It looks misspelled. Megan is nice.
This would be MAY-gen, wouldn't it?

I pronounce Megan as MEG-en but I can't understand how Maegan would sound like MEG-en.
Weird spelling!
Looks weird. Definitely prefer Megan.
Maegan is a Welsh diminutive of the name Margret. It means Pearl.
It's NOT Meg-an. It's MAY-GAN!
Maegan in Greek means "pearl" and is also the way people say Megan in Greece.
I love this name! It's mine, so even if I didn't, I'm stuck with it. I love the spelling, though it can get kinda annoying after a while having to spell it out all the time. My friends still call me Meg even though it is spelled different. I once had a friend who liked to call me "Nuttmeg". Like off of Hercules. It was fine at first but then got really old.
I know a five-year-old, Maegan Emily, who was named after her grandmother, Meg (Margaret). Naturally, I get good vibes from this name. The Maegan I know is often called Mae as a nickname, which I think is sweet.
I think this name is unique! People don't know how to spell it. It's my name. A lot of people say it's pretty and if you think it's bad be that way, that's my name for life!
URGH ONE OF MY PET HATES! Stop trying to make a WELSH NICKNAME look Gaelic - because it is not and it is simply making a simple name Megan into something complicated. It is said how it spelt - but somehow people come up with these ridiculous spelling and pronunciations to be more "creative" and "unique". I'm sorry, it is not unique, nor is it creative, it is annoying and a disgrace to Megan the nickname of Margaret.
If I was going to chose a spelling for this name, I would either choose this one or Maeghan, because they LOOK more Gaelic.
I think it puts a beautiful twist on Megan. Like a Welsh princess picking flowers.

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