Short, sweet, and usable not only in its native land. It has more personality than delicate, Old Hollywood May/Mae, and feels much more modern than Mavis.
I like the name nicknamed May/Mae, or Eve.
It’s a pretty name but I really don’t like the meaning.
This is actually my favorite name, it’s so beautiful. Also I’m 100% sure this will reach the top 100 in a few years since this name is in the top 100 of every other English-Speaking country.
I thought it was nice at first but later realized that it looks much nicer than it sounds.There's a scene in the show "Derry Girls" (set in Northern Ireland in the 90s) in which the granddad has a love interest called Maeve. Over dinner the family has a heated discussion and the name Maeve falls many many times which leads the Ukrainian exchange student to ask "why do you keep making that noise?".I like that it has a long history but sound-wise I much prefer May.
My sister's name is Maeve, but she is thinking of changing the spelling to Méabh. Of course, the first spelling is easier to pronounce, but our family loves hard-to-spell names. Unfortunately, the name is gaining popularity, which means that my sister will not be the only Maeve in her classes anymore. In one of her camps, there were 3 Maeves, not counting her. That being said, I still really like the sound of the name Maeve, but due to its lack of syllables, it doesn't leave much room for nicknames. Our parents sometimes combine 'Maeve' with other words/names, such as Maevelyn (Maeve + middle name Emelyn) or Maevaroni (Maeve + macaroni). Those seem to be strictly parent nicknames, and I can imagine her hating it when her friends call her that. But not having nicknames isn't a bad thing, because there's really no way to shorten a one-syllable name. Maeve on its own does not sound like a nickname, and it definitely sounds unique, whether it is or is not. Also, an added bonus, Queen Méabh of Connaught was killed with a piece of cheese, and we think that's funny. :)
I love this name. A cute nickname can be Mae.
I like the meaning and the sound and the look. Plus the illustration in the name section is cool.
Dunno if it's just me, but this name seems to be gaining popularity, and I see it mentioned on baby name sites all the time. It's a decent name in itself, but I'm getting tired of seeing it.
I thought this was related to Maeva and was pronounced "ma-AYV". Well, it's really pretty.
This is the name of a main character in the popular Netflix dramady series Sex Education. Maeve Wiley, the main character is a feisty independent feminist and social outcast.
I like this name a lot, although I much prefer it when pronounced 'may-vee'.
It’s pretty, like a combo of the pretty names May and Eve.
Maeve sounds very unique!
My name is Maeve and I really like it but it gets annoying when people constantly mess it up.
My name is Maeve and I think it is hard when I meet new people because it takes forever for them to pronounce it.
Maeve is such a beautiful name, but perhaps the spelling Maeve seems more balanced.
Maeve is such a pretty name, but the meaning leaves a lot to be desired.
Love it and it sounds beautiful. I love Irish names because I have Irish in me.
A manx pronouciation is MEEV.
My name is Maeve. I think it is wonderful and it's hard with new people because they don't know how to pronounce it correctly.
I see lots of people saying Maeve is a raunchy name.
I disagree. I think it is quite a sexy name for women and a sweet one for children.
My middle name is Maeve, but it's shortened from Maevis (My Dad's mum who died from Cancer)
Fresh and unusual, but not for the non-flowery type.
Name of the Day for Oct 11, 2017. This is honestly one of my favorite names. Beautiful, elegant, and meaningful. It should be used more.
Maeve Millay is a character in Westworld who runs the brothel. When I look at the meaning and history behind this name, I am filled with admiration for the writers of the show since this is a clever name choice for a character involved in the business of prostitution!
Maeve is a character in The Young Elites by Marie Lu, she is a queen with power over death.
In Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas, Maeve is the evil Faerie queen... REALLY evil.
I once knew someone whose name was spelled Maev (no E at the end). I didn't really care for that spelling - like Anne and Maude, I think it needs an E at the end - but I always thought the sound was really cool.
I've heard this name has two meanings- intoxication and the bringer of great joy. I like the second meaning better. I love the name, but I want to name my baby a name that means joy and since two different meanings are given for this name. I'm not sure which is the right one. Anyone who understands Irish Gaelic could you tell me which is the right one?
I love the sound of this name. Maeve is a beautiful, amazing Irish name.
As you can see my name is Maeve and I have to say, I do like the name. I would not like to see America use the name Maeve more because I don't want it to turn to just another name. And trust me, I've seen enough of that done. Anywayyyy, I do like the Irish origins and am happy to be me, see y'all later.
Fictional namesake: Dr. Maeve Donovan, the most significant of Spencer Reid's love interests on the show Criminal Minds.
American actress Maeve Quinlan (born 1964 in Chicago, Illinois).
American child actress Maeve Power (born 1999 in Beverly, Massachusetts).
Supposedly this is the name of a Celtic Goddess of power, pleasure, and intoxication. Mead (honey wine).
I'm the opposite of many, I never really liked the sound of the name, it reminds of other unattractive sounding things like mauve and navel. But I love the meaning and history behind it. Also for people needing a one syllable middlename it's much more fresh than Anne or Rose, so I can see why someone else might like it.
I hate the sound of this name.
For those individuals who keep commenting on the negative aspect of the meaning of Maeve (intoxicating), and the namesakes' history; I want to add that Maeve also means "the cause of great joy". In addition, yes, she was a very powerful queen who did start one bloody battle, but had she been a man, none of the negative comments about her, or her name, would have been mentioned (i.e. Alexander the Great, he conquered many civilizations and I'm certain there was much bloodshed).
I must admit to having a great fondness for this name - it has connotations of sweetness and nubility, and seems very connected to the world of faerie.
It is said by historians by that Queen Mebh or Maeve was originally a goddess that a king would ritually marry as part of his inauguration (hence the number of husbands she has in legend).Her name meaning "she who intoxicates" is cognate with the English word mead, a fermented honey drink. It is therefore thought that the ritual marriage ceremony would have involved sharing a sweet alcoholic drink.Queen Mebh/Maeve has also appeared on the Irish pound note.
This name is cool. Unique spelling too.
I really like Maeve and appreciate its history and such. It does have a very nice, very "Irish" sound, if you will, and it's quite ethereal and really is fairy-like.It reminds me of Mab and Maude as well. I like the meaning of Maeve, too!
I adore this name. I pronounce it the traditional way, MAYV. And being one of the many people who aren't knowledgeable on Irish mythology, I don't connect to anything pagan, sinister, or negative in any way.It's a beautiful name, but in a simplistic way.
How would you spell it if you wanted to pronounce it May-vee? I initially thought that was the pronunciation. It sounded sweet.
Mayv might sound a bit harsh. And my surname begins with V so it would be a little bit of a clash.
I love this name. The interesting meaning and the pagan connotations are exactly what makes it so appealing - I wish there were more names without any Christian associations!
I'm normally not fond of Irish names, but I do find this name very beautiful. It has a nice ring to it.
The traditional Irish spelling of Maeve is Meadhbh. And it is pronounced the same way, MAYV.
Meav ni Mhaolchatha is a talented, beautiful, and incredibly gifted Irish singer. She is a part of the group Celtic Woman (not women, Woman). I highly recommend that if you have an interest in all names Irish, that you check out these amazingly talented women.
I love the name Maeve and don't think it's a pagan name at all. In fact, there was a girl in my church youth group with this name. Everyone, including people named Maeve, should be given the chance to make their own impression, despite whatever connotations others have about the name.Secondly, Maeve was just a character in Irish Mythology. The meaning isn't very great, but who cares? Besides, a name is simply what you call someone. Despite the meaning, I may very well use this name for my future daughter.
This is one of the few Irish names I actually like because the spelling isn't completely awful.
I strongly dislike this name. Naming your child Maeve is like child abuse. JK. But still.
It's a very pretty name. However, the meaning ruins it. Maeve might become the new Lillith or Jezebel.
I do like this name a lot, but the connotation is just too pagan.
I think this is a very beautiful name, I'm not sure if I would give this as a first name but as a middle name yes.
I like Maeve. It reminds me of May!
I have to admit, I would have pronounced it "My-eve" until I read the real pronunciation.
Shakespeare referred to Queen Maeve in A Midsummer Night's Dream, though he used the form "Mab."
There's an Irish singer named Méav, I've heard her here in my hometown, singing with the National Chamber Choir, from Ireland. They came to Brazil once, and I found Méav's voice just amazing!
Maeve is the Celtic Goddess of earth fertility.
A famous bearer is Maeve Quinlan, a beautiful actress born in Chicago, Illinois.
I like this name, especially pronounced MAY-ev. I know it's not "correct" but I like it, and to tell the truth I don't really care.
Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) has a daughter named Maeve. I love this name.
When I first saw this name I loved it, especially the meaning. But I thought it was pronounced May-ev, which I like better than Mayv, so now I don't like it as much.
This name features in the "Wicca" series of youth fiction books by Cate Tiernan. Maeve is the mother of a powerful witch, Morgan.
Yes, I've read the Wiccan series "Sweep". Maeve Riordan is the deceased mother of the main character Morgan Rowlands. Maeve was burned in a barn with the man whom loved her but she didn't love back. The murderer was her soulmate. Maeve Riordan was said to be a very powerful good witch with an affinity for fire, which her daughter inherited.
I don't understand the appeal of a name whose namesake organized the death of the hero Cuchulainn. Also, the "intoxicating" meaning puts me off because it seems somewhat raunchy.
One famous bearer of this name is Irish novelist Maeve Binchy.

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