Sounds so wicked I can't help but love it.
Delightfully wicked.
My grandmother's name was Mafalda Nicolina Mosca. We are from Brooklyn New York. Growing up everyone would call her “Mafalda”. It will always have a special meaning for me. She lived a long, beautiful life. She was born in 1921 and passed in 2017. We will always miss her.
In the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, there are two characters with the name Mafalda, one of which didn't end up being in the stories. The one that was in the stories was Mafalda Hopkirk, an assistant at the Ministry of Magic's Improper Use of Magic Office who issued warnings to those who used magic in front of non-magical people. The absent character was Mafalda Weasley, a cousin to Ron Weasley who would have been in Slytherin and been a Death Eater informant for the main trio, who eventually fell out of the story.
I know a woman named Mafalda in New Brunswick, Canada. She is 96 years old and told me her father chose the name because he had heard it and liked it. She said it was Italian but there were no Italian connections in her family.
A little more about Mafalda, the comic strip character that was mentioned a few times already. She was created by Joaquin Salvador Lavado (aka Quino) a popular Argentinian illustrator. The strips were published from 1964 to 1973, but they have never lost either popularity or social relevance. Mafalda and the rest of the characters are Argentinian icons known and loved throughout the Spanish speaking world in particular, but they are also popular in other regions such as Italy and France. The strips center on Mafalda and her family and friends, touching on diverse themes such as family life, interpersonal relationships, politics, power, war, peace, human rights, social divisions and self-awareness. Mostly shown from the perspective of the sharp, incisive, funny, young protagonist and her friends, the short comedic stories are a reflection of Argentinian idiosyncrasies, customs, and history, but the themes are universal enough to make the characters appealing to a wide range of people and cultures.
It is a great association, in my opinion.
A great name for a clumsy person. Ha :P.
In Italy has published a comic strip whose protagonist is called Mafalda, she is a very smart child who cares about the wars & famine that waste the world and so on. Mafalda questions the adults about this trouble in a manner so directly and sinless that puts them in serious trouble!
Mafalda (1148-1160) was the oldest daughter of King Afonso I of Portugal and his wife Mafalda of Savoy.
This name makes me think of a potion brewing wicked witch from southern Italy...
Cute and quirky, but I prefer Matilda (mostly because of the nickname "Tilly.")
Mafalda is a name of Portuguese origin thought to have derived from the ancient French Mahaut, meaning "Strong In Combat."
The Italian form of Latin Mathilda, also meaning "Mighty In Battle".
August 7th is the nameday and in memory of the Blessed Mafalda, queen of Portugal (died 1256).
Mafalda, an historical Portuguese name (that of our first Queen), was revived in Portugal in the 60's and 70's largely due to the popularity of the Argentinian comic strip 'Mafalda', by Quino. Nowadays it's rather common among the younger generations.
I think this is an unusual and intriguing version of Matilda, and also sounds better. It's sad this name isn't used more often. Also, I think there's a minor character in Harry Potter called Mafalda Hopkirk. I think she might work for the Ministry of Magic or something, but still, lovely name. :)
Mafalda was a character written out of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling. She was an extremely nosy Slytherin but a distant cousin of the Weasley's who attends the Quidditch World Cup with them. (The daughter of that "second cousin who's a stockbroker") She was later replaced by the character Rita Skeeter who Rowling believed could do the nosy job better.
Mafalda of Savoy, an Italian princess, was the wife of the first King of Portugal, Afonso I. Her granddaughter, Infanta Mafalda of Portugal, married briefly Henry I of Castille - she later became a nun and was beatified.
Princess Mafalda Maria Elisabetta Anna Romana of Savoy (November 2, 1902, Rome – August 27, 1944, Buchenwald) was the second child of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and of his wife Princess Elena Petrovich of Montenegro.

On September 23, 1925, at Racconigi Castle in Piedmont, near Turin, she married Philip of Hesse, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel (1896-1980). They had the following children:

Moritz (born 1926)
Heinrich (1927-1999)
Otto (1937-1998)
Elizabeth (born 1940); married Count Friedrich Carl von Oppersdorff
Mafalda's husband was a Nazi party loyalist. His brother Christoph was part of the Nazi hierarchy and who was married to Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark, sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Princess Mafalda 's marriage resulted in her husband being in a position to act as intermediary between the Nazis in Germany and the Fascist regime in Italy. However, during World War II Hitler believed Princess Mafalda was working against the Nazis, referring to her as the "blackest carrion in the Italian royal house."
Malfada Hopkirk is the name of the Head of the Improper Use of Magic department in the Harry Potter books. I think this name is really pretty and unique.
A famous bearer would be the Argentinian comic Book, Mafalda.

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