Manuel II of Portugal-Born on November 15th, 1889-Died on July 2nd, 1932King Manuel II of Portugal has the distinction of being known as the last reigning monarch of Portugal before its abolition. His reign started on February 1st of 1908 and ended on October 5th of 1910 during the October Revolution of that same year. During his life in exile there were countless attempts to restore the monarchy in Portugal and all were unsuccessful. King Manuel II died unexpectedly at his residence in Fulwell, Middlesex, England. He was age 42 at the time of his death and was the last of the royal House of Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to rule over Portugal.
Manuel I of Portugal born on May 31st 1469 - Died on the 13th of December 1521), known as the Fortunate. He was king of Portugal from 1491 to 1521 respectively. This Portuguese monarch was a member of the dynastic House of Aviz. During his reign, Portugal expanded its empire into many parts of the world. A notable voyage, that was sponsored by King Manuel, was that of Vasco da Gama's discovery of the route to India via the journey passing the tip of Southern Africa.
I think the name Manuel is a very charming name that has a timeless echo to it. I also like the nickname Manny for some reason.
Very nice and handsome name.
Lin Manuel Miranda.
In 2018, 5 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Manuel who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 383rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca (1827-1892), best known by his middle name Deodoro, was the first president of Brazil, who took office in 1889 after the abolition of the monarchy.
Manuela is a very good female version of Manuel.
Manuel Octavio Bermúdez Estrada, a.k.a. "El Monstruo de los Cañaduzales" is a Colombian rapist and serial killer. He confessed to killing 21 children in remote areas of Colombia.
Manuel "Sete" Gibernau Bultó is a Spanish former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer. His racing career spanned two different eras of motorcycle racing, beginning with the two-stroke-dominated period prior to the 2002 season, and the four-stroke MotoGP era. Gibernau was one of the top riders in Grand Prix racing at the beginning of the MotoGP era.
Manuel Landeta is a Mexican singer and actor of telenovelas. His sons Imanol and Jordi Landeta are also actors and singers. Manuel Landeta started his acting career at the age of 26 in the telenovela La pasión de Isabela. The following year he was part of the cast in Juana Iris another telenovela on Televisa. In 1986 he obtained his first starring role in Martín Garatuza, as the character of the same name in a story that takes place in Colonial Mexico. He also participated in the plays José el soñador and Loco por tí. In 2001 he recorded an album titled Mírame and in 2004 he made his first two films.
Manuel Reuter, better known by his stage name DJ Manian or just Manian, is a German music producer, DJ and owner of Zooland Records label. He is also a member of the award-winning music dance trio Cascada, alongside fellow DJ Yanou (with whom he has collaborated many times) and Natalie Horler (who has featured as a guest vocalist on some of his songs). Currently he is a part of the duo Twoloud.
Manuel Peter Neuer is a German professional footballer who plays for Bayern Munich and the Germany national team. He is a goalkeeper and serves as vice-captain for Bayern Munich and captain of Germany. Neuer has been described as a "sweeper-keeper" because of his unique playing style and speed when rushing off his line to anticipate opponents; he is also known for his quick reflexes, excellent shot-stopping abilities, strength, command of his area and accurate control and distribution of the ball.
Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the musicals Hamilton and In The Heights, and starred as the leads (Alexander Hamilton and Usnavi) in both of them.
Manuel Neuer (1986-) is a German football player who is widely considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He currently plays for Bayern Munich and the German national team.
In my country, Italy, Manuel is not so common, instead the feminine form, Manuela, is more usual.
Manuel Bayeu (1740-1809) was a Spanish painter.
In Portuguese it's pronounced [muh-noo-ELL]. The common short form is Manel [muh-NELL]
Manuel, as you noted, comes from Emmanuel or Immanuel, but you didn't note it's meaning or Hebrew-biblical origin: "God with us." According to the bible, New American Standard, Matthew 1:23.
It is also used in Romania. [noted -ed]
Listen to the German pronunciation of Manuel here:
The n is this name is hard to pronounce. You end up saying mamwell.
Manuel is the name a one of the best hitters in Major League Baseball: Manny Ramirez.
Manuel is the name of the Spanish waiter on the sitcom "Fawlty Towers".
It's also used to a lesser extent in German and Swedish.
Manuel Göttsching: German musician, member of the group Ash Ra Tempel with Klaus Schulze. Important figure in the development of electronica.Manuel Andrack: editor in chief of the German late night show Harald Schmidt Show.Manuel Reuter: German racing car driver
This name is also very common in Germany, as well as its female form "Manuela". The nickname for both forms is "Manu". [noted -ed]

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