', not 'Law-ren'. I know this because it happens to be my name.
This site says Loren can be a girl or boy's name, and personally I think this name is a masculine name. It's like different spellings of Frances/Francis one is feminine, one is masculine, not both.
AnnaSophia Robb plays a character called Loren McConnell in the 2007 film 'The Reaping'. A very interesting, if slightly creepy, character. This is where I heard the name, and I have liked it ever since.
The list of related names need to add Lorne (generally male, as for Lorne Green, actor from TV show Bonanza). Also add Lori. My friend Loren uses Lori as her nickname.
A famous bearer is Loren Dean Jovicic, born 31 July 1969, Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is the name of famed cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.
Loren Bray on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman has this name. He is a shopkeeper played by Orson Bean.
Loren was the name of a one-time character on Stargate. He was in the episode "The Light". I don't know of any non-fictional people with this name.
I am called Loren and I never have liked it, it's far too common in England. Though, to be fair, most are called Lauren. I actually am changing the way I say it to Lo-REN.. like Sophia Loren type of thing. Just because it's easier, nicer and less common... does anyone know anyone who pronounces it like that?I get my name shortened to both Lor and Ren. I prefer Ren myself, but I'm not overly bothered which. Apart from Loz (Which I also detest) does anyone with the name shorten it to anything?
I love this name, but for a boy only. Lauren is for girls, Loren is for boys! I do know a Loren, and I happen to think it suits him very much. I love this name!

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