Navajo Names

Navajo names are used by the Navajo people of the southwestern United States.
Ajei f Navajo
From Navajo ajéí meaning "heart".
Ashkii m Navajo
Means "boy" in Navajo.
Awee f & m Navajo
From Navajo awéé' meaning "baby".
Bidziil m Navajo
Means "he is strong" in Navajo.
Dezba f Navajo
Means "going raiding" in Navajo, derived from baa' meaning "raid".
Hastiin m Navajo
Means "man, elder" in Navajo. This is typically an honorific preceding the name.
Iina 2 f Navajo
From Navajo iiná meaning "life".
Klah m Navajo
From Navajo tł'aaí meaning "left-handed".
Nanabah f Navajo
Means "returning warrior" in Navajo, derived from nááná "again" and baa' "warrior, heroine, raid, battle".
Nizhóní f Navajo
From Navajo nizhóní meaning "beautiful".
Notah m Navajo
Possibly means "almost there" in Navajo.
Shandiin f & m Navajo
From Navajo sháńdíín meaning "sunshine".