This is super cute.
Love this name, but it’s just too associated with Macy’s. But Macy’s is where you go when you’re on a shopping spree with your mom. Macy is an actual name (and a pretty one too at that). There’s a difference!
I was named “Macy” and I personally prefer the spelling “Maisie”, just looks prettier!
The first appearance of Macy on the US name popularity statistics in 1990 can be attributed to Macy Alexander, who is one of the characters of the popular American soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" (which premiered in March 1987 and is still running today).Macy first appeared on the show in April 1989 as the only daughter of Sally Spectra, a businesswoman who owned and operated Spectra Fashions. Macy went on to become the love interest of the main character Thorne Forrester, and together they eventually became one of the show's power couples. They ultimately split and in 2003 Macy died, after which she (or her actress) has not been on the show in any capacity whatsoever.Sources: (in English) (in English)
Macy; mace.
Too millennial sounding. Maisie is much better.
My mom loves to go shopping at Macy's. In fact, an eighth of my shirts are from Macy's.
Very, very cutesy, sounds good on a teen, but not-so-good on an adult.
I think it's really cute, but very immature.
@Anders1234 I completely agree with you! It's so pretty but really immature and I can only see it on a teenage girl that can pull it off.
Reminds me of the Macy’s holiday parades in New York.
I like the name Macy as I feel it resembles someone strong and independent because Macy means weapon and the nickname, Mace, could be interpreted as mace spray or a mace as they are both weapons.
It's cute but it reminds me of the store.
If it helps those considering the name Macy... My daughter’s name is Macy and she loves it. She’s a teenager now and really likes the fact it’s unique and ownable. She also likes the short length. I chose the name because I read in a book it meant strength, with elements of creativity and intelligence. So, I figured we had a lot of bases covered with those three characteristics (haha!) Side note: To the people who called the name “gross”, “tacky” and “better suited for a dog”... I obviously disagree.
Are there any other guys named Macy out there, or am I the only one? I was named after my parents, by the way (1st syllable of each of their names).
I do not know other men with this name, but I chose this name for my daughter -in the interest of hopefully beginning a family tradition that wouldn't lock in a specific name- Because (like my first name) it was a traditionally male name that I thought would also be perfect for a girl. Unfortunately, both myself and my daughter had singers that became incredibly popular and famous choose to use our names as their stage names; ultimately making our once wonderfully unique names far more common than we would have liked.
Also a Victorian diminutive of Thomasine.
I dislike this name.
Better on a dog.
It's a pretty name!
I don't like this name. Stacy is way better.
Actually, I've changed my mind about the name Macy. I really love this name! It's super cute. :3 Plus it's unique.
Macy is ok, even though I don't really like modern names. But only Macy, any "creative" way of spelling it like Maci, Macie, or even Macee is incorrect and completely childish.
This name is cute! I've never actually met a Macy before. I can't choose the best way to spell it: Maci, Macey, Masey. I don't really like Macy because it's the name of a store (Although on the other hand, it would be easy to just say, 'It's Macy, like the store.') It reminds me of a birthday party for some reason..^.^
Macy Gray (born 1967 in Canton, Ohio) is a famous American singer.
Macy is a great name it can also be spelled Maci.
My name's Macy, and overall I haven't met another Macy with her name spelled the same. 'Macy' could also be derived from the French weapon 'mace', which I always thought was interesting. There's only two problems with the name: 1) No one knows how to spell it right or thinks I'm Lacy 2) I used to have a strong Southern accent so everyone thought my name was May-cee-ah.
I think that Macy is a very pretty name! I have never heard of it for a boy... it sounds so feminine and girly! I think that girl's names should sound girly, and boys names should sound tough (No matter the personality of the person! If a tomboy is named something really girly like Sophie, I think that makes things interesting!)
You hear this name a lot during the holidays. You can shop for clothes as Christmas gifts at the shopping store, and anyone who hasn't been born and raised under a rock knows about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I've never met anyone called Macy and I don't know of any famous Macy's. But "Macy Misa" is a fictional character on a Disney Channel TV show called Jonas L.A and she is played by Nicole Anderson.
I think Macy is a beautiful name. In fact I always wanted to be named Macy. But sadly I can't choose my name.
Macy is my cat's name. It's simple enough, yet has that spunk to it as well. It's a very cute name in my opinion. I also like the spelling Maisie.
After spending too many years watching the ghastly Bold and the Beautiful in the 90s, I can't imagine this name on males. I actually can't stand the name. It sounds tacky and girly; it just doesn't sound good on a grown-up.
This name is super cute, but it's better for a girl. A bit prissy though.
As a name, I think it sounds kinda sissy and it bugs me. I don't like saying it. Sounds gross. I don't mean to offend anyone by this name.
I like the name Macy for a girl better than a guy. It just sounds too girly on a guy.
I think Macy is a popular name. Two of my very close friends names are Maci with an I. I also know a lot of other Macy's that go to my school.
I wish more people would use this name on girls and leave the masculine name Mason to the boys. ;)
There is a store called Macy's, which sponsers the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade during November, held in New York.
In Sarah Dessen's novel 'The Truth About Forever', Macy is the main character.
Singer Macy Gray, popular in the '90s.
Macy sometimes means endurance.
Macy sounds very nice because it's so rare. Although I don't like the fact that nobody can seem to spell it right.
This name isn't rare at all! It's one of the most popular names in the US.
I don't know what the unknown user above was on, saying this is one of the most common names in the US. I have never met a Macy in my whole life, but I have met a Mason. It is a nice, unique name that makes me think of a kind but independent person.
Macy's department store was featured in the movie "Miracle on 34th Street." Dr. Macy is a character on the T.V. show "Crossing Jordan."
Macy Matlock, the former best friend of Claire McKenzie in the book 'What Happened to Lani Garver'. Macy was described as being very controlling but also overly protective of Claire; she doesn't like it when people insult others over things they can't control (ex: disabilities, having a disease) but thinks its alright when its over things they can (ex: being overweight, having greasy hair).

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