Biblical Characters: 1 character
Lydia   (f)   Acts 16:14  
Fictional Characters from Books: 2 characters
Lydia Bennet   1813   Pride and Prejudice  
Lydia Smallbury   1847   Far From the Madding Crowd  
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals: 1 character
Lydia Languish   1775   The Rivals  
Fictional Characters from Television: 3 characters
Lydia Markham   1986   Perfect Strangers  
Lydia Wright   1994   ER  
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle   2008   Breaking Bad  
Notable Athletes: 1 gymnastics
(gymnastics) Christina Desiderio (a.k.a. Lydia)   2000-  
Notable Writers: 1 poet/author
Lydia Chukovskaya   1907-1996  
Olympic Medalists: 1 gold/bronze
(gold/bronze) Lydia Lassila   2010; 2014   freestyle skiing  
Pulitzer Award Winners: 1 winner
Lydia Millet   2010   Love in Infant Monkeys  
Saints: 2 saints
Saint Lydia of Thyatira   ?-0xx  
Saint Lydia   ?-121  
Title Characters: 1 song
(song) Lydia   1978   Lydia