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Malina 1

Malina 2
Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

In Inuit mythology, Malina is the name of a solar goddess. She is constantly fleeing from her brother, the moon god Igaluk (Inuit) or Anningan (Grenlandic), and their eternal chase explains the movement of the sun and moon through the sky.
Added 8/23/2007 by LMS
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Malina 3
Gender Feminine
Usage Romani

Meaning & History

Of uncertain origin. Either a borrowing of the Slavic name Malina or the Romanian name Mălina, a direct derivation from the Romani word mal'ina "raspberry" (and thus ultimately a cognate of the Slavic name), or else there might be a relation to the source of the Indian name Malini.
Added 5/7/2014 by Frollein Gladys
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Malina 4

Malina 5
not set
Gender Feminine
Usage Afghan
Pronounced Pron. ma-lee-na  [key]

Meaning & History


Malina Suliman,an Afghan graffiti artist is a famous bearer
Added 4/30/2020 by anonymous

Malina 6

Malina 7
not set
Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Latinized form of Malin.
Added 2/13/2021 by anonymous

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