Luke is kinda similar to Lucian for some reason, I like it, and it's nice.
I like this name, but it makes me think of that stupid movie Star Wars and Star Wars is TRASH.
Luc- “luc”- Latin root word meaning “light”. In the famous cathedral “La Sagrada Familia”, by architect Gaudi, the apostles are represented in Latin. Matthew (Matteus), Mark (Marc), Luke (Luc), and John (Jon). An alternate meaning “from the place of Light.”
Luke is the best most strong name.
I love the name ❤️ .
All Lukes are strong and handsome.
I love people named Luke
They are so smart and handsome and strong and sexy.
This name is traaaaaaaaaaaaash.
Luke Atmey, a character in the Ace Attorney series who speaks in alliteration.
I have always liked the name Luke because I think it sounds handsome. I know a little boy with this name. However, I don't think it's timeless. The other variant (Lucas, Lukas, Luca, and Luka) are as great as this one. If I name my future son Lucas or Lukas, I would use this as a nickname.
Too short and too plain.
Luke is one of my favorite names, I absolutely love it. I love the meaning (“light”) and its biblical association. Also, I think it would suit any age beautifully, which is sometimes hard to find in a name.
Overall, I think the name Luke is gorgeous.
I dislike the name Luke. In this essay I will be dissecting why. To begin, the L. This disgusts me. I vomit and dedicate immediately upon hearing this vowel. Next, the u. 0/10 vowel. Looks like the bowl which I store my vomit in after hearing the L. Literally just a worse o, with less surface area and a flatter sounding vowel sound. One of if not my least favorite name. The C immediately gives me a migraine. I must remember to take painkillers to numb the horrible sensation of this godforsaken name. What just god would allow such a horrendous combination of noise. By the letter k I am hallucinating out of stress, and by e I am struggling not to end my own worthless existence and succumb to the nothingness of death, simply so that I need not hear these putrid sounds through my ears. By the end of the name I am sitting in my own feces and vomit, clutching my head in raw agony unknown of many men throughout the eras. One of these days it will be my last. I only hope that I may go in peace, but alas I know too much to fall gently into the void.
I like it, though generally I prefer Luca or Luka.
Not bad. It's better than Lucas, at least.
My son is named Lucas, called Luke frequently. It's a great name! Classic and has never been a source of derision from classmates. We debated on both versions, but ultimately went with Luke as a nickname because it didn't pair well with his middle name unless his first name is Lucas (and his middle name is for my husband's grandfather, so we didn't want to change it). He's a teenager now and it's a name that was great as a child and has grown with him to impending adulthood.
Luke Dunphy from Modern Family.
I hate this and all its variants.
My name is Luke and my name is nice and simple and easy to spell.
Inoffensive and classic.
Luke Smallbone is a singer in the band FOR KING & COUNTRY.
Not as good as Lucas but still not bad.
Lucas is much better.
Luke is about my least favorite name. I don't like Luke, Lukas, or Lucas.
This name Luke has good connotations for me, because my brother is called Luke and I have met some nice people with this name.
Luke has a strong, masculine and timeless sound to it even though all the Luke's I know are in their late teens and early 20s. I Like how it is reliable and not too rare, but not too common, especially compared to its Gospel counterparts. This also seems more formal compared to Lucas which sounds a tad bit childish (even though I actually like Lucas).
Luke does indeed mean 'from Lucania', but Lucania then comes from the town of Lucca (name associated to town likely came before name associated to region), which comes from the Etruscan "luk" meaning 'marsh'. So Luke isn't about light, it's about a bog.
Luke is so much better than Luca/Luka or Lucas. I loved the character Luke Castellan in the Percy Jackson series.
Luke is the main character n the game Tales of the Abyss. His name is said to mean “light of the sacred flame” in Ancient Ispanian.
Luke Lerdwichagul, also known as Real Life SMG4 (or just SMG4) (born May 24, 1999), is an Asian-Australian Super Mario 64 machinimist and the founder of the SMG4 channel as a whole. He is represented in videos as SuperMarioGlitchy4, a blue-and-white color-swapped Mario and one of the main protagonists of the bloopers. He also provides the voice of Shroomy, and the founder of Glitch Productions. He is also Kevin Lerdwichagul's younger brother.
I am an EXTREMELY HOT specimen. All the women I know love people called Luke. Luke is not a stripper name. Did you know I have three (3) degrees? Jesus endorsed Luke. Just sayin'. My son's name is "Luke Jr." At home, we call him Lil Luke but my wife and I worry he might get influenced into wanting to become one of those rappers.
Fulfilling, so much stronger and better than Lucas/Lukas.
Luke Toki, on Australian Survivor. Personally, the best on the show. I used to know a Luke. And then I also knew a Lucas, and Luke and Lucas had the same last name. Luke is a great name. Don't you agree? Or do you not?
Luke was the name of the day on August 7, 2019.
Usage: English, Biblical, Popular CultureIn Popular Culture, it was the name of the hero Luke Skywalker from the 'Star Wars' movies, beginning in 1977.
I really like this name and if I have a son I will name him Luke.
Luke is literally the best name ever and I feel like it is a name that is smart, kind, and very very handsome!
Luke is the BEST name.
English, Biblical, Popular Culture.
Luke is the name of a character in the Brat web series "Dirt".
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Luke who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 302nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Luke is a good name, but I like Lucas more. I don't care about the Star Wars association.
Personally, I think the best reason to use this name would be due to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. See, I've been a longtime fan of the Expanded Universe, and I've always admired and idolized the Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, so I kind of acquaint this name with the name Albus, as I find Albus Dumbledore equally as admirable as Luke Skywalker. Also, I've heard this name also means "light," and I like that sound.
My sweet boyfriend's name.. I used to hate it but I love it now. Sounds very gentle and nice.
Luke Duke is a character on the television series "The Duke's of Hazzard" (1979-1985) played by Tom Wopat. With cousin Bo Duke played by John Schneider they were known as Bo and Luke Duke.
My name is ALEXIS LUKE. I like it.
Luke Wilson is totally majestic and nobody can beat him in any way, shape, or form.
Some have stated that Luke is derived from "leukos" the Greek word for light. The Greek word for light is "phos" from where we get words like photography. The name Luke is derived from the word "light" but it's from the Latin word Lux (nominative). Names such as Lucius, Lucas, Lucca and Lucia derive from "Lucis" the genitive form of the Latin word for light.
My friend's name! It's fairly common, but I think of a good looking guy when I think of this name.
Pretty good name.
I don't know why, but this seems like more of a nickname to me, even though that's not the case. Don't care for it.
I used to not really like this name, due to it being extremely boring, but have grown a bit more fond of it after reading Margaret Peterson Haddix's "Shadow Children" novels, as Luke was the main character of that series. Still, despite this new positive association, I find it to be a dull name.
Leonardo DiCaprio played Luke Brower in Growing Pains. It was one of his first roles. I've been fond of this name ever since.
Luke Smith (played by Tommy Knight) is a main character and the adopted son of Sarah Jane Smith in the Doctor Who spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Luke is my absolute favorite boy name! I never realized how nice a name it was until I recently re-watched the Star Wars movies in preparation for the new one (no, I don't JUST like it because of Luke Skywalker, but that's not a bad association!). If I have a son, this will definitely be his name.
If I were my parents I would've gave myself Lucas, Luca, Luka or Lukas not Luke! But maybe to other people it's a great name. Reasons I don't like it- it reminds me of Mucus, Puke and the scientific word for white blood cells and also the usage of it in Star Wars!
What about Luke Castellan in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series?
Luke sounds too plain too me.
The meaning of the name Luke historically always was 'Light'. This meaning is shown in the footnotes of some Bibles and also interpreted in almost all Baby Name books that were published pre internet, (as well as some more recent ones). It derives from the Greek 'Leukos' meaning 'Light'. It's only since the rise of the internet that the term 'Man from Luciana' has come to fruition, but with very little evidence behind it. Sometimes internet information isn't always precise and yet, often becomes the standard 'truth'. It may be true that it could mean 'man from Luciana', but there's no evidence that it originally meant this and not many old texts claiming that.
Never liked this name too much before, till the gorgeous Welsh actor LUKE EVANS came along! The Hobbit, Dracula Untold...
The gospel of Luke was not written by the 'Luke' that accompanied Paul. Nothing is known about the Luke that wrote it but it was certainly not that Luke. Please correct! [noted -ed]
This is the name of a character in the original Star Wars trilogy. Luke Skywalker is the son of Anakin Skywalker (later Darth Vader) and Senator Padme Amidala.
Luke Castellan, a.k. a Kronos, from the Percy Jackson books. Is represented by Jake Able in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief movie. For those who think "man from Lucania" is a boring meaning for a nice name:Lucania was named after the tribe who lived in that region of ancient Italy, the Lucani. Their tribal name is thought to either mean "wolf" (their totem animal) or "sacred wood".So Luke means "man from the place of wolves" or "man from the sacred wood".Quite interesting really, and even slightly Twilight!
Character from Cbbcs World's end.
Love this name.
A fictional bearer of this name is Luke fon Fabre, the main protagonist of the video game 'Tales of the Abyss'.
The origin of the name could also be Latin and mean "luminous" or "light".
Love it because it's strong and Biblical. Never a problem with bullying in school -- nobody ever bullies a Luke! Works great with any surname of more than one syllable.
I love the name because Luke Bryan is my favorite singer and he is so handsome- the name reminds me of a handsome man!
There is a soap opera character named Luke Spencer from General Hospital.
It's a simple short name but there's just something catchy and sexy about it... when I hear the name, I expect a hot, gentle, sophisticated young man.
Luke is a name from Telltales The walking dead. I think this name is great for his personality and I love it.
Luke Hemmings, lead vocalist of Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer. (♥ω♥*)
Luke Wadsworth, a gymnast who took part in the Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games. :)
There is a character called Luke, who appears in The Iron King novel written by Julie Kagawa.
I don't really like this name. To me it sounds very similar to Puke or Mucus or Leukocyte (White blood Cells)... some kind of bodily secretion. Not attractive sounding.
I LOVE this name! It is such a strong, timeless and handsome name in my opinion. I think of a sweet good-looking guy when I hear it.
This is my very favorite man's name. I've known a couple people named Lucas who use Luke as a nickname, which is nice too, but I much prefer Luke as a given name. No good nicknames for it, but it doesn't need any!
I like this as a nickname for Lucas, even though for some reason Luke has always been more popular as a given name than Lucas... I like the sound of it, it's just really hard to imagine an older man named Luke!
Luke = Luc (french) = Lucy = Lucie = Lucas and it all comes form LATIN Lux, meaning "light". I'm obviously repeating other comments, but I'm kinda annoyed to see the "wolf" meaning get so much press when it's clearly not valid.
Luke Triton is the young sidekick of Professor Hershel Layton and one of the main characters in the Professor Layton video game series for the Nintendo DS.
In the Percy Jackson series, Luke is the son of Hermes.
In the US one of the most famous soap opera characters of all time is Luke Spencer, from General Hospital - especially for anyone who watched TV/didn't live under a rock in the 80's.
Luke Schenn (born November 2, 1989) is a Canadian professional hockey defenceman for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL).
I have the strangest obsession with this name.
Luke Castellan, a.k.a Kronos, from the Percy Jackson books. Is represented by Jake Able in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief movie (2009).
Luke/Lukas is one of my favorite boys name ever. It can so easily fit a little boy, a businessman, and a male model.
"Luke, I am you're father." That's all I think of when I hear this.
The name is almost certainly related to the Greek word for light or fair and would have referred to a person with light hair and a pale complexion. It is definitely related to the word 'leukemia' which means white blood.
For those who think "man from Lucania" is a boring meaning for a nice name:Lucania was named after the tribe who lived in that region of ancient Italy, the Lucani. Their tribal name is thought to either mean "wolf" (their totem animal) or "sacred wood".So Luke means "man from the place of wolves" or "man from the sacred wood".Quite interesting really, and even slightly Twilight!
For those who mentioned that Lucania derives from the word for "wood"; in many Slavic languages "lug" (long "u" as in Luke) means "forest/grove". And "wolf" in Slavic it's "volk", thus it could be a dropped "v".
According to Hitchcock's dictionary of Bible names, Luke means Luminous.In Greek, Luke looks like this:
λουκαςThe Hebrew word for Luminous is as follows
Luke Bryan is a country singer. :)
I really like the name because it's short and sweet and it is kind of romantic too.
My favorite name! So handsome.
This name is very handsome and masculine.
Taylor Caldwell's book Dear and Glorious Physician is about the life of Luke, the writer of Luke & Acts in the Bible. It's an excellent book which I highly recommend.
Singer Joey Kelly and Tanja Niethen have a son Luke Christopher Kelly, born on 29th June 2000 in Krefeld, Germany.
Personally, when I think of this, I picture the dog Luke from Neopets. Not to be rude. I prefer Lucas!
This name is very beautiful, s'all I can really say, lol. Doesn't have a very interesting meaning though, sadly.
I quite like this name. I have a new cousin with this as his middle name, and his first name is Dominic. I'm not sure they really go together, but separatly they're fine. I noticed someone said it was common in England, that's where my extended family lives (including my cousin).
My younger brother is called Luke, and I plan to name a son, if I have one, after him. I like the name on its own merit, besides: it's simple, not too common and has a nice sound to it. ^^
The biblical Luke was a physician and comrad of Jesus. Luke was well-educated, well-traveled, and a skilled writer. He wrote the books of Luke and Acts in the New Testament of the Bible.
Although somewhat popular in the USA today, the name Luke is much more common in England.
A famous bearer is Luke Benward, who starred in How to Eat Fried Worms and Because of Winn-Dixie.
Sorry to say this, but the name Luke reminds me of leukaemia.
I think Luke is a very sweet but strong name.
I believe the origin of Luke is the Celtic god Lugh, or Irish Loeg, Latin Lugus and is perhaps related to the Norse Loki. The church has occulted this origin because the gospel writer could not of course bear the name of a pagan god.
Luke is the English translation for Luca. Luca derives from "lux" which means "light" in Latin.Luca (and Luke) means "light", having the same root as Lucy, Lucius. In fact, in the ancient times, Luca was the name given to babies born at dawn, since dawn is the first light (lux) of the day.Your version about the name's meaning is a commonplace explanation. To say that Luke derives from Lucania is the easiest way to go and it led many people to the same interpreting mistake.To make you understand, those who says that Luke and Luca derive from Lucania, make the same kind of mistake of those who say that Glen derives from "glenoidal", or even that Amerigo derives from America.
Lucy is a Latin-origin name and Luke is Greek-origin, so they in fact derive from different sources. One only needs to look at the Greek New Testament to confirm this.
This is my cousin's name. It's okay. It's not my favorite name, but I don't hate it either. However, it is starting to get very common these days.
Luke Fon Fabre is the main character from Tales of the Abyss. ^^
Lately I've just been really into this name. I think it's adorable for a little boy.
In the Shona language, the name Luke is written "Ruka", hence many of my friends call me that as a nickname.
Luke is probably the best character the television show Gilmore Girls, and definitely the best match for Lorelai. He owns a diner (appropriately named "Luke's") and wears a backwards baseball cap. Did I mention that he and Lorelai make a wonderful couple? Because they really, really do.
I think this is a very gentle kind of name to give to a boy, I used to know a boy named Luke he was a really nice boy.
Luke is a great name for a boy. I picture a rugged, handsome, gentle and kind person.
The lead singer of the Kooks is called Luke Pritchard. :) (very cute as well)
This is the name of Offred's husband in Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale.
I find my name, Luke, to be a nice name. I believe that all of the meanings of the name have come out in me. As for the Luke Skywalker thing, it isn't as bad as many people think it is.
Great name. I like the fact you cannot shorten it.
A famous bearer is the Belgian cartoon cowboy Lucky Luke set in the American Old West, he shoots faster than his shadow.
The actor Luke Perry (Dylan on Beverly Hills 90210) is a famous bearer of this name.
Luke's a very weird name.
Luke also has the meaning of light or the bringer of light and knowledge.
The names with the same meaning as Luke include Lucy, Lucia, Lucile, Lucille, Lucetta, Leia and Lucas.
Dotty: Where do you get the idea that the name Leia is related to the name Luke? Leia is a variation of Leah, which does not mean 'light' or anything of the sort. The fact that Luke and Leia are twins in Star Wars does not meant that their names are related!
This is the name of a character in the original Star Wars trilogy. Luke Skywalker is the son of Anakin Skywalker (later Darth Vader) and Senator Padme Amidala.
Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy also had an evil clone in a Star Wars book series named Luuke. I'd like to see people use that spelling!

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