Lydia   (f)   ?-0xx  
Biblical Characters   Acts 16:14
Saints (Lydia of Thyatira)
Lydia   (f)   ?-121  
Lydia Languish   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals   1775   The Rivals
Lydia Bennet   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1813   Pride and Prejudice
Lydia Smallbury   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1847   Far From the Madding Crowd
Lydia Chukovskaya   (f)   1907-1996  
Notable Writers
Lydia Millet   (f)   1968-  
Pulitzer Award Winners   2010   Love in Infant Monkeys
Lydia   (f)  
Title Characters   1978   Lydia   (song)
Lydia Lassila   (f)   1982-  
Olympic Medalists   2010; 2014   freestyle skiing   (gold/bronze)
Christina Desiderio   (a.k.a. Lydia)   (f)   2000-  
Notable Athletes   (gymnastics)