Mai is also used as a masculine name in both Vietnamese and Chinese, making Mai a unisex name. However, it's more common for females. And, Mai is also a Chinese name, used alongside Mei in China, for both genders. So, I think that the "Usage" of this name should be changed from "Vietnamese" to "Vietnamese, Chinese"; and the "Gender" of this name should be changed from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine". Some evidence for this is that Mai is also used as a name element in unisex and masculine Vietnamese and Chinese names such as Maitu, Maivân, and Maili.

Mai Waifu is a character in Yandere Simulator.
This is my best friend's name, and she's hmong. I like it; it's simple and pretty. People always pronounce it wrong though, like "May" or "Maia".
Mai also means "May" in German.
Mai Hồng Ngọc, better known by her stage name Đông Nhi is a Vietnamese singer.
It's good as first name... it's my first name and I'm Caucasia.
Mai Nguyen was a main character in Holly Goldberg Sloan's novel "Counting by Sevens".
In Vietnamese, the name "Mai" is pronounced exactly like "my" for in Vietnamese -ai creates an "I" sound. Mai represents two types of flowers that Vietnamese people use for New Year, Prunus Mume and Ochna Integerrima. Prunus Mume are Chinese plum, Japanese apricot, or plum blossom. Ochna integerrima are Vietnamese Mickey mouse plant. Since both of these are Vietnamese Lunar New Year's flowers, the name begins the meaning of "rebirth". Mai is my last name.
I never really liked this name, especially not how this girl in my class named Mai pronounces it. MY - exactly the same as the word 'my'. If you must use it, pronounce it MAY, like the month.
Mai also means May.
I actually find this name quite charming; it's simple but sweet.
"Mai" is also the month of "May" translated into Welsh. It is used as a first name, but also a very popular middle name.
I think this is a very pretty name, but a bit too common since there are tons of girls named Mai at my school.
Cool name. Also means "May" (the month) in Romanian.
Mai would be great as a middle name. It is simple and sweet and goes with any name, really.
Mai is also a Chinese name. One of the symbols for it is èÈ or With this meaning, it means "windblown dust falling like rain". It is a very rare name but I am fortunate enough to have a best friend named as such.
Just a little plain, but pretty. I like this name, especially spelled "Mai."
There is a mistake. I am Vietnamese and from what I've learned in Vietnam since birth, Mai is a gorgeous yellow/golden flower used on Chinese New Year along with the real cherry blossom tree that is known as Dau in Vietnamese.

Cherry blossoms don't come in the color of yellow or gold. Mai has a large difference between Dau. But they are both Chinese New Years' special trees. Please don't mix them up! I know this because my last name is Mai! [noted -ed]
"Mai" is also the month of "May" translated into French.
"Mai" is cherry blossom, a specific flower rather than just "flower". [noted -ed]
"Mai" is also a common female name in Estonia since Christianization in the 13th century. The same female name appears in Norway and Sweden, but not so much any more. "Mai" refers also to the 5th month of the year in Scandinavian, Germanic langauges and in the Estonian language.

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