Also Afrikaans:
I love the name Lukas! It sounds as beautiful as Lucas and Luka!
Gag me on a Smurf! What's that random K doing in the middle?
Lukas is also used as a surname.
I love this name so much, and I've been overjoyed to have found one that finally feels like home. I can't wait to be out and proud.
Lucas seems more natural but Lukas seems more modern. I don’t know what I prefer, they both are nice.
Lukas Perman is an Austrian singer and actor, known for his roles in various German-language musicals, maybe most notably as Romeo in Romeo und Julia, Rudolf in several productions of Elisabeth, and Alfred in several productions of Tanz der Vampire.
Also Finnish, English (Modern)Pronounced: LOO-kas (Swedish, Norwegian), LOO-gas (Danish), LOO-kahs (Finnish), LOO-kəs (English)Meaning: Form of Lucas (see LUKE) used in various languages.
Some one is disliking every comment that states that 'Lukas' is better than 'Lucas.' Sorry buddy, you can't keep away the truth...
This name, this name right here. Goddamn this name is fantastic you just cannot beat it. The way it begins with a softly spoken L, into the seductive U and by your preferred pronunciation you can use the k to be rebellious and harsh, or be soft and welcoming. Just a marvelous name you cannot beat under any circumstance. I would name all my children this exact name if I could. And it's better than Lucas.
I can't stress how much this name should be used instead of Lucas.
Better than Lucas, that's for sure.
Lukas Bondevik is the personification of Norway in the anime and manga Hetalia.
I think Lukas is a cool name and think more people should be named this. I like this name better than Lucas because I have a friend named Lukas.
Looks better spelled Lucas.
This is from the Wikipedia page on “Lucania”:“There are several hypotheses on the origin of the name Lucania, inhabited by Lucani, an Osco-Samnite population from central Italy. Lucania might be derived from Greek λευκός, leukos meaning “white”, cognate of Latin lux (“light”). According to another hypothesis, Lucania might be derived from Latin word lucus meaning “sacred wood” (cognate of lucere), or from Greek λύκος, lykos meaning “wolf”.
This is waaay better than Lucas, probably because Lukas is less popular than Lucas. This is a great name, and if you name your child this, it's pretty tease-free.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lukas who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1429th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lukas Josef Podolski is a German footballer who plays as a forward for Turkish club Galatasaray. He is a left-footed attacker known for his strong shot, technique and probing attacks from the left side.
It's also used in Croatia, pronounced LOO-kas.
Also used in Croatia.
I hated this name before, but my cousin named her son Lukas and now I like it, even though I prefer Luka.
German football (soccer) player Lukas Podolski is a famous bearer.
Nicknames: Luke, Luky, Luksha, Lukes.
Also used on boys in Slovenia.
Lukas Haaz, an actor now widely known as "The Patient" in My Chemical Romance's video for "Welcome to the Black Parade." I love this name.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Lukas here:
Extremely popular in Germany.
Lukas Moodysson is a Swedish film writer and director.
In Sweden the biblical Luke is Lukas. (Just as Peter is Petrus etc).
The Astrid Lindgren character Emil had a horse named Lukas.
Also the Disney character Gladstone Gander (Donald Duck's cousin) is called Alexander Lukas.
Lukas is also the Swedish spelling. [noted -ed]

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