Lori Loud is Bobby Santiago's beloved wife. I ship these two like crazy since 28 July 2019 and I still admire this ship until now!
Lori Meyers (often referred to as simply Lori M.) is a supporting character in the 2017 game, Night in the Woods. She is a teenaged mouse that the main character has the option to visit and befriend. Lori is shown to have an affinity for horror movies, filmmaking, horror makeup, and crushing metal toys under the passing trains. She’s very anxious and struggles with her self-esteem, but through her interactions with the protagonist, can feel a bit more at ease with herself.
Also a diminutive or Loren, and variant of Lorie.
My name is Lori Lee. I was born in 1963, in upstate New York. The name Lori appeared to be a pretty popular name in the North East. I graduated high school with quite a few other Lori's. I've always been very comfortable with my name, and when I met my husband, the first thing he said to me was; "you have a great name". So, I've always been happy with my name. In 2021, it's definitely an out dated name, but being as I'm now pushing 60, I'm quite okay with it! My mom's name is Harriet, and I am SURE glad I was never given one of those outdated names like that or; Hazel, Edna, Gertrude, Henrietta, Bertha, Ruth, Mildred, Ethel, Agnes, Dorothy, Hilda, Irene, Eunice, OR one of the most dreaded southern name; TAMMY!
Lori Williams is an American actress. She was in the 1965 movie Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! And the 1969 comedy Love, American Style.
Lori Anne Loughlin, American actress mainly known for her role as "Aunt Becky" on the sitcom Full House.
Thought it was pronounced Lore-ee.
I love the name Lori, I think it's very pretty.
My name is Lori and I'm 10 years old. I always get called Laura after I introduce myself to people. I have always loved my name and I think it's beautiful. My favorite color is green so I love the banner :p
Very dated.
This name is seen as very dated now; however, if I had been a parent in the 50s and 60s - without the etymological resources available today - listening to the trending names of the time... I think I would've chosen Lori for my daughter. It would've been in my Top 10, at least. It's four letters, short and sweet, with a pleasant sound and appearance (I like the way Lori looks when written out). So I see why it caught on in my mom's generation.
Can also be a nickname/diminutive of Laura or Lauren.
Can also be a nickname for Dolores.
Lori Campbell is the protagonist in the 2003 film Freddy vs. Jason.
Lori Loud is a character from the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House”. She is the oldest of the siblings.
My name is also Loriann, and I too am named after a soap opera character. I was born in the early 70's. I very seldom hear the name Loriann, it is almost always mispronounced, and misspelled. They always want to call it Lorain, or add an E to the end.
In 2018, 47 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lori* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 151st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
Hispanic usage as per user la-petite-Rachel:Dolores "Lori" Rowen
Dolores "Lori" Cameron
Dolores "Lori" Bowers
Latina American Labor Rights activist Dolores Huerta has a daughter named Lori, presumably after herself.
Kimberly McLean, know as by alias “Lori Erica Kennedy Ruff” was an identity thief who remained unidentified for nearly six years after her death in 2010.
Lori Loud from The Loud House.
Lori (Lorie, etc) can also be a diminutive for the names Dolores and Dolorosa, given in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows.
Lori Loud is the oldest Loud sibling in the Loud House, she's awesome.
My name is Lori, I was born in 1969 and I love my name. Why? Because it's different, it's feminine and it's the first thing my parents ever gave me and I no longer have them in my life- they've passed. I loved the name so much I named my daughter after me and she was born in 2007.
Lori Greiner is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality. She is best known as a cast member of the reality TV show Shark Tank and has been called "The Queen of QVC". She has also appeared on its spin-off, Beyond the Tank. Since 1998, she has had a program on QVC called Clever & Unique Creations Show. She is also president and founder of the Chicago-based company For Your Ease Only, Inc., which she established in 1996 and which does product development and marketing. She has helped launch more than 400 products and holds 120 U.S. and foreign patents.
Lori Christine Chalupny is a former American soccer defender who last played for the Chicago Red Stars and the United States women's national soccer team. She is a gold medalist from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a bronze medalist in the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup hosted by China. She was also on the roster of the United States national soccer team for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada.
My name is Lorri-Anne. It is pronounced lor not lawr, and I go by my full name. Some people just call me Lorri, but those that have known me forever call me Lorri-Anne. I was born in 1967. I have never met another Lorri or Lori, though we had 3 Laura's and a Lora in my grade in school. The first person I had ever heard that had my name was Lori Loughlin. I believed she was in the Edge of Night before she was in Full House. Growing up, the main reason I didn't like my name was because it was not common and when you did see it, it was misspelled. That doesn't bother me now that I'm older. So what I didn't have a license plate with my name on it!
My name is actually Lori Ann. I am told I am named after a character from the Edge of Night soap opera even though the spelling is different. I did not know anyone with the same name growing up. Over the past 20 years many have known me as Lori and I have come across many Lori's recently. I have also recently gone back to using my full name Lori Ann. I have always liked my name and think it is very pretty.
My name is Lori, and honestly, I love it. I have only met one Lori that is in my age range (30), and she was awesome. It's uncommon, which is part of why I like it. I like knowing that when people I know hear the name, they associate it with me, since I'm the only Lori they know! I also like that it isn't short for anything, which surprises some people who ask. I think it sounds feminine, but the shortness of it, especially spelled LORI, makes it just a bit androgynous, less flowery, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I think it's a good name. :)
The name Lori was given to 133 girls born in the US in 2015.
Lori! Wow! I hope this doesn't open a can of worms. I've only met one Lori, when I was a boy. I thought she was really pretty.
My best friend growing up was Laurie (girl), for Lauren. But I was young and slurred and it came out as Lori, she used to correct my pronunciation all the time Laur Laur Laur, not lor lor lor.There's a difference? Yes. Now I know.Now the worms part. I had a name all picked out for my dog, Sophie, spelling Sophi, as you have to personalize such pets. It quickly wore. Thank goodness she's only 9 weeks old, she'll get over me changing it.
What to name her now?! Dory. From Dinghy, not the blue fish in Finding Nemo, Dorry, or the truck known in England. Errr. Believe me I have many names.I have her littermate's brother as well, named Tucker. All you Lori's out there, sorry if it offends you, but I think it's a very pretty name. Short, maybe perky, maybe pensive.I liked "that 70's Show." And the Lori in it.
Lori "Lorax" Black is a musician and the daughter of Shirley Temple. She was born in 1954 and the popularity spiked soon after, so that may have had something to do with it. I know my grandmother named my mother Lori around that time partially because she was a big Shirley Temple fan.
I feel like Lori would be a good nickname for Lorelei :3.
Lori is a pretty name; I can see why it's so common. But, like Sandra and Lisa, it seems dated to me. Maybe it'll get a resurgence later.
Lori Laughlin from Full House and Lorie Morgan, the country singer, are two very pretty Lori's. I was born in 1970 and I went to school with several other Lori's. I have also worked with 2 or 3 over the years. I always liked my name, except it is a little short, in my opinion. My friends call me Lore or Lorelei. I think it is a pretty name. I have trouble making the leap of giving it the same meaning as Laurel. And, not like physical appearances are important, but I'm not ugly (inside or out). The only thing that ever bothered me was that Lori handwritten can look like Lou. So, sometimes I have been mistakenly called that.
My name is Lori I was named this as I was originally going to be called Tori but it was decided last minute that Tori was too old fashioned so my parents decided on Lori. I think it's quite nice, I've never met someone with that name. Also, I don't really think that all Loris are ugly, there are many pretty ones.
My name is also Lori. I knew a couple of Loris growing up. I worked at a job right out of high school there was 3 Lori's that worked there. Was kinda confusing at times. One of the girls married name was my maiden name. So I'd answer a lot of times forgetting that wasn't my name anymore. I can't say I love my name but I don't hate it. My father chose it and he's gone now so it has more meaning now that I'm older. But I don't know of any Loris that are younger than me. So it isn't a popular name anymore. And I'm ok with that! We should consider ourselves the last of a legacy. And make sure it's a good one.
# 8 in 1963 - Wow we Lori's were surely popular back then. Like Susan, and Nancy, the 50s-60's feel of the name sticks.
I don't mind my name, I feel it suits me. Lori reminds me of the color yellow, so sunny, and it has the softness of so many names that begin with L... like Laurel, Lily, Lola, Leonie etc.
Lori is my name- Lori Lee to be exact. "A good English southern name" my father always said. I like my name. It is short, simple and very special to me because my father loved the name. It is a very 60's name. Everyone I know named "Lori" is in my age group. There are so many different spellings. I have met a lot of Laurie's that pronounce their names Lori. I don't understand this but this is common in the south. I wish the name would have a comeback. I hope my daughter will use it someday in the future for her child. I would liked to see little "Lori's" in the future.
Another reason the name Lori was popular in the 60's was the extreme popularity of Lord Of The Rings, by J.R.R.Tolkien, which exploded in public use ('Frodo Lives' was popular graffiti) at that time.
The land of Lothlorien was a golden, enchanted place where the Elves lived. Tolkien was an oxford don, specializing in old languages - loth and lor are root related. He devised whole new languages based partly on old English, Finnish, and Celtic, from there he derived his 'Elvish". If you had a girl baby, especially with blonde hair, you might name her Lori, if you were a Tolkien fan."Valley of Gold", an old Nandorin name for the land, derived from Lindórinan after the Mallorn trees were planted. Elements: lor or Lori, golden light, nand, valley.
Laurenandë is the Qyenyan version of the same name, laurë meaning golden light.
Sindarin versions of the name are Glornan and Nan Laur where glor or glaur means golden light and nan valley.Laurelindórenan/Laurelindórinan
"Land of the Valley of Singing Gold". An old name, used by Treebeard and Faramir. Treebeard also used a longer name, Laurelindórenan lindelorendor malinornélion ornemalin which can be translated to "the valley where the trees in a golden light sing musically, a land of music and dreams; there are yellow trees there, it is a tree-yellow land".Lothlórien
"Dreamflower", the elements are loth blossom, flower and (o)lor, dream. This name was used in the later part of the Third Age. Often shortened to Lórien, a "loan" from Lórien of Valinor, the garden of the vala Irmo, which was familiar to Galadriel.
My name is actually Lorelei but I go by Lori because my family nicknamed me that when I was little. I have always loved Lorelei but hated Lori, but I can't get my family to stop calling me that. LOL I think both are beautiful, feminine names and I have never met an ugly Lori... quite the opposite actually. And I was a model and pageant queen for years. So to the woman who says that girls names Lori are ugly... including herself, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you are looking in the mirror and seeing ugly, then sweetie you need to find the things that you do love about you and remind yourself daily of those things until you start to find your "Pretty self" again.
As a Lori, I'm really tired of people saying "Oh, Lori from Walking Dead!" when they first meet me. It's a pretty name and I love it because it's short, unique, and has a ring to it, I just wish people would stop saying "I thought you were dead! Where's Rick?"
Lori Grimes is the wife of Rick Grimes in Robert Kirkman's comic book series, The Walking Dead, as well as in the AMC's television adaptation of the series.
My name is Lori Ann and I was born in '59. I have known very few Lori's my age, never any older, always 10 to 15 years younger. Funny, because I don't remember any little Lori's when I was growing up. I have never really been fond of my name but the older I get the more I like it. I've always told myself, I'm lucky! I could have been a Robin - my Dad's choice. Definiately don't like Robin for a girl. I agree the name Lori is kinda girly, but then I guess I kinda am.
I was also born in 1959, my full name is Lori Lynn. My mom wanted to name me after my grandfather, Loren, but at the time Loren was only a boy's name so she changed mine to Lori to make it feminine. I grew up with a neighbor that was 3 years younger named Lori Ann. I think that since our first names were the same, she also used her middle name. I did not know any other Lori's growing up. As an adult, I've had two friends named Lori and one named Laurie. In honor of my grandfather, I named my youngest daughter Loren. She has only met one other female with that spelling (she's 22 now). I love my name!
The name Lori was given to 98 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
My name is actually Lauren and I like it, but it's a little too common among women my age (I'm in my late 20s and so far I've met at least 12 more Laurens). So I go by Lori. It has a retro feel and is more unique nowadays. I'm not sure I would use it as a name by itself, but it's definitely a beautiful short form for Lauren, Lorelei, Lorraine, Lorena, etc. I only like it spelled "Lori", though. "Lorri" makes me think of a lorry (truck) and the e in "Lorie" doesn't make much sense.
I love the name, the way it sounds- cute and pretty. There are other ways you can spell it, like laurie, Lori, lorri, and lorie. I remember I first heard it when I was watching halloween and I fell in love with the name :)
This is the name of one of my nieces. I like that it isn't very popular nowadays, as I dislike overused names. (My niece is older than I am! All of my nieces are) I love it.
I like my name growing up and still to this day I have only known 1 other girl named Lori. It could have something to do with where I live and maybe that plays a part in how people name their kids because that other Lori I knew was not from around here. That's what I like- I don't have a name that is that common around here. And about girls named Lori are ugly that is just someone's opinion. I have met ugly girls with pretty names. And about the Lori's being ugly that could be the farthest from the truth because I am not ugly - completely the opposite. A name can't make you ugly or pretty.
Lori Grimes is a character on the show "The Walking Dead". She is lead character Rick Grimes' wife. Played by Sarah Wayne Calles. One of my favorite TV shows!
Can also be used as a nickname for Delores, as is the case with my great aunt. This name is also used in Germany, that's where my great aunt is from.
Lori Lansens is a Canadian author of "The Girls" and "The Wife's Tale".
This could also be a nickname for Taylor, if she decides she wants to go by something a little more feminine.
I have a story for people who "don't like their name" (or people who say unkind things about other people's names) to think about. I used to not be very fond of my name (Lorri), until I started "researching" its meaning after receiving a gift from my daughter of the same (see end of post). I saw that it was from the word "Laurel," which as you see below means "victorious" because a crown of laurel leaves is given to the winner of a race (the one who is "victorious"). I was thinking about all the really hard times I'd been through - how I had been an "overcomer" and had been "victorious" over them. At first I joked about it with my kids, saying, "Boy, God must have picked that name out for me!" Little did I know, He really had. And what was more amazing was that my parents did NOT plan to name me Lorri. But God already knew that was to be my name. A tragedy in my mom's life led to a change in my destiny (at least that of my name).(First, a side note of historical info regarding WHY our names are important): In ancient times, parents picked out a name for their soon-to-be-born child based on the characteristics of what that name meant, what the meaning and virtue was behind it - so as to "bestow upon" their child a good or positive namesake, to be "prophetic" about that child before he/she was born (in the Old Testament, people relied upon God to help bring that namesake meaning into being in a child's life - and if you recall, God even specifically told some men and women what they were to name their child before he was born, because He knew exactly what that child was going to grow up to be and that that name would genuinely reflect him and his life). The "character quality or qualities" were then encouraged and verbally reinforced while the child grew up, the reason behind that being, "You are what you profess to be" and "life and death are in the power of the tongue" - what other people say about us enough, over and over, we tend to believe, right? It's true that many people today can't say that their name says anything about them at all, and they can find no relation between what they were named and meaning behind it. Well, that's because the "meaning in a name" eventually became less relevant as years passed and cultures diversified, and less important as tool in naming their children. In recent decades (at least the ones I've personally lived through) parents tend to "pick a name" for their children because they "like it" - "it's pretty" or "it's currently popular" or "it's different" or "it flows well with the last name," etc... and is not really based on any meaning the name has in order to give their child a "meaningful namesake" (except in the case of naming sons after their fathers).In my life, God has always been there in the background, working in different ways that formed the basis for who I am today (even when I didn't acknowledge Him). And the meaning behind my name (and how I got it) only became "more proof of that" to me. During my "research" I remembered something my mom had told me a long time ago (when I was a child or pre-teen): that her and my dad were not originally going to name me "Lorri Marie," that they had planned to name their first daughter "Deborah Ann" (apparently my dad really liked the nickname "Debbie" for a girl; but that went to my sister, born later!) Well, a year before I was born, my maternal grandma had a "menopause baby" at age 44 or 45 - a baby girl who did not survive - she died a couple of weeks after she was born. My grandma had named her "Lorrie Marie." So when my parents had me a year later, my mom wanted to name me after her sister who died, and my dad agreed to it.And it all became clear to me that although my parents "planned" to name me Deborah Ann, God had a different name picked out for me before I was born. I won't go into the very cool things about my middle name or how my own life makes it a very appropriate and fitting name for me, as well. But the point is, I am now very proud of my name, because it has a very wonderful meaning, and unknowingly, I spent my lifetime living up to its namesake ... I have truly been "Victorious" and "Victorious in Spirit" (an "overcomer"), and true to 2 of the specific character qualities below, I had "high endurance" and have been "resolved and brave" throughout my life (though sometimes barely, I will admit!) God had a part in giving me my name, and He also had a part in the reason I was able to "live up to it." So take time to look into the "deeper things" when you hear someone else's name. Research it for them, and give them something good and positive to know about their namesakes. Here's what I wanted share about my name ... and all you others name "Lorri" - no matter the spelling - can be proud and live up to your name! :-)From the Latin root "Laura;" Feminine form of "Lawrence"Literal Meaning: "Crown of Laurel Leaves"
Natural Meaning: "Victorious"
Spiritual Meaning: "Victorious in Spirit"A crown of laurel leaves is bestowed upon the winner of a race (the one who is victorious)Research into the characteristics of this namesake:- Believes in doing her best
- Has a high endurance
- Is not jealous of competitors or those who excel
- Is polite, refined and well-spoken
- Is warm and sincere with her family
- Greatness is in her looks; resolved and brave
- Is quick-witted and often very clever
- Is a woman of many virtues
Our Father/God named us both in the golden light of Life. Death, and Reborn in His name... Thank you for your share, I am now very proud of my name.
In the UK my family pronounce my name as lawree not lorry. It's only people who aren't familiar with it that say lorry and after a while I just can't be bothered to correct them.
This is an old-fashioned cutesy, girly, somewhat infantile name.
This is my name. In the UK we pronounce it lorry, which is how you'd say it phonetically. Sure you get lots of "truck" jibes and it's always spelt wrong but it's really unusual so I've never met anyone else with this name. I love it!
A crazy, mini-van driving, soccer mom comes into my mind when I hear this name.
Site does not give Loren as a related name. My friend Loren uses Lori as her nickname. Yes, she's pretty.
This name is cute to me, but seems too short. I would definitely use it as a nickname for Laura, Lauren, Lorraine, Dolores, or any other longer, fuller name.
My name is Lori and I am the only 20 year old girl I know with this name! My auntie is also Lori. I went to 5 schools and was always the only Lori and was playfully always called car or truck! People just can't seem to pronounce it properly, it's not LORRY! My mum loves this name and I do not think I'm ugly, if anything I have always been told the opposite and my auntie Lori is a stunning lady! Maybe wouldn't choose it myself but it's different and have been complemented on it quite a few times. It's pretty.
This is my mom's name and I think it is very pretty, and so is she. I might use Lorianne or something for a middle name when I have kids.
I've used the name as a shortened form of the name Lorikeet.
Lori does not feel like a full name, in my opinion. I would only use it as a nickname for "Laura" or "Lorraine." It is a fine nickname.
When I was born, there were very few people named LORI. I was the only one in my entire 12 years of school. There were LOTS of Laurie's and Laura's, but no Lori's. So that made me feel special. I don't particularly love the name, kind of bland, but, it's mine. P.S. To the Lori who doesn't feel 'pretty' - I bet you are.
I like this name, I use it for one of my characters and I'm glad I chose it, It's a little different and it sounds cute.
Lori is a pretty name, but it had not stood the test of time. It was very popular in the 60s, but quickly went out of fashion, not to mention wasn't used before the 60s. It's no longer in the top 1000 names for the US, while it was #8 in 1963.
Lori is the slutty daughter on "That '70's Show."
I can't say I love this name, and if I was going to use it I would spell it differently (Lorri, Laurie), but two of my favorite authors are named Lori: Lori Wick and Lori Copeland.
Lori is a beautiful name. I know several and all those I know are beautiful. One you might know is actress Lori Laughlin (originally from Full House), now on Summerland.
My name is Lori and personally I hate it and also I can honestly say I have never seen a pretty "Lori".
Well Lori's my name. It is spelled a little different and is spelled LORIE and I don't think that I am ugly. I have blonde hair and beautiful green eyes and for your information if you like Sally Field in the movie SOAP her daughter, who is very beautiful may I add, is named Lori. I would never name my child that but I don't mind the name. It's not that popular and I rather be a little different sometimes.
My name is Lori as well, I do not find myself "ugly" as is noted in a comment above; One thing I will add, is about 1970, the name was evidently quite popular, in my kindergarten class, there were seven of us "Lori's" all the same spelling, and all of us quite cute! I wouldn't name my child Lori personally, but back in the day, I think it was a kinda cool name. You don't often see a newborn Lori nowadays (which is good), now we are overrun with Brittany's and Tiffany's, aren't they going to make wonderful "old lady" names?
When I was a kid I didn't like my name because it was unusual at the time, now I don't mind it. I don't think that I am ugly therefore I do not associate the name Lori with ugly people. It's a shame that the other Lori does.

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