Kinda sounds like "Luck". I really like it :)
This is my sister's name! My name is Vivian and everyone calls me Viv. Viv and Lux go well together! My mom loved the name and the meaning.
Lux from The Virgin Suicides, a book I read and a movie I've been wanting to watch. The character has low self-esteem. I'm kinda neutral on the name itself.
Wow, this comment section is so toxic. Why is every single positive comment downvoted? Who hurt the people who get so angry over a name? Like, really. Grow up, guys. Also, I find this name incredibly charming as a middle name. Not sure about it as a first name, but I'm sure it would fit someone well.
Named my daughter Luxanna. It means pure light. First heard the name on League of Legends.
I fell in love with the name Lux when I was a teenager, after watching The Virgin Suicides. I decided that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Lux. Fortunately my husband was cool with it and now we have our daughter Lux Jordana. I will admit that while I was pregnant, people passionately voiced their dislike of the name. When we introduce Lux (who is 6 now), people *rudely* repeat it back.. LUKES? Me: No, L uh x. Then they pause, and say "oh, I like that". However, on occasion, we meet people who genuinely love her name. Things to consider before naming your daughter Lux: rhymes with a lot bad words, school friend's parents will often think their child is mispronouncing Lexi and people will have opinions on it. Oh, and gamers will think you named her after a video game character. That happens quite a bit actually. Regardless, I love the name Lux and it suits our Lux perfectly.
Sounds strange and a bit pretentious. It doesn't even sound like an actual name.
Why so much hate on this name just because it's from this generation? Every generation has their names, what's wrong if our generation comes up with new refreshing names that have nice meaning? Nothing wrong with young parents either, as long as they're raising their children with love and care and have a strong marriage. So much judgement for no reason. Babies should have unique names, call it pretentious, but that sounds like jealousy. If you love your child, you'll give her the best, strongest, meaningful name you can think of. That sounds like love to me!
Lux is also the name of a famouse LOL Character (League Of Legends) (her full name is Luxannna).
Popular in the mid 1900s, it’s gone out of style now since it’s just a name that gets old.
This name is totally feminine to me because of the gender in Latin, an extremely gendered language, despite Spanish girl names like Sol and Pilar being El Sol and El Pilar. Luz is a Marian title, and therefore feminine, so I see Lux as feminine being related.

Lux in Romance languages:
Lumière - French, feminine as a noun
Luce- Italian, feminine as a noun, and name
Luz- Portuguese, feminine
Llum - Catalan, feminine
Lumina- Romanian, feminine.
I like it on Lux Lisbon, but I've never met anyone with this name. I guess I need more examples to know what I truly think of it. Is it classy or trashy?
I thought this name might be useful as a nice diminutive of similar names (Lucius, Lucian, Lucianus, Lucio, etc.)
I chose it as my son's middle name for 2 reasons- my husband's name is Luke, which also means light, but also my husband's grandpa was Dutch so it was a nod to his heritage as well.
Lux Bonteri was a protagonist in Star Wars: The Clone wars.
Lux Lisbon (f), main character in 'The Virgin Suicides'.
This name is in use in the Netherlands, where it is a unisex name. In 2014, there was a total of 28 male bearers (of all ages) and 62 female bearers (of all ages) in the entire country:

- (in Dutch)

One of those bearers is the son (born in November 2012) of the Dutch singer and actor Jim Bakkum (b. 1987) and his wife Bettina Holwerda (b. 1979), a Dutch musical actress and singer.

- (in English)
- (in Dutch; from the official Twitter account of Bakkum)
- (in Dutch; also from the official Twitter account of Bakkum)
- (in Dutch)
- (in Dutch)

Finally, in Dutch, the name Lux is pronounced as: LUYKS. In other words: it is the same as the pronunciation of the Dutch given name Luuk, except that it has an -s at the end [of the pronunciation].
I think this name sounds really pretty for a girl and it sounds way too girly to suit a boy! I love this name and I'm thinking of calling my daughter this but sometimes I think it sounds a bit too short and simple.
Pronounced "lucks".
I absolutely love the name Lux, I named my daughter Lux Addilynn.. She is absolutely amazing and so strong for all she has been through, she just turned one year old and has had a hard time so far and struggles everyday to stay alive and I didn't know it when I named her that her name would have so much meaning. She is a light in everyone she touches' lives.. and the light of my life. And I don't think I could have named her any better.. We call her Luxie :) And I don't know if anyone above mentioned it because I did not read all the comments but it is a name that was often used a long time ago. It means Light and was a name used for the Virgin Mary among the French. They say "Nuestra Senora De la Lux" (Our lady of the light).
Where on earth did you hear that? "Nuestra Senora de la Lux" was not a title used among the French for the Virgin Mary. First of all, that's Spanish, not French. Also, you're referring to Luz. Luz is the actual Spanish word for light, so the real Spanish title was Nuestra Señora de la LUZ. The name Luz has indeed been used for a long time, but I doubt Lux was.
I think Lux is a good name for a girl. That's my daughters name. I do not think it's "trashy".
There is an independent derivation of Lux as a masculine name being a shortened form of Lucas. I'll add this to the user submitted names.
Pretenious name if you ask me.
Sounds like a name that either belongs to a child whose parents are rather rather young- ignorant and highly inexperienced, filthy rich or celebrities.

I don't recommend 'Lux' to anyone. Kinda screams fictional and teen mom also.
I love the name Lux for a girl, I can't imagine it on a boy. I plan on using the name for my daughter, I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it's a cute and different name that will work at any age.
Personally, I think this is better as a middle name for a girl and better as a first name for a guy. Everyone has their own idea and preference on which gender to use a unisex name for, so each to their own I guess. For example, just like "Lux" the Arabic name "Nur" means 'light' and is unisex too. Both boys and girls can be called "Nur" depending on the individual's choice.
Lux is my maiden name. It became my nickname in college and although I'm married, people still refer to me as Lux. I am female but I have 2 older brothers who also were called Lux as a nickname. I like it as a first name for my third child. People that know me tend to think it isn't masculine but I'm sure my brother's friends would say the reverse.
Lux is my grandmother's name (b. 1912). She was named after her own grandmother, whose name was Luzanne but went by Lux for short.

It definitely sounds like a feminine name to me; over the years, I've met several girls called Lux (I shared a kindergarten class with 2 of them!), but I've never met a boy called Lux.

I've always liked this name, and if I ever have a daughter, I think I will use this as a middle name.
I was born Lux and I'm a girl. I was named after another woman. My grannies pronounced it luks but every one else pronounced it lucks like the soap. I believe the correct way is the latin.
Dutch singer and actor Jim Bakkum (b. 1987) and his wife Bettina Holwerda recently (in November 2012) became parents to son Lux. So that's yet another bearer of this name. ;)
One Direction's stylist's daughter's name is Lux.
Lux is the name of the main character in the CW's show Life UneXpected. The story is that the nurse named her Lux because of her blonde hair. I personally like this name for a girl but it could be a good boys name also.
I am strangely drawn by this name "Lux"... I am uncertain the reason, as my usual taste in titles far differs. Unfortunately, it is only suitable as a nickname (or conceivably, a middle name). Itself, it sounds unprofessional, immature, unintelligent, a bit pompous, pretentious, ornate, and perhaps childish. You must consider all variables-- including: "Will s/he be successful in the business world?" "Would the name pose to be a barrier, and possibly create wrongly denied opportunities?" "Would childhood mocking be evident?"
I, personally, am unsure if I would hire a heart surgeon by the name of "Lux Rockwell"... or a lawyer to fight and defend, named "Lux Lovegood."
Short, intriguing, and awesome meaning behind it! Like this name :)!
A famous bearer is Czech politician Josef Lux. He was born 1st February, 1956, Ústí nad Orlicí and he died 21th November, 1999, Seattle, Washington.
Sadly as a noun it has a connection with Facism, as it was part of a famous motto: "Dux mea Lux".
I still like the name though.
I, personally, cannot imagine a male Lux, but to each his own. I think of the Virgin Suicides, naturally, and I actually don't think of Kirsten Dunst (I've never seen the film)
However, in the book, Lux was lovely and the entire text was beautiful, I loved it AND the names of all the girls--Mary, Bonnie, Therese, Lux, and Cecilia, I believe--none more so than Lux.
I think LOOKS is a prettier pronunciation than LUKS, too.
I don't care for the sound of it, but it does remind me of Eric Whitacre's song "Lux Aurumque".
Lux sounds fun and young.
Lux Lisbon is one of the main characters in the novel The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (published in 1993). In the 1999 film based on the novel Lux was portrayed by Kirsten Dunst.
I like the sound of it, but it looks somewhat made-up.
I dislike the association this name has with a teen novel that romanticises suicide, however both the sound and look of Lux are too beautiful to dismiss. I adore Lux.
When I saw this name, the first thing I thought of was "luxe", and that makes this name come across as kind of trashy.
I take that back, I'm starting to like it. It's short, but not boring. (And I think it's more feminine than masculine.)
One famous bearer is Lux Lisbon, from Jeffrey Euginides' 'The Virgin Suicides'.
I'll name my daughter Lux! I think it's amazing name for a girl, first time I heard it was in the Virgin Suicides. Then I thought "What a pretty name and what a pretty Kirsten Dunst!" xoxo.
This name sounds ugly and too much like the word "luxury".
Lux Interior was the legendary frontman of punkband The Cramps. Yesterday he died of a heart condition. He was a genius but probably one of the weirdest guys I ever heard of!
That's probably why the thought of cute little newborn named Lux is a little weird to me. ;-)
It's the second name of our son, and I love it. We really wanted to give him this name because we liked the strong sound and the meaning so much, but at last we found it to be a bit too strange for us and that we wanted him to have a more common name for every day use. Still liked it however, so Lux became his second name. :)
The Latin pronunciation is LOOX. It sounds much better than the hideous English pronunciation.
I forgot about the character in the Virgin Suicides, but I still thought 'girls name' when I came across Lux on the site. To me it's too pretty to be masculine. I just added it to my list!
I love this name! It sounds very special and strong and joyful and creative to me. I really like the meaning (light) too. I definitely consider this a male name though!

Ten years ago I had a teacher in art school whose name was Lux. His parents were both musicians and he was named after some jazz legend from the forties, he told me. I think my teacher must be almost fifty years old now, and he believed he was the first in the UK to be named Lux. (It was definitely not a woman's name back then.)

I immediately fell in love with the name and if I'll ever have a son, I really would consider naming him Lux.

p.s. I agree on the post above about the Latin gender of the term, but that only concerns the gender of the Latin word itself. Sound and meaning are very strong, and therefore absolutely masculine to me. The exact same goes for the name Pax (the name of the second son of Brangelina): also a Latin word of female gender, but definitely a male sound.
Lux sounds like Deluxe. It sounds kind of cheap to me. Definitely sounds more male than female. Just doesn't sound or feel like a person's name.
I've always associated this name with Egyptian cats. But I still think it is unique, refreshing and mysterious.
I've only heard this name on the character in the Virgin Suicides, and it seems like a pretty strange name to me. It makes me think of electricity and electric product brands, and it's not a particularly pretty name. I thought the character in the Virgin Suicides could have had a much prettier name, but I suppose the Lux Eternae sort of religious idea would seem attractive to Catholics.
I have to disagree with the majority of posters saying this is a boys name. The Latin word 'Lux' is feminine, and that alone is enough to reassure me that it's a girls name. It's not just because of The Virgin Suicides that it's being used on girls. I think this name is really refreshing because it's one of the few names that were originally for girls that are now used on boys, as opposed to boy names being used on girls (Madison, Morgan, Ashley, etc.). I love it and plan on naming my first daughter this.
I like this name better for a boy than for a girl. I think it sounds wonderful, and that the meaning is lovely.
Surprisingly, I actually know a girl called Lux. This seems more like a cat's name though.
Reminds me of soap flakes.
Can be pronounced 'LOU-ks' or 'LUH-ks'.
To me, this is definitely a boy's name. My brother (who's now 22 years old) is named Lux and I believe he was originally named after a boy in a novel from the beginning of the 20th century. I know that there's also a jazz legend that was named Lux as well as several other male persons (my brother has done a little research on the name ;-). It was only recently, since the name Lux showed up on a female character in the virgin suicides that people came to consider it as a female name as well. But I still like it better on a boy, it has a very distinct masculine sound to it, I think.
Kirsten Dunst played a girl named Lux in the film The Virgin Suicides.
It says it's a feminine name, but here in France I know just one person bearing the name Lux and it is a boy! Lux sounds more like a boy's name to me anyhow, (despite the gender of the Latin word of origin).
One of the main characters from Jeffery Eugenides' novel The Virgin Suicides was named Lux.

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