Luz is also a Portuguese given name. Some evidence for this can be seen on the Popularity Chart for Luz for Portugal. And, Luz is used as a surname in both Spanish and Portuguese. So, I think that the "Usage" of this name should be updated to read, "Spanish, Portuguese".

Luz Rosauro Banzon Magsaysay (June 25, 1914 – August 17, 2004) was the wife of Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay and the seventh First Lady of the Philippines.
I once met a girl named Luz. I’ve always thought it was a strange name.
It sounds like “lose”, but it’s honestly not bad.
I LOVE this name! I want to name a future daughter this. I am Hispanic, and a fan of predominantly Hispanic girl names. (Genesis, Pilar, Luna, etc.) I love the meaning, and, of course, Luz from The Owl House. It was the whole reason I even began to like the name, because I associated it with her. My only problem is since it’s Spanish, people’ll mispronounce it. For example, my friend thought it was pronounced l-uh-zz. Oh, and just to be clear, I would pronounce it LOOS, not LOOTH.
It's very simple, but it's kinda pretty.
I love this name, as I do most names related to Lucy, even though Luz is really minimalistic and I usually tend not to like very short, mini names. There are some exceptions, though, and Luz just seems to be one of them. It is very warm and positive and I like the Christian and Marian connections it has. I am not a Spanish speaker and my idea of Spanish language is quite limited, but I know that Spaniards pronounce the z kinda like English th, and I like the way it sounds, but personally I tend to pronounce it as Luce more automatically, which I guess is the default pronunciation for English speakers. And I like this pronunciation too. The only problem with this name I have, although it is not big and doesn't make me dislike the name, is that Luz means something completely different in Polish which is my native language. It can mean something from relax/chill, to lack of inhibition, being lax/cool/calm/slack/lazy/laid back, no restrictions, that something is loose or baggy etc. You can also say quite slangily "Luz" to someone who is stressing very much, to tell them to stop worrying so much and be more calm and easy about things. Overall, this is not a bad meaning but it's kind of strange when you think about it more, especially given that Luz is a word name anyway. Maybe that's why I imagine a Luz to be a very calm and quite laid-back person. I will write a short characteristic in this comment the way I imagine a Luz, as I usually do, but keep in mind that I might be more subjective than usual this time, because of that language coincidence.
When I imagine a Luz, I see a woman in her late 20's, maybe 26-year-old. She has dark brown hair, olive green eyes, is a bit tanned and rather swarthy, has high cheek bones and is rather tall for a woman, as well as quite curvy, maybe a bit overweight or have a so called "cuddly" figure. She is a very positive, vibrant, energetic, dynamic and active person, full of beans and ideas, very bright, talkative, idealistic, maybe a bit naive, likes to be in charge and give others advice, but sometimes lacks tact and discretion so her advice may be unwanted or perceived as her trying to meddle in other people's lives in an intrusive way. If she has children of her own, she is very motherly, has a lot of maternal instinct and a strong intuition, she is a very caring and protective person, but not overprotective, she's quite a liberal and lax parent, but does have her rules that she is serious about and wants her children to obey them. She is a very good cook and likes good food, making food is like an art for her. She has a very creative side to her personality. She is very social and spontaneous, always lives just in here and now, is very optimistic and doesn't understand people who worry about the future or past or whose habit is to plan their lives more carefully. At the same time though, she is very practical, down to Earth and concrete. She likes to have fun, go to parties, dance etc. But she doesn't take her responsibilities lightly, if she assumes her responsibility for something or someone, she will take it seriously. She is very mentally strong and resilient, to the point that people may find her a bit thick-skinned. She has very good self-esteem and doesn't tend to care about what other people think of her, usually either takes all constructive criticism very well and as an opportunity to improve, or completely ignores it. She likes to receive compliments and positive feedback though, and is not restrained from giving it to others when she feels the need. She is also not inhibited from expressing her negative opinions, and is always very honest, not always realising that some people may be more sensitive to criticism or generally more emotional and less self-confident than herself. So she can often hurt people deeply without even realising it. She is perceived as a very attractive woman by many, and thinks so about herself, she likes the way she looks but doesn't focus overly on her appearance and is not interested in fashion trends and all that, she thinks that since she is a pretty and attractive woman as she is, she will look great in just about anything as long as she feels great in it and likes it. Despite she likes to indulge in overeating and enjoying all the innocent pleasures that life has to offer, she is quite a minimalist and likes to have a simple, modest life, and doesn't like exaggeration or too much luxury. She perceives herself as very feminine and is proud of her femininity, but for many people, her character may feel more on the masculine side. She doesn't like unclear situations, people who are incommunicative, secretive, overly reserved, because she is a very communicative person and tends to think that if someone struggles with it, perhaps they are not honest or have something to hide, or have bad intentions. She has a phlegmatic side to her personality. Is hardly ever very stressed or anxious, and if she is, it usually takes a form of irritability or hyperactivity. She isn't a good listener, but always loves to help people anyway. Sometimes she may be a bit too intrusive with her help, or assume that one way of doing things will be good for everyone, and is a bit egocentric, but her intentions are good and she is always willing to learn and rather open-minded by nature, even if she may appear shallow and stubborn at a first glance. She isn't inclined to much overthinking but she does have a mind built for analysis and drawing wise conclusions, and is very loving, warm and wants all the people in the world to be happy. Her optimism and faith in humanity is incredibly infectious. She makes for a good leader and will also do a great job in professions which require a lot of contact with people and have something to do with psychology or sociology, teaching, caring for or supporting others, she is also great with children and a very brave and strong, courageous, independent woman who is never afraid to say whatever it is she thinks about something. She is quite a hedonist and Epicurean, and takes life as an opportunity to have a lot of fun and pleasure out of it, as much as possible. But, as I've already said, it doesn't mean she doesn't take her duties seriously. She has a lot of distance to herself and a sense of humour. She likes to take the initiative, both at work, when having funn with friends, or at home. She likes to laugh and make others laugh. Despite her rather egocentric view on the world and other people, she is a very altruistic person. She likes to travel, do all sorts of crazy things, challenge herself to do something that may seem impossible for everyone else. She isn't a perfectionist though and if something goes wrong, she gets over it quickly, with a wide smile on her face, and tells everyone around how funny it actually was. She would make a great mother for a big family, and may be a very religious person. She is a very authoritative person with a strong character and that's why some people may find her intimidating or exhausting to deal with, She likes to dominate her surroundings and sometimes, despite her loving and caring nature, may have little understanding in herself for other people's weaknesses, fears or lack of ambitions. She usually is interested in a lot of things at once and very passionate about them all. Although she is not a perfectionist when doing things on her own, as part of a team she loves rivalisation, is very competitive and really hates to lose. She is a very straight-forward personn and never pretends someone she is not.
I don't know anyone with the name Luz, this is just the way I imagine a Luz, and not how I think all Luzes are or should be like.
Luz Corrigan, better known mononymously as Luz, is an Irish singer.
Luz Noceda, the adventurous yet sweet Latina girl from new cartoon "Owl House", although at first I thought it was short for "Louise."
I personally pronounce Luz as LOOTH (Spanish).

I like this name. It is simple, it doesn't need any nickname plus it is a Marian name without being as heavy as Concepción or Dolores.
The name Luz was given to 263 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Luz are female.
In South America it is pronounced Loos. (South American Spanish speakers pronounce z and s in the same way)
I hear it mainly used as a middle name. Maria Luz is one of the most popular combinations for this name. I think Luz was more popular in the 80s and 90s, but it is a classic name and it's still used, although it is not one of the most popular names..
"Luz" is not only of Spanish origin but also of Portuguese. The meaning however is the same: "Light". The pronunciation is slightly different though: "Loush". Family names can be found as: "da Luz", meaning: "from the Light".
This is just bland, and it's unfortunately the last name of Madonna's boyfriend, whom I find irritating.
It's also used in Portugal usually as Maria da Luz.
Costa De La Luz, meaning coast of light, is a famous place with this name.
My name is Luz, it is easy to remember, basically nice, and not so common in Spain like other names, but I had a hard time with it for two reasons:
After all is the name of an every day thing, and kids made jokes of the like: "You look a little switched off", (when sick), and silly thinks like that. You develop a personality to get over all this nonsense.
And it is hard to pronounce in English, (I lived 1 year in Ireland), They said Lus and that reminded me of the verb to lose, not very positive.
I ended up re-calling myself as "Lucy".

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