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Kai 1
Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage Navajo
Other Forms Formsk'ai

Meaning & History

Means "willow" or "hazel" in Navajo.
Added 12/10/2009 by Kazifasari
Edited 11/19/2021 by Felie, Mike C, Sofia and more

Kai 2

Kai 3
Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 魁, 海(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. KA-EE, kai  [key]

Meaning & History

From the Japanese 魁 (kai) "to charge ahead," "the first to charge," "pioneer," "forerunner," "harbinger."
Added 2/23/2015 by Aurelien
Edited 1/15/2018 by LMS and Aurelien

Kai 4
not set
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Scripts קאי(Hebrew)
Pronounced Pron. KAH-ee  [key]
Other Forms FormsKay

Meaning & History

Modern Hebrew acronym for "The Holiness of The Land of Israel" (Hebrew: קדושת ארץ ישראל).
Added 9/15/2017 by anonymous

Kai 5

Kai 6
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Pronounced Pron. KIE(Melanesian)  [key]

Meaning & History

Means "good" in Melpa, spoken in Papua New Guinea.
Added 1/19/2018 by lizanna86
Edited 4/9/2019 by Felie

Kai 7
not set
Gender Masculine
Usage Japanese
Scripts かい(Japanese Hiragana)
Pronounced Pron. KIE  [key]
Other Forms Forms海, 和維

Meaning & History

Can be made of many different kanji, including commonly the kanji 海 meaning "ocean".
Added 7/3/2021 by end_name

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