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LocationSunny California

~My favorites~
Josephine, Alice, Aurora, Clementine, Jane, Eponine
Charles, Stanley, Nestor, Elias, Felix, Roman
~~^~~~I'm your not so average 15 year old in California. I play the piano, sing, tap dance, draw, hike, wakeboard and hanging out with friends. I love Hockey (Go Sharks!) even though I don't play it. When I grow up I'm considering being a Park Ranger or a Wildlife Biologist. My favorite music is alternative, techo, show tunes, country and classical. I am a devoute Lutheran and Religion is importent to me. My favorite shows are Animaniacs, Everybody Loves Raymond, Looney Tunes, King of Queens, Colbert Report, Angry Beavers and South Park.
My made up "children"
Aida Hanifa, 14 (Adopted, pregnant with twins)
Aurora Marie, 8
Alice Celeste, 6
Stanley Jochim, 3 (Adopted)

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