I love this name! It's also the name of my best friend. :)
lizzette  10/15/2020
"Mandi" is also used in German-speaking countries.
THErockLady  10/12/2020
This is very obscure, but in the film "Downfall", about the fall of Hitler and the Third Reich, Hitler's wife Eva Braun mentions her wish to leave some of her possessions to "Mandi" after she dies. She is planning to commit suicide and is dictating her will to another character in the film. I would love to know who "Mandi" is, I assume she is a relative of Eva's. I am of German heritage and have always been fascinated by that period in German history. Besides, "Mandi" is my nickname also.
THErockLady  10/12/2020
I prefer Mandy/Mandi as a nickname for Amanda. This isn't a full name I'd use. I think Amy is a better nickname for Amanda. I love Mandy/Mandi, and its sound. It's my favorite part of Amanda, not gonna lie.
Anders1234  6/17/2020
My name is Mandi, others think it's short for "Amanda" and I am like, "No". And then we have people that spell it with a "Y". It makes me so mad. Anyways, I didn't know so many people had the name "Mandi" and it's actually spelt the same as mine.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2018
My name is Mandi! And I love my name and the way my mom spelled it. Most others have a "Y" on the end but I think the "I" is way more prettier. My friends think I'm the most funniest, caring, comical, loving person they ever meet. I love and respect all. Until you make me mad. Love my name!
mandimarie1218  12/21/2016
My name is Mandi and I love my name. Everyone else that I know that has this name is just like me I figured! Anyway, I love my name.
mandiashworth1988  11/21/2016
She's sexy! She's cute! She's popular to boot! This is a name only fit for CHEERLEADERS.
TyrannosaurusRegina  12/25/2015
Pretty name, and I love the unique spelling.
Gio123  8/7/2013
My name is Mandi, and I personally love my name. All the other Mandi's I know are either spelled "Mandy" or simply use the name Amanda. Either way I love my name. And I hate when people spell it wrong!
garthbrooksfan  1/15/2006
I had a classmate named Mandi once. She died in car accident almost a month ago.
Annea Lieseza  11/10/2005

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