Super nice biblical name!
One of the better biblical names.
Really pretty and unique.
In Italian Malachia (MAH-LUCK-EE-AH)
I don't know why it's so vogue right now. I wouldn't want my kid named after the creepy little twerp from Children of the Corn.
Malachite is a beautiful green stone. Malachi, or Malaki, would be a name with a double meaning

In Arab countries, Malak is also a girl's name (unisex). It is possible to add the I or y on the end, adding a meaning of 'royal', but mostly Malak is similar in meaning to Hebrew, "angel", "messenger".
If you sit down and read the bible the old testament is more horrific than the story or movie (Children of the Corn). Still, as the first comment says, it has nothing to do with the person. It's a name and it sounds good. Doesn't really matter where it came from.
My name is Malachi Sebastian; we pronounce it Mal-a-ky.
Old Testament, last book. Minor prophet chosen by Yahweh as a messenger to show the Israelites the error of their ways and return them to Yahweh.
Sebastian we pronounce with 4 syllables rather than 3. Its meaning is Revered and goes hand in hand with Malachi.
I'm not of any religious denomination and one needn't be to have a spiritual and/or meaningful name.
I love my names.
It doesn't matter to me if others have brought to mind a Malachi from horror movies or wherever.
No sweat off my back because it had nothing to do with me personally and doesn't change things for me.
Whatever... Life's too short to worry about little things.
By the way, with my post below and my name being Malachi and many stating it's a Christian name or used by Christians, the Old Testament was before Christ Jesus.
Anyone can use this name, even agnostics and atheists, not just those who choose to follow a religious path.
I named my now 12 year old son Malachi Nathaniel. Many people may not be impressed or pleased with this but although I grew up with Christian roots, I also grew up with a deep love of the horror genre — and when I was around 12-13 years old, I had read Stephen King’s short story “Children of the Corn” and really liked the name. And then when I had the opportunity to meet the actor who played Malachi in the movie (Courtney Gains), I decided then that I would name my first son Malachi.

At the same time, I was aware that the name is also from the Bible as being one of the twelve minor prophets, and the last book of the Old Testament. So for me it was a sort of win-win.

Then when I became pregnant with my first (and only) child and found out he was a boy, I ran the name by my husband (who has a son named Damien from a previous marriage...) and he was immediately on board with the name for our son. As I mentioned, being a horror genre fan for most of my life, it was even more fitting to have had our son on October 27, 2006 - only four days before Halloween.

And so now, every year we’ve celebrated his birthday with fun Halloween themes - and it really works well as his friends are already pumped up for the holiday that it’s kind of like an extra bonus that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

My entire family loves his name, although I may have stuck to only the one side of why I named him Malachi (as being from the Bible) - but now that he’s older, I’ve explained both reasons to him - especially now that he is following in my love of the horror genre too. Of course, though, he definitely has it mispronounced by many folks who aren’t familiar with it. But because he’s such a patient, great kid he isn’t bothered by it one bit. In fact, he told me he loves his name because he is the only kid in his entire school who doesn’t have to write his last name (which is a long, difficult 9-letter word), ha. Hey, whatever works. Before I wrote this, I asked him to rate how much he liked his name on a scale of 1-10, and after thinking for a second, responded with “10”.

Additionally, he does not go by any nicknames - as I wanted him to have that choice and allow him and friends to come up with whatever felt natural. So far, nothing has stuck to my knowledge - although when in a hurry texting someone, I sometimes just write “Mal” for short. But I’ve never actually called him that in person. For some reason though he absolutely abhors the nickname “Kai” - which I completely love - and I only know this because we’ve talked about nicknames a few times and I always bring that one up and he always responds with repulsion, ha. But I do love that shortened form of the name and kind of wish I had started calling him by it when he was younger - but like I said, I’d much rather he have a choice in it anyway.

Lastly, he got his middle name from his uncle (my youngest brother) who also has that middle name. Although not that important and definitely not intentional, his initials are M-N-M. The day he was born, his pawpaw (my dad) brought him a little bag of Peanut M&Ms - because Malachi is and always will be his “peanut”. I still have them too.
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Malachi who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 212th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very old fashioned, but it's not too bad.
Pronounced Mal-la-Ki.
My son's name is spelled Malychi and sometimes it is called incorrectly but he doesn't make it a problem because he really likes his name.
This is my son's name and it is very sad that all anyone can think of is an old horror movies that came out decades ago. This name is first and foremost a book in the Old Testament which was out way before this dumb movie. It has been a biblical name way before this dumb movie. My son is a beautiful 15 year old who loves life and everything about it- nothing like that evil boy in the movie. To associate people with this name to that movie is sad and disheartening. I personally have never seen the movie and don't care to. Glad the name is not that popular, it makes those with it more special.
Reminds me of that creepy ginger kid from children of the corn. If you're gonna name your kid this why not just carve a pentagram in his forehead while you're at it.
I love my name being Malachi. It's a very off name, and very off for a girl to be named Malachi.
This is my name and personally I think it is one of the best names ever. It is the last book in the Old Testament of the Bible.
Even if you believe "it's cool to be evil" and "most people love evil characters," Malachi from "Children of the Corn" was not only evil but also stupid and ugly. Not the best of associations, and not one I can get past when it comes to my impression of this name.
This name will forever and always remind me of Children of the Corn. That's kind of a shame, because I like it.
What do you mean a shame? It's cool to be evil and most people love evil characters in movies, tv shows, video games, books, and in real life. Especially nowadays with the shows such as Breaking Bad that follows the anti hero or villain. Nobody likes "good guys", so it's phenomenal that people associate with an evil character from a movie because they love it.
In the book The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey, (spoilers) Malachi was the sole survivor of an Anthropophagi attack and becomes central to the plot of the story.
I suppose I like this name. It sounds very evil, like an evil genius would be named Malachi.
Easton's Bible Dictionary observes that, since Malachi is a Hebrew word which means my messenger, that the Old Testament book bearing the name of Malachi is now thought by some commentators to be merely the title of the person bringing the message - rather than a specific name for a specific individual. Other commentators, however, believe that the name of Malachi was also the name of a specific prophet whose prophecies came to be well known about B.C. 420, after the second return of Nehemiah from Persia.

The Greek for Malachi is as follows:

Phonetically, the Greek for Malachi is as follows:

The Greek for My Messenger is as follows:
αγγελιοφόρος μου

Phonetically, the Greek for My Messenger is as follows:
Angeliofóros mou
My cousin is named Malachi. He is not Christian. Whoever thinks Malachi is only a Christian name is wrong.
I really like the meaning of this name. And growing up in church I always knew the pronunciation. It's a book of the Bible in the Old Testament.
This is a very interesting name. I love the meaning, of course. If I ever get a chance to, maybe I'll use it as a middle name.
I am unsure why there are such hateful comments about this name (or such bigoted comments about Christianity which is completely irrelevant on a name website).

I think the name is cool because it is unusual and the meaning is sweet - "my angel." I also like the nickname "Chi" or "Kai" as someone else noted. I have known one person named Malachi and his nickname was "Mal", which I don't care for as well as "Chi."
This name is ugly, pathetic, and sounds like a name that fundamentalist Christians would name their son. The horror movie association is even worse.
Pronounced mal-ah-KHEE in Hebrew.
The Greek for 'My Messenger' is:
αγγελιοφόρο μου
I can't take this name seriously because of the character Malachi in the web cartoon Making Fiends.
I know only one Malachi, and he is a baby. For the very reason of its rarity, I like this name.
I once read about a little boy named Malachi who would go to demonstrate in front of abortion clinics and rant against gays with his crazy parents. It sort of figures people who drag their children to demonstrations and picketing events like that would use this Biblical, foreign-sounding name on their poor kids.
Malachi is a cute name.
Malachi is the name of the son of witch Cassie Hughes and a demon named Azazeal in the Sky television show "HEX".
Whoa. I always thought this was pronounced Ma-latchee.
My cousin spells it M-A-L-I-K-A-I-H.
This name has grown on me, the meaning of the name is very nice. I have seen the name Kai used as a nickname for this name which I thought was nice.
The Hebrew pronunciation of this name is mah-lah-khee.
It's one of the best names around and will never die. It's very masculine. I used to pronounce this name mal-A-chee. I hated it then, but, when I heard the true pronunciation, I grew to love it.
No, it means "my angel".
Malachi was he name of the red-haired goon in the 80s horror flick "Children of the Corn." (He was Isaac's right hand man, though they were only children -- a sort of second in command in an evil hierarchy.)

It's too bad, because the pop-culture reference always seems to come up when this name is mentioned in social settings (for my generation, anyway). **Funny note: No one ever seems to mention the same movie reference when someone is named Isaac. I wonder why -- probably because Malachi is a much less common name and, therefore, more identifiable with a single character.**

It's sort of like the name Damien; these two names will forever be associated with the thought of an evil little boy. It's a shame...

I think it's an otherwise *awesome* name. Of Biblical names, it's one of my favorites.

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