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Mai 1

Mai 2
Gender Feminine
Pronounced Pron. MAHY
Other Forms FormsMaj

Meaning & History

Variant spelling of May.
Added 10/18/2008 by Lucille
Edited 8/15/2021 by Lucille and Sofia

Mai 3
Gender Feminine
Usage Breton
Other Forms FormsMaï (Breton: Gallicized spelling)

Meaning & History

Breton contracted form of Mari 1.
Added 2/7/2009 by Elwyn Jones
Edited 11/21/2020 by Frollein Gladys and Pie

Mai 4
Gender Feminine
Usage Thai

Meaning & History

Means "tomorrow" or "future" in Thai.
Added 8/11/2009 by anonymous
Edited 8/24/2018 by Evil

Mai 5

Mai 6
not set
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Scripts מאי(Hebrew)
Other Forms FormsMay

Meaning & History

Popular name in Israel (mostly for girls), it is came from the name of the month of May (the fifth).
Added 3/11/2017 by anonymous

Mai 7
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Navajo

Meaning & History

Bright flower
Added 2/20/2019 by CaptainCarly

Mai 8
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Korean
Scripts 마이(Korean Hangul) 麻怡(Korean Hanja)
Pronounced Pron. MIE
Other Forms FormsMa-i

Meaning & History

From Sino-Korean 麻 (ma) meaning "hemp" combined with 怡 (i) meaning "happiness; delight". This name can be formed using other hanja combinations as well.
Added 6/29/2021 by Koume Sakura

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