Pronounced [LOO-ken]. [noted -ed]
This is the name of my son and everyone just loves it. It suits his personality wonderfully. He's caring, sensitive but yet very loyal and strong. I'm happy it's not more popular but also sad because people are missing out on a fantastic name!
Such a cool name, but it's too bad it sounds made-up to me. :/
Wow, what a spectacular name! I'd never really heard of it until I came across it on this website. I've always been a fan of "Luke" but I think it's far too popular right now. This name gives the same charm as Luke, but with an awesome little twist! Who knew that the one little letter would make this name so great?
This was the name of the little boy in the movie King Arthur. Arthur and his men saved him from those psychotic Romans. He was locked up in that stone torture chamber along with Guinevere [Keira Knightly]. I like this name & it's not common at all as far as I know. I've never met a Luken before.
Wow, what a name! I read it and instantly fell in love with it. Luken and Iker are my favorite Basque names, and definitely in my top four.
This is such a WONDERFUL name. It has been a while since I saw a name that made me think 'wow! I have GOT to remember that' It is so strong and handsome! :0)
This name is so interesting and captivating. I love how it is so uncommon right now and how lovely it still sounds even though it is not well known. This name is definitely in my top 10. Also the difference between Luken and Lucas is your son can actually spell Luke and it is a part of his name. Really I think this is a wonderful name. Luken seems like a quiet and solem type of guy that has a side of fun and kindness that is shown like a glowing light in the dark. Maybe a bit of an overkill, but it's how I feel! XP
This name seems so chic to me. I just love it! I've never met a Luken (though a few Lukes) and it's such a cute name. It looks great in writing or type. I can't believe this isn't more popular! I would definitely use this name someday.

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