Navajo Submitted Names

Navajo names are used by the Navajo people of the southwestern United States.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ahiga m Navajo
From Navajo ahigą́ "they fight or combat each other; they kill each other" or ahígą́ "you fight or combat each other; you kill each other".
Ajei f Navajo
From Navajo ajéí "my heart" or "my pluck" (from the possessive pronoun a- + -jéí "the pleural and thoracic organs: heart, lungs, and liver" or, by figurative extension, "pluck").
Asdza f Navajo
From Navajo asdzą́ą́ "woman" (especially one about 50 years of age or older). This name may be given to a sickly newborn in the hopes of her surviving to become a mature woman.
Atsa f Navajo
Navajo name meaning "Eagle".
Awee f Navajo
From Navajo awééʼ "baby".
Bodaway m Navajo
Means "fire maker" in Navajo.
Chooli f Navajo, Apache
From Navajo or Western Apache dził "mountain". In Navajo, it can also mean "mountain range".
Dezba f Navajo
War "anaa'"
Dibe f Navajo
Lamb "dibé"
Dilyéhé f Navajo (?), Astronomy
Means "planting stars" in Navajo. This is the Navajo name of the star cluster known in English as the Pleiades.
Doba f Navajo
There was no war
Doli f Navajo
Bluebird "dóliiłchííʼ"
Gaagii m Navajo
Means "raven" in Navajo.
Gad m Navajo
Means "juniper tree" in Navajo.
Galilhai f Miwok, Paiute, Omaha-Ponca, Algonquian, Navajo, Meskwaki, Sioux, Shonshone, Lakota
Meaning "Gentle", "Attractive".
Hakʼaz Asdzą́ą́ f Navajo
Means "cold woman" in Navajo.
Haloke f Navajo
Haseya f Navajo
She rises
Hastséoltoi f New World Mythology, Navajo
The name of the goddess of the chase or hunt in Navajo mythology.
Hok'ee m Navajo
Means "abandoned" in Navajo.
Hosteen m Navajo
A term of respect meaning "man, grown man, elder, mister, husband." Transferred use of the Navajo word Hastiin of the same meanings. Found as Áłtsé Hastiin, the first man in the Navajo creation story... [more]
Hozshona f Navajo (Rare, ?)
Possibly derived from Navajo hózhǫ́ "it is beautiful".
Hulleah f Seminole, Muskogee, Navajo
Borne by Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie (1954-), a Seminole-Muscogee-Navajo photographer and educator.
Iina f Navajo
Life "iiná"
Jáan m Navajo
Navajo form of John.
Johona f Navajo
Sunny "jóhonaaʼéí"
Kai f & m Navajo
Means "willow" or "hazel" in Navajo.
Kii m Navajo
From Navajo ashkii "boy". A common childhood nickname for boys, as well as a common dog name.
Lilakai f Navajo
Meaning uncertain, perhaps derived from Navajo łį́į́ʼ "horse" and łigaii "white". It was borne by Lilakai "Lily" Neil (1900-1961), the first woman to be elected to the Navajo Tribal Council (served 1946-1951).
Mai f Navajo
Bright flower
Manaba f Navajo
Return to war
Mosi f Navajo
Cat "mósí", "mósi", "másí", "moasi"
Naalnish m Navajo
Means "he works" in Navajo.
Náhookǫs Baʼáádí f Navajo
Means "whirling woman" in Navajo.
Nascha f Navajo
Owl "néʼéshjaaʼ"
Niyol m Navajo
Means "wind" in Navajo.
Ooljee f Navajo
Moon "ooljééʼ"
Sahkyo f Navajo
Mink "tábąąh dlǫ́ʼii"
Sani m Navajo
Means "the old one" in Navajo.
Shandiin f & m Navajo
Variant of Sháńdíín.
Shilah m Navajo
Means "brother" in Navajo.
Shiye m Navajo
Means "son" in Navajo.
Shizhe'e m Navajo
Means "father" in Navajo.
Sialea-lea f Navajo
Little bluebird
Sicheii m Navajo
Means "grandfather" in Navajo.
Sik'is m Navajo
Means "friend" in Navajo.
Tibah f Navajo
Grey "łibá"
T'iis m Navajo
Means "cottonwood" in Navajo.
Tséghádiʼnídíinii Atʼééd f New World Mythology, Navajo
Means "rock crystal girl" in Navajo, composed of tséghádiʼńdínii "rock crystal" and atʼééd "girl, maiden". This is the name of a character in the creation myth of Navajo mythology.
Tsintah f Navajo
Among the forest
Yanaha f Navajo
Brave "náhineesyiz"
Yazhi f Navajo
Means "little" in Navajo.
Yeitso m Navajo, New World Mythology
A fearsome man-eating giant in Navajo myth. He is one of the monstrous anaye.
Yoołgai Asdzą́ą́ f Navajo
Means "white shell woman" in Navajo.