The meaning is awful. It would make a nice villain name, though.
I sure hope that all parents have the education and common sense to avoid this name!
If Malvolio (meaning "ill will") is in the database, then Benvolio (from Romeo & Juliet--meaning "good will") should be, as well!
Malvolio is a name I might use someday in a story. It doesn't sound as unpleasant as its meaning. Actually, it sounds a little funny. (But isn't it a little funny that in one play, Shakespeare has a character called Malvolio, and in another one, there's a character called Benvolio, which I think means the opposite?)
Come on now, the name even sounds like 'malevolence' or 'malevolent'. And it's the name of a mean character. It's an ugly name, and it sounds a bit like Beavis' alter ego The Great Cornholio that he always thought he was when he had had too much coffee or sugar.
Thomas Marvolo Riddle - character and main villain in the Harry Potter novels.
I adore this name and is one of my favourite characters from this play, despite the meaning is not too good.

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