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Beautiful. I'd prefer to be named after St. Mary Magdalene, St. Cecilia, or St. Margaret Mary... But of the secular names, Lorraine is one of my favorites. It's mature and feminine.
I think this is a very beautiful name that suits all ages very well.
I've never thought this name reminded me of an old lady. I think it is a very beautiful and underused name. I picture a "Marilyn Monroe" beauty queen type for some reason? I am not sure why, but it definitely reminds me of a super girly girl.
Lorraine Bowen got the golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent for her original song ‘The Crumble Song’.
I don't like it, I prefer Laura :)
My name is spelled Larraine, nickname is Rai. I was named for my uncle Larry, who I adored, and my mom's favorite actress Laraine Day. Friends call me Rai, I do like my name, it's feminine!
I really like this name. It's more than just a's unique.
Proud to be a LORRAINE.
I don't like the sharp -Lorr beginning.
I don’t like it so much, I don’t see the shine of youth plastered into it.
Lorraine Warren was an American paranormal investigator along with her husband Ed. Their lives were documented by The Conjuring movies.
I am a proud “Lorraine” actually, although you may be given leave to perhaps believe otherwise given my rather large ensemble of various nicknames & associated or somewhat de-associated pseudonyms over the years, from “Lolly” to “Lol” to “Lollypop” “Raine” & “Rainey”, it seems everyone knows me as someone different, perhaps that’s down to the sheer versatility of the name, or the fact that I’m constantly trying to reinvent myself. Whichever takes your appeal about the name “Lorraine”. My mother chose it because of her love for a sweet song by Nat King Cole, which I adore...
She also chose it quite ironically because of its lack to be shortened, because she hated nicknames with a passion.
(Such opposing forces of nature we were) But it didn’t stop her on very very rare occasions calling me “Rainey” which I adored, but it was a blue moon of rarest proportions notably unfortunately.
I fell out of love with my name for some years during my marriage as hearing the tone of its dulcet fallen ring upon loveless lips makes us fall out of love with ourselves, & it’s only through regaining my personal inner sanctum that my name has found its rightful place among the skyline once again to shine the moon brightly upon my face in eager retreat of a life well lived as Lorraine...
My mom's name is Lorraine and I personally absolutely love this name. It is very elegant! I love the name.
This is an old woman's name. It belongs to the same generation as Phyllis and Margaret. I've never known anyone under 55 with this name.
I am Loraine from Kenya. I really love my name more than anything. I really adore it since it makes me feel unique. I love it since it's used in some historical events, and it is a name to a province. I just love my name.
Simply beautiful, sweet and just beautiful, I must say not bad!
This is a striking and beautiful name.
Sort of like the rhyming Jane, it sounds soft and subtle, but in quite a striking way.
My sister and I's middle names are Lorraine, it's also my pen name.
I think this is a very beautiful name. I like it spelled Loraine. Either way you can't go wrong. This is a timeless classic.
Lorraine was given to 121 girls in America in 2015.
My legal name is Lorraine. However, since my Mom is also a Lorraine, I was always called Lori. I think Lorraine is a pretty name if you have the right last name. I wouldn't do a long first name with a long last name. Aggravating when filling out school and work forms :)
I am Susan Lorraine. I think it is a beautiful name and I hope it will become more popular soon. All it might take is a few people (in clusters) to start naming their baby Lorraine and it could very well take off.
My Name is Jeanne Lorraine and I don't have a problem with it. I love my name because I think it's unique. My friends call me Rain.
I am named Lorraine, nicknames I've had are Lor, Lol and Lolly, oh and Lolly-pop. Yes that one always got me. I was never fond of the name but it's mine and it's grown on me.
My mom's name is Lorraine. I once had a crash called Lorraine. My work mate I share the office with is Lorraine and I think it's a beautiful name.
I, too, am Lorraine. Family has always called me Lorraine. I was probably in my 30s before people started calling me Lori. But as I get older, I am missing "Lorraine" as my name so I am starting to use that more often. My ancestors are from France so I found Lorraine, being a part of France, very interesting.
I'm a Lorraine and I had to grow into the name. I've been Lorie most of my life and still am with family and old friends. I want to be Lorraine now that I know it's the name of a kingdom of a famous army!
Lorraine Hansberry was a playwright, most famous for A Raisin in the Sun.
The name Lorraine was given to 86 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
There is a chicken named Lorraine on the TV show Adventure Time.
This is my mother's name. She usually goes by her full name, but my Dad often calls her Lolly, I don't know why, but I think it's rather cute! I'm hoping to use this as a middle name for my child someday x.
Lorraine was my mother's name. Her nickname was always "Lori", though we did know one little boy who always called her "Raine".

Personally, I wouldn't choose to name my daughter Lorraine (I don't think I'd be comfortable giving the names of relatives to my children, especially one so very closely related), but I would consider it for a middle name.
Popular Nat King Cole song of the early 1950's: "Sweet Lorraine". Also Col. Henry Blake's wife's name on MASH.
I actually think this name is really beautiful. It doesn't have an old-ladyish quality to me, even though I think of it as being popular in the 40s or so. I prefer it to Laura or Lauren.
Lorraine was the name of Dakota Faning's character in Uptown Girls. Her nickname was Ray. I think it's a really good name.
It surprises me that even while Eileen and Elain are still in the top one thousand, Lorraine is virtually unknown in the schoolyard.
The name is used in France. It's the only French region commonly used in France for naming people. It could be a form of Laura, but between 1870 and 1918, a part of Lorraine and all Alsace had been annexed by Germany, and the name became very popular in France, as a patriotic symbol.
It's not the worst name out there, but it sounds a bit like the name of a naive counrty girl in 1950s America.
Lorraine is my name, and I think it's really bland and boring.
This is a pretty name, but I like it spelled with one r. Loraine.
Another nickname is Lo.
Lorraine is a beautiful elegant name. I too like the nickname Raine or Rainie.
This my grandmother's name. She was named after the region in France, where her father had spent some time as a soldier in World War I. The place had left a strong impression on him. I think it's a beautiful name.
My name is Lorraine. I don't think anything special about this name.
Famous bearer is British actress Lorraine Pilkington.
I like the nickname Rainie for this name, Lorraine could be used as she got older if she wished.
I really like this name, I can't understand why it isn't used more. It is the name of one of my mother's friends.
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, wonderful opera singer (mezzo-soprano), who has unfortunately just (7/3/2006) died at the age of 52.
Ever wondered why there are so many more women named Lorraine than there are named Alsace? (Neither have I.)
Lorraine is the name of Jack Nicholson's daughter.
Lorraine was Marty's mom in the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy.

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