Looks unbalanced.
― Anonymous User  8/30/2020
Mckenna was already childish enough.
someone-  4/7/2020
It's an ugly name. A spoiled trashy name. I hate it, so yeah.
ihatethenamemakenna  10/21/2019
Usage: English (Modern), Swedish (Modern), Finnish (Modern), Danish (Modern), Norwegian (Modern), German (Modern)

Pronounced: mə-KEHN-ə (English), ma-KEHN-na (Swedish), MAH-kehn-nah (Finnish), ma-GEH-na (Danish), ma-KEH-na (German)

Form of McKenna used in several languages.
RHAWK3935  7/1/2019
More of a Scandinavian and German form of McKenna, I believe.
RHAWK3935  5/20/2019
My name is Makenna and I love me name, and anyone who says otherwise is WRONG. Makenna is a very pretty name.
MakennaisAwesome  12/14/2018
Actually, the comments here are pretty interesting especially from those who don't like the name. It's okay. I've run into all kinds of names in my professional life and I find some really hard to deal with or which sometimes are revealing in terms of ethnicity. My daughter's middle name is Makenna but she also has my family's first name for a first-born girl and her dad's surname but she goes by her middle name (she's not real fond of the family name which is my name, that of my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother, all of my girl cousins on that side of the family, etc). Names are important because they are reflective of a person but some names are common and some not so much. I chose her first name because it is the family name and her father's surname because I wanted her to identify also with that side of the family (I chose to keep my surname professionally so our last names are different). However, her middle name has nothing to do with the origin of the name nor the movie referenced so often in the posts (although I like the movie that some refer to but it is a surname in the movie and it is spelled differently as a result). We gave our daughter the name Makenna, because after trying many other names prior to her birth, we just couldn't settle on something we both agreed on although we had a couple of names we were pretty close on. My husband and I each came up with the name McKenzie but felt that it was a bit harsh sounding and also spelled like a surname. We altered the name based on one of our favorite movies "McKenna's Gold" and I ultimately proposed the spelling "Ma" rather than "Mc" because I didn't want it to appear like a surname.

We wanted a unique name (because both of ours were rather common for the era) but not one that was so far out there or with a weird spelling or pronunciation because what is "cute" when one is a baby is much different than when one is an adult (i.e., Bunny). The fact that she was born with red hair (which then came in blonde) sort of sealed the deal because the name seemed to fit a redhead and it actually fit her from the very beginning. There are a few other Makennas now in our state and even more McKennas but we believe the name became more common (although it is still not very common) after we used it and that is because so many who heard the name, liked it. There virtually were no Makenna's in our area (and I had never heard it except as a surname) prior to our daughter's birth in the 80's. That the name is more popular now is fine. If the name fits a person, it's certainly worth using it. Our Makenna would have been Jared with her dad's surname and one of my family names for either a first or a middle name had she been a boy.

So, for the doubters, choose a name for your girl or your boy that you like but which doesn't saddle them with such a weird name that it either identifies ethnically (unless, of course, that is part of your cultural history), but that can stand the test of time as your child grows. Names can change over time so while a William can be a Bill, a Billy or a Will (or even Will I Am), it's hard on an adult male to be a "Billy" unless, of course, he's "the Kid" but remember that name or a nickname that you may call your child as a baby or when they are younger may morph into a more mature interpretation as your child grows. And keep in mind that the name Billy is more of a child's name than the name of a CEO of an international company so sometimes the name needs to change with the individual's age. Keep in mind that you don't want to make the name so hard to pronounce or to spell that it stumps people well into one's adult life or when it's time to write an obituary. And while some names may be gender neutral, they are some names that are either very girlie or definitely a guy's name. But whatever the name, you and your child must be comfortable with it. As for my Makenna, she's got a couple of derivative nicknames but she's very much a Makenna regardless of the name's origin.
imaskeptic  10/17/2018
Trashity trash trash.
Curious me  9/29/2018
Oh God. Even worse than McKenna.
kayisforkeen  8/24/2018
Sounds just as childish as Makenzie and Makayla.
Luvbug86  7/3/2017
My name is McKenna and I have always loved my name and have gotten nothing but compliments about it. My mother heard the name in the movie "Somewhere In Time" and it is also used in my father's small African home town as a way to show blessings to others. I haven't met anyone older than me with the name and I was born in 1982. When I meet another McKenna I get so excited it's like a sisterhood! Lol.
ShortyMCD8  1/2/2017
Etymology & Historical Origin - Makenna. The name Makenna is presumably an altered spelling of the Hawaiian place name Makena. Makena is derived from the Hawaiian word “mak'ke” meaning 'many gathered' and is located on the southwestern side of the island of Maui.
TimberWolf  1/2/2017
I, as a proud grandmother, find it unbelievable that so many of you have such a spiteful nature! I have a feeling that you (plural) must have been on the receiving end of the schoolyard bullies' taunting and since your issues have never been resolved, can't help but pay it forward to other innocent children! However, I feel that you are more to be pitied than condemned and sincerely hope that you get some help in resolving your issues so that you can finally put things into perspective.

As to the "proud grandmother" part... I have a BEAUTIFUL, spunky, charismatic 3 year old grandaughter, named Makenna, who has been blessed with curly red IRISH hair and a personality to match. She is a delight to whomever happens to be in her company and will continue to grow into a delightful young woman who is beautiful, unique, confident and able to stand up for what she believes in because she is being raised by loving and supportive parents. She already exhibits the spit and vinegar of the Irish and believe me... she will probably need it if some of the preceding comments are indicative of the world she will be forced to inhabit.
Just a thought... have any of you critics written to "Taylor" Swift and told her what a screw up she is and/or will be because of her "surname" first name? Just sayin'...
gypsylmm  10/20/2016
My name is Makenna and I love my name. I believe it is very unique and when I type it it has a red squiggly line under it and it makes me love my name even more and more... Honestly I can't believe some people have the nerve to go on here and judge little girls for their name AND personality! A name is not just what you're called, but it gives you personality and character. If your name is Makenna (again with the red line XD) then you are blessed, not cursed. Just because it was used as an Irish surname 200 years ago doesn't mean it can't be a first name now. I love my name! And if your name is Makenna, and you don't like it and want to change it when you're 18, DON'T! Do NOT waste 18 years of your life waiting to change your name to something uglier than before! Enjoy the M-A-K-E-N-N-A because it is very unique and special!
kenna_the_qween  8/5/2016
My name is Chelsea Laine which I love, even though Chelsea means landing place and Laine means wave. The point is that a meaning of a name does not define a person. When I was thinking about what name to give my daughter I knew that I wanted it to be uncommon, unpopular (I didn't want five kids with the same name raising their hand in class). I wanted it to be easy to pronounce but feminine and unique. I personally love last names as first names. My first daughter's name is Cassidy Paige and my youngest daughter who is now 7 yrs old is named Makenna Sky. It's a beautiful name. Those of you who don't like it probably prefer a more traditional name and that's okay. My daughter has never been made fun of for her name and she loves it. I call her Kenna and she is a sweet natured, fun loving child.
Cheslaine  6/21/2016
My name is Makenna and I absolutely adore it I used to hate it. I'm almost 16 and I'm growing quite fond of it. Makenna is a boy and a girl name, so why does it matter, right? If you don't like it then don't say anything, it's not like you can take the name out of the world.
itss.kenna  4/5/2016
Stop saying it's a boys name cause it's not! I love that name and the way it's spelled. This name is English and not Irish so it's a girl name.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2016
My daughter's name is Makenna. McKenna and Makenna are two different names though they may be pronounced the same. I named my daughter based on the African meaning of Makena "meaning one who brings joy or "happiness". I read it also means "favored one". I chose to add the additional "n". Words evolve and take on different meanings and pronunciations over time. The name doesn't have to have the Irish meaning of the surname. As if no other cultures or languages exist. Some of us think we discovered a name or word just like we think Christopher Columbus discovered America. NOT! My daughter is every bit the essence of her name. So sad that some of you have time to criticize a child's name. That's what is truly ugly and hideous!
― Anonymous User  11/13/2015
My name is Makenna. I used to hate my name when I was younger because every girl was always an Ashley, Brittany, etc. But now that I'm 24 I love my name and how unique it is. Everyone who hears my name always tells me how beautiful it is. And I love to see that I'm not the only one anymore with this name. The people on here saying it's ugly take a hike. I'm sure you have a very common name and aren't unique in any way.
― Anonymous User  11/9/2015
My name is Makenna (spelled that way exactly) and I feel that this is a beautiful name for a girl! So if you do not like it... That is your own fault. Everyone I meet says my name is beautiful and unique! Just because the meaning is "Son of Kenneth" it doesn't make a difference in my eyes. If my name wasn't already Makenna I would name a baby girl this! Overall, Makenna is a beautiful name for a baby girl, if you like the name... go for it, name your child Makenna! Go Makenna Nation!❤
Makenna21  11/7/2015
I named my daughter Makenna, and nobody can say whether or not it is a good or bad name. We should be proud of whatever names we are given, and embrace them as part of who we are. I think it is a beautiful name and nobody can take that away from me. Whoever is hating should spend more time focusing on making good in the world and being productive instead of worrying about other people's names. Re-diculous.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2015
Makenna means "Son of Kenneth" or "Son of Cionadh". While some people say it's a pretty name, I dislike my own identity being that of a male. I'd rather change my name than keep it.
MakennaLW  8/24/2015
My name is MacKenna, and I'm happy that it's only a user submitted name because I don't want to see the comments for it. I have received many compliments for it, and I only know one other person with it. Maybe you should judge the sound of the name, what actually matters. Please, go throw your tantrum about new names somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear it.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2015
My name is Makenna and I'm heartbroken with the horrible comments you people are making. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I have friends and I'm very pretty. You go search your name and see what people are saying about YOUR name...
Makennas are awesome  4/28/2015
This name is beautiful! My husband and I were trying to decide on a unique name for our second daughter and came across the name McKenna. We absolutely loved the sound of the name but were unsure on the spelling. We came up with "Mackenna". This name is unique, beautiful, strong, original, and will grow with the child! Everyone who hears my daughter's name comments on the beauty of it. In fact a few couples around us have been inspired on the name and are also naming their daughter's Mackenna as well. I hate that the people on this site are bashing the name! I know that my daughter and any other Mackenna, McKenna, Makenna, or any other version of this name will absolutely LOVE their name. I prey that they never find this site. The negative comments above are completely out of line and are extremely offensive. The name Mackenna may not be a name in history, other than a surname, but this is because it is newly being used as a first name. Just wait...
MRL2  3/10/2015
This name I have, I hate it. So dumb, like me, my mommy cursed me with this name. I hate it so much.
MakennaIsStupidName  1/15/2015
My name is Makenna, I love my name! It is unique and beautiful. If you don't like it okay, but I do and that's what matters.
Makenna_16  12/13/2014
My name is Mackenna and it's great! People always say what a pretty name it is. Sorry I'm not some basic white girl named McKenzie or whatever. I'm Irish and I'm not about to be screaming at other people about the way their names are.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2014
This name is beautiful! It is NOT a surname. And it is NOT ugly. Just look up your own names and don't comment if you think the name is ugly or not! Just think of how offended you are when you look up your own name on this website.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2014
My beautiful baby girl is named Makenna Elyse. I chose this name because my dad (who has long since passed) loved the movie "Somewhere in Time". The main character, as played by Jane Seymour, was Elise McKenna. So for those of you who are saying it's a surname, yes. It absolutely is. Is it an ugly name? No. I didn't think Elise McKenna sounded right with our last name, so I flipped it and changed the spelling of both names- mainly because I do not like the "McKenna" spelling and I changed the I in Elise to a Y to honor my best friend, whose name is Elyse. All-in-all... she is a Makenna. Her name is just as beautiful as she is. Shame on those saying it's hideous!
ATmnz84  11/11/2014
I named the first Makenna on October 19, 1984 and she has loved the name ever since she was old enough to know it was her name. I have never found a Makenna born before then and I have looked.
kevinjcoyne  7/4/2014
We named our daughter Makenna after seeing it in a Name Book. I think it is such a pretty name and I love saying it! I hope my baby loves her name as much as I do!
Chels.  10/2/2013
My name is Makenna, and everyone I have met in my life says it is a beautiful and creative name. I love my name! Even though is was used as a surname, I really don't care. I am Irish and that doesn't bother me a bit. When spelt Makenna, it is not a surname!
mmm  2/26/2013
So incredibly cutesy and immature beyond belief.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2013
My name is Makenna and even though it is used as an Irish surname, I use it as my first name... because it is my first name... Well, I'm Irish and I don't think it really matters if it's a surname, you can obviously use it as a first name. I am an example of that.
makenna_willow_evely  12/10/2012
I laughed at the user a few comments up trying to pass this trendy thing off as a African girls name. My dear, you're thinking of Makena, which has nothing to do with Makenna. Makenna is just a meaningless mutation of McKenna, and it has no substance or history at all.
Black_X  9/15/2011
I love this name! Though I spell it MacKenna, and I like it on a boy more then a girl. But it's cute on girls too. I really wish people would get over this whole Irish surname thing and just admit that MacKenzie and MacKenna are great names!
TeamPeeta4ever  5/19/2011
Just because Makenna isn't your name doesn't mean you have to be disrespectful and mean. A name isn't just something your called by, it gives somebody character and something to be proud of. How would you like being called hideous just because of your name? Saying this name is hideous is down right rude and hurtful. Many BEAUTIFUL girls have this name. And just because it was a surname 200 years ago doesn't mean it can be used a first name now. Also just because it means Son of Kenneth doesn't mean it cant be a girls name. It's not like anyone is going to know what it means. So I hope all you losers that make fun of peoples names stop it.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2011
Lovely Name! It's so cute. I love this, if I will have a daughter one would be named Makenna.
tafflemark  1/26/2011
Impressive. There's nothing I like about this name. Spelling's horrendous and the sound of it is tacky. I feel sorry for people with this name.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2010
Makenna is considered by many to be a very tacky and downmarket name.
vomiting  12/30/2009
Well, I don't pronounce my name "McKenna". I say "Ma-kenna". So the "C" is never missed.
Makenna14  4/24/2009
Makenna is my name and my daddy picked it out. I know one other Makenna (but she is little, like, 3 months old) and so this name is unique.
Makenna14  4/21/2009
I agree that Makenna is WAY better than ugly Mackenzie (bleck).
diamondberries  9/29/2008
Fair enough, the name doesn't actually have the ''M(a)c'' in it, which would turn it very surname-y and masculine, but it's pronounced like McKenna, and it's tacky. There's nothing pretty or sweet about this name for a cute girl, and it doesn't have any edge or spunk for the less conventional girls and women either. This name would be utter crap on any grown-up.
slight night shiver  4/29/2008
This spelling is hilarious.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2007
It is very pretty for a girl. A lot better than Mackenzie.
Rockos_Modern_Life_1  5/2/2007
Just as with any surname, there is a history behind it; "mac" was reserved for males ("mac", of course, meaning "son"/"son of") while females bore "nic", which is a contraction of "iníon mhic" (Irish)/"nighean mhic" (Scots Gaelic), meaning "daughter of a son of".

Male form example: Dòmhnall Mac Cionnaich (Donald, son of Kenneth)
Female form example: Fionnghuala Nic Chionnaich (Fionnuala, daughter of a son of Kenneth). The names have been simplified today.

I feel sick to my stomach when McKenzie or McKenna or other such names are used; I know Gaelic and using these surnames as given names is the same as spitting on them. All in all, I see them as very trendy names, going out of style and leaving a slew of children with awkward, insubstantial names that have little chance of aging well.
gaelruadh19  1/15/2007
Not suitable for girls.
― Anonymous User  7/29/2006
Makenna derives from the Irish (Gaelic) surname or last name "Mac Kenna" (McKenna). Mac Kenna is typical of names from which the old Gaelic prefixes of Mac and O were not generally dropped in the dark period of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Though almost always written MacKenna, in the spoken language Kenna is quite common and in some places, notably Clare and Kerry, the emphasis is on the final A, with the result that births have been from time to time registered under many synonyms - such as Kennagh, Ginnaw and even Gna. These forms are peculiar to Co. Kerry. By origin, however, the MacKennas do not belong to Munster. They are a branch of the southern Ui Neill but, nevertheless, they are seated in south Leinster, their territory being Truagh (the modern barony of Trough in the northern part of Co. Monaghan). A branch of this sept settled in the parish of Maghera, Co. Down in the seventeenth century. The MacKennas, though "lords of Truagh", were not prominent in mediaeval times. O'Dugan in the "Topographical Poems" says that they were originally Meathmen before they settled in Truagh.

In our modem history nearly all of MacKennas of note have made their name in the field of literature. Niall MacKenna (b. c. 1710) was a Gaelic poet and harper; Theobald MacKenna (d. 1808), secretary of the Catholic Committee in 1791, was a prolific pamphleteer; Andrew MacKenna (1833-1872), was a leading editor and writer in Belfast; Stephen MacKenna (I837-1883), was a novelist; better known as a novelist is another Stephen MacKenna (b. 1888), while a third Stephen MacKenna (1872-1934), was translator of Plotinus and an Irish language enthusiast; Father Lambert MacKenna, S.J. (1870-1956), known for his English-Irish Dictionary, has many Gaelic language publications to his credit.

Nearly all of these were of families belonging to the country around Trough, as also was General John MacKenna (1771-1814), who, after a period of service in the Spanish army, joined Bernard O'Higgins, the "Liberator of Chile", and became an outstanding figure in South America. Patrick MacKenna (b. c. 1765), of Maghera, was an active associate of Wolfe Tone and Napper Tandy: he became a successful shipbuilder at Boulogne. Father Charles MacKenna, P.P. of Donagh, which is in the barony of Trough, was chaplain to the Irish Brigade at Fontenoy in 1745. At the present time probably the best known bearer of the name is Siobhan MacKenna, the Irish actress.

Source:Irish Families by Edward MacLysaght MA, D Litt, MRIA - Irish Academic Press 1991
murrough  7/30/2005
I named my daughter Makenna. Spelled this way is NOT a surname. It is African or Arabic and it means "one who brings joy".
jmpmom  12/31/2004
Wow drop the "C" and it's a girls name? I don't think so, it doesn't matter how it is spelled it will always be an Irish surname.
stuckonstupid  10/30/2007
This is a surname, not a first name. I can't believe people are calling little girls this name. It's absolutely hideous.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2004
That comment about Makenna not being an acceptable name is totally wrong! My name is Makenna and I use it as my NAME! And I am very proud of it and if you have a problem with it then tough!
makenna949  1/2/2006

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