I dislike like it because I associate it with Luka Magnotta!
I hate this name and don’t understand why it’s trendy not just in the US, but several European countries as well.
Every time I see this name, I think of Luka Kovač from the show E.R.
I don't get why people are so up in arms about Luka being used as a girl's name. In my opinion it can totally work as both. I know Luka as a masculine name from the Suzanne Vega song, and I know it as a girl's name from the Vocaloid Megurine Luka (though it's technically meant to be Ruka since the letter L doesn't exist in the Japanese language, but whatever). I think this name sounds amazing no matter which gender it's used for!
I love the name Luka... for a BOY. Not every name that is used for boys needs to be used for girls.
I am kind of surprised no one mentioned Luka Magnotta. He became somewhat infamous after he posted a graphic video called "1 guy 1 icepick".
Even though it means "blood" in my language (which is obviously unable to be used), I still like this name because of the Croatian footballer Luka Modrić. The Vocaloid association is just misleading; "L" does not exist in Japanese so Megurine Luka's name is supposed to be pronounced/spelled "Ruka". However, I wish the masculine rating would increase. It is a variant of Lucas/Lukas, and an "a" ending does not necessarily make it feminine. Use Lucia or Lucy instead for a girl!
Nice name. Exclusively masculine in my opinion. I don’t care for it on a girl.
Personally this is the best spelling for this name because then you could go with Luke easily as a nickname.
Luka Dončić is a star basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks.
Why are the comments so mad that it can be used on a girl...if you don't want to name your girl Luka then don't, just let people do what they want. It's not even that outrageous of a name - it's not like they're naming her John or Stephen or some other super boyish name. Luka to me doesn't sound inherently male or female, I think it works for both.
Love for boys!
Luka is for boys and for girls. Hooverphonic's old singer was a girl and her name was Luka (Luka Cruysberghs)!
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day October 18.
Guys. STOP SAYING THAT "Girls should only have GIRL NAMES" Bruh this doesn't make any sense xD, I have a boy name and I don't care...
This is NOT a girl's name. Just because you think it sounds feminine doesn’t mean it is. Please, do not ever name your baby girl this. It sounds perfect on a boy though. I think it could work for non-binary too, though :)
Ewww. Why name your kid Luka (which sounds way too feminine) when you can name him Luke?
Please don’t name your daughter Luka it’s not for girls and it will never be, you know it’s for boys only, it’s a masculine name not feminine- BOYS ONLY.
Usages: Hawaiian, Biblical HawaiianPronunciation: LOO-kaMeaning: Hawaiian form of LUKE.(Information from name #331670 originally submitted by an anonymous user)
While it's used as a masculine name in many countries, it's still often used as a unisex name, and it's a name used by nonbinary people for that reason. I think labeling it solely as masculine is a little misleading because of that. I feel like a better labeling would be masculine and unisex.
Nevermind, I see Luka as a 100% masculine name.
I like this name a lot but it is popular in so many countries. I like the spelling Luca too but Luka looks more complete.
Nice name for a boy. Could work for a girl, but to me, it's more of a boy's name.
I've always thought this name was cute, but I fell in love with it after the character from the cartoon Miraculous Ladybug. One of my favorites.
Luka may have a slightly androgynous element, but it’s meant for boys. I would not name a girl this.
Luka from Miraculous Ladybug.
I think it is 100% masculine.
I love Luka or Luca as a girl's name.
The IPA transcription of the Georgian pronunciation of Luka is: /lukʼɑ/Source: (in English) [noted -ed]
I'm tired of people using male names on females. Just because you think a name sounds feminine doesn't mean it is. Luka isn't a feminine or unisex name. It's only a male name and I hope it stays that way.
Beautiful girl's name!
Luka is a nice, gentle-sounding name. Although it sounds youthful in my opinion. Where I am from (Russia) the usage is completely masculine. I am not sure why the majority voted it as feminine.
Also Bulgarian form of Luke.
Also Finnish.
"Megurine Luka", or codenamed "CV03" is a Japanese VOCALOID created by Crypton Future Media. Voice actress Yū Asakawa voices Luka, singing in both English and Japanese. To sum it up, Luka is a female voicebank in the program VOCALOID who sings in both English and Japanese. Some of the most popular VOCALOID songs made using Megurine Luka are "Circus Monster", "No Logic", and "Luka Luka★Night Fever".
Luka Modrić is a Croatian footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Croatia national team.
It is a boy name that ends in -a. Those are really rare.
I think this is a lovely name, however, it reminds me of "leukemia".
I had always thought of Luka as a feminine name, thanks to the female Vocaloid Luka Megurine. That being said, I think it would be a good name for either gender.
It's a nice unisex name, simple and not overused.
Luka Šulić is a famous Croatian-Solvenian cellist. He his popular for his duo 2Cellos. He has performed all over the world.
Megurine Luka is one of Yamaha's Japanese Vocaloids. She is Vocaloid number 03, and she's an amazing singer!
It may also be used as a feminine name.
This name is number in Croatia for years now. I like it, that's all. I don't love it, but neither hate it.
I think it`s a beautiful name and it`s also great for a girl. It sounds both feminine and masculine.
Luka is also used in The Netherlands, for both men and women (the name is most common on men, however).The Dutch pronunciation of Luka is: LUY-kah.
Lukša is a variant of Luka in Croatia.
Bright, masculine name for a boy, right here.
Luka is my brother's name and I just love it. It's nice how it sounds modern and it's actually a Biblical name.
Luka is also a female name in Lithuania. Luka Marija Rasimavičiūtė is a Lithuanian actress, and the model Luka Marta Sylwester originally grew up in Lithuania.
Another female Luka in literature is the central character of the novel "Luka" (2005) written by Polish author and poet Marzena Broda.
Luka is also a unisex name in the Netherlands. In the Dutch stage production "Luka and the last celebrity", the role of Luka was played by Barbara Gene.The Dutch band Racoon also has a song titled "Luka's song" which is dedicated to Stefan De Kroon's (guitarist and singer) daughter. It references Suzanne Vega's song "My name is Luka", with the lyrics: 'Got a little song for my sweetest surprise
Her name is Luka, she's asleep on the second floor'
Luka is the narrator and one of the main female characters in the book 'Cherry Heaven' (2007) by L. J. Adlington. In the book, two sisters Kat and Tanka, are leaving a war-torn city, to start a new life in the supposedly utopian New Frontier. Luka is a young girl who escapes servitude in the "factory", who knows that the New Frontier is built on slavery and discrimination, and she is determined to seek justice.
Luka Marta Sylwester is a Polish fashion model.
Luka is a uni-sex name, and is the Hawaiian form of both Luke and Ruth. Famous female Hawaiian's with this name include Princess Luka Keelikolani and the young gymnast Luka Nakoa. The children's book, "Luka's quilt" is also about a young Hawaiian girl (Luka) who learns how to make a traditional quilt with her 'tutu' or grandmother.
In one of the first drafts of the original Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker was a girl named Luka Starkiller.
Luka Kovač is a doctor on the show "ER."
After the escape of Sobibor (October 14, 1943, WWII), the leader of the escape, Sascha Pechersky, wrote about a young Dutch girl called Luka, who was also imprisoned in the camp. She made an enormous impression on him, with respect to her intelligence and courage. (see also "From the Ashes of Sobibor" and "Sobibor The Forgotten Revolt" by Thomas Toivi Blatt).In the subsequent movie (Escape from Sobibor, 1987), Joanna Pacula played the character of Luka.
Luka is a female singer and musician from Brazil. Albums include Sem Resposta and Porta Alberta.
Luka Gavrilov is one of the main characters in Leo Tolstoy's novel "The Cossacks": he is a handsome and brave Cossack serving as a soldier not far from his village, though he's troubled by his poverty. The other characters usually call him Lukashka.
Luka was the name of a famous princess in Hawaii (Princess Ruth Luka Ke'ekikolani) and also the name of the feisty servant girl (spelt Louka) in Arms and the Man, by George Bernard Shaw.
Luka Jamnik does synth for the group Laibach, which is from Slovenia.
Luka is the name of Goran Visnjic's character on "ER".
I feel that Luka is a version of Luke, however it is not strictly masculine. I am a girl and my name is actually Luka. Spelled the same and everything.
The song "Luka" was a hit for Suzanne Vega.
In a recent article Suzanne Vega describes how the name of the song was originally inspired by a young (not abused) boy who lived in her building, but that the name Luka is “universal. It could be a girl or boy and it could be any nationality.” A great description of a gorgeous name.

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