It sounds kinda masculine to be honest with you. Either way it’s nice as a name. I love it as a middle name for a girl. Even though there are better floral names.
My name is Lotus. It means purity and enlightenment and it's the name of a goddess.
I don't care for this name at all.
This name can also be MASCULINE, making it UNISEX.
In some languages like NORDIC/SCANDINAVIAN languages such as SWEDISH and FINNISH, it's ALSO used as a MASCULINE name.
GENDER: Masculine

USAGE: Swedish (Modern, Rare)

Meaning & History: From Swedish lotus meaning "lotus".
I think "Lottie" could be a good nickname for Lotus, even though it's originally a nickname for Charlotte.
Super duper hippie name. I agree with the comment below me there are better floral names out there if that's the vibe you want. But I ain't stopping you if you use this because Lotus sounds so unique.
I love flower names, but Lotus looks so unfeminine and ugly. There are so many flower names that are better: Rose, Magnolia, Marigold, etc.
I named my Daughter ILY Lotus, she is beautifully unique in her own way. She blossoms daily, her first name ILY means I love you, her middle name LOTUS is a beautiful flower! Everybody that meets her loves her and her name, she helps others around her and helps others sprout in life. She changes lives. She is beautiful 100% and she just turned 12 in April. She is my diamond.
Lotus is my name, after the eaters in Homer's Odyssey. It's okay, a bit too masculine for me (one letter away from Otis). I go by Lola.
My name is Lotus and I’ve always gotten positive responses on it saying that it was pretty or unique!
The name Lotus was given to 80 girls born in the US in 2015.
I think Lotus is a beautiful name. Sounds perfect.
I don't like this as a name. The ending is purely masculine, and it doesn't sound like a female name at all, but it doesn't sound like a masculine name either.
The Lotus tree (Greek: λωτός, lōtós) is a plant that occurs in stories from Greek and Roman mythology.

The Lotus tree is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, the Lotus tree bore a fruit that caused a pleasant drowsiness and was the only food of an island people called the Lotophagi or Lotus-eaters.

In Ovid's Metamorphoses, the nymph Lotis was the beautiful daughter of Neptune, the god of water and the sea. In order to flee the violent attention of Priapus, she invoked the assistance of the gods, who answered her prayers by turning her into a Lotus tree. [noted -ed]
The Lotus is the official symbol of India and often used in Indian paintings.
My cousin has recently called her daughter India Lotus!
I love the Lotus flower, but it's not a very good name, and it sounds the slightest bit masculine.
The name of Wang Lung's first concubine in The Good Earth.
Lotus is one of my middle names. As my first name is common, I am often called Lotus by friends.
I tend to get positive responses to it. Lotus is rightfully first and foremost associated with the flower, not the car.
Definitely not something I would name a child, but it sounds cool for a secret society.
Note the White Lotus Iroh founded in Avatar the Last Airbender.
It's a very strange word to use as a name. It will probably lead to some rather nasty jokes about Lotus-eating when the girl is in middle school and high school.
Maybe this would be pretty if you weren't in a culture where it was the name of a car, but to me it just brings visions of a trio of horrible little brats called Lotus, Lexus and Porsche - with a mum and dad on welfare.
This is a very pretty name that conveys grace and beauty. It is also the name of a British car manufacturer who makes light and high-powered sports cars (i.e. the Lotus Esprit).
This is a song by R.E.M, from the album Up.
The lotus was an important symbol for many cultures because it represented enlightenment or triumph. The lotus grows out of mud but blooms pure and untainted.
In The Odyssey, they land on an island inhabited by the people called the 'Lotus Eaters'. If you eat it you will forgot and never want to leave the island.
"Lotus" reminds me of "locust." Ewww.

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