I love both Marc and Mark; just can't decide what spelling should I use. In my opinion, those are wonderful names.
I have an uncle with this name! It's very handsome and sweet. I like it better than Mark, but I like Marcus and Marco better.
It's nice, I like this name, even though I have an UNCLE with this name. But I do prefer Marcus.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
This is so much better than Mark, like if you think of it in this way...
“I am going to Mark your work“
“I get top marks”.
More handsome and unique than the Mark spelling.
Marc Márquez Alentà is a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time with eight Grand Prix world championships to his name - six of which are in the premier MotoGP class.
I love this name because of Marc Bolan, who revolutionized glam rock and inspired artists like David Bowie. He's worth checking out, and so is the band he was in. (T Rex!) R.I.P Marc Bolan, you go!
This is the more melodious spelling while Mark has a different vibe. I can’t decide what I like better!
This name is eloquent, and it's my uncle's name.
Tha C spelling makes it more elegant and refined in my opinion.
This is my name and I hate it.
Marc Gasol Sáez (born 29 January 1985) is a Spanish professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He helped the Raptors reach the 2019 NBA Finals, where they defeated the Golden State Warriors in six games. His championship and his brother Pau's two championships in 2009 and 2010 make Marc and Pau Gasol the first set of brothers to win NBA titles.
Marc Raymond Perlman is an American bass player in the alt-rock band The Jayhawks, as well as the bands Golden Smog, and The Program.
The K spelling is nicer.
In 2018, 40 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Marc who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 409th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This isn't bad, but I personally like the k version better.
My internet persona is Marc, so I wouldn't really use this name myself. But hey, it's just my viewpoint, so if you want to name your son this... go right ahead!
Marc-André Fleury is a French-Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League. Drafted out of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League first overall by the Penguins in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft, Fleury played major junior for four seasons with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, earning both the Mike Bossy Trophy as the league's top prospect and the Telus Cup as the top defensive player in 2003. He joined the Penguins in 2003–04 and won two Stanley Cup championships with the team in 2009 and 2016. Internationally, Fleury has represented Canada twice as a junior, winning back-to-back silver medals at the World Junior Championships in 2003 and 2004. He won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Marc Dutroux is a Belgian serial killer and child molester, convicted of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls from 1995 to 1996, ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered. His wife, Michelle Martin, was convicted as an accomplice. Dutroux was also convicted of having killed a suspected former accomplice, Bernard Weinstein. He was arrested in 1996 and has been in prison ever since, though he briefly escaped in April 1998.
Marc Bartra Aregall is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for German club Borussia Dortmund and the Spain national team.
My uncle's name is Marc, he is named after my Grand Father Marcel as you can see the resemblance.
Also used in English, Dutch and German (according to a user submitted entry).
I prefer this spelling to "Mark".
Marc Almond is a British singer/songwriter and was the frontman of Eighties electro-pop duo Soft Cell.
I don't really like this spelling unless it's a nickname for something else like Marcus, otherwise if it's just an independent name pick the traditional Mark spelling.
Actor Marc Blucas (Riley Finn from 'Buffy') is a famous bearer of this name.
This name is regarded as pretty traditional in France. It's always been quite popular. It reached its peak in 1959, when it was given to 6, 641 baby boys.
Marc Lawrence (born Max Goldsmith) was an American actor.
This name is also used in The Netherlands. In most cases, Dutch parents choose it because they view it as a French name and like this French form of Mark. However, other parents use Marc as a short form for Marcus or just as a variant spelling for Mark.A known Dutch bearer of this name is the actor and television presenter Marc Klein Essink (b. 1960).
Marc Chagall (1887-1985) was a Russian-born painter and designer.
I appreciate this name for its simplicity and classic feel. My brother-in-law's name is Marc (he's French) and he's very calm and easygoing. My father's name is Mark - he's introverted, intellectual, and a bit eccentric.
Actor Marc Warren is a famous bearer of this name. He is probably best known for playing Mr. Teatime in "The Hogfather".
It's too common and plain.
I like Marc, but I prefer it as a nickname for Marcel I think.
My father's name is Marc and when I was young, I would always misspell it because "normal" people would spell it M-A-R-K. My father spelled it M-A-R-C, so I got a little confused. I like the name, though. Although, it is a little bland. I've always hated plain names- like mine, for instance. That's why I sometimes go by "Anna Marie" instead of just "Anna". I do like the name Marc, all-in-all.
Come on, guys, what about the artist, Marc Chagall? All the Marcs I've known are Jewish. I always assumed it was a Jewish form of Mark. I guess I'm wrong.
Marc St. James, Wilhelmina Slater's personal assistant on the television show "Ugly Betty". He is played by Michael Urie.
Marc Bolan. Singer in the glam rock group T. Rex.
Marc Byrd is the other guy from Hammock, the great band that creates very epic, majestic, dreamy, and spacey soundscapes.
Marc Anthony is a famous bearer of this name.
Marc Grewe does the vocals and bass for the German group Morgoth.
Also the Welsh version of Mark. [noted -ed]
My dad's name is Marc, and I don't think the ratings fit him. He's unintellectual (sorry Dad), he's comical, not the least bit serous, and he HATES the outdoors. My dad is also German and Jewish. Not the least bit French.
Marc Jacobs, his designs are great.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Marc here:
Marc can also be short for Marcus.
My father is named Marc and he is French and where he grew up everyone spoke French and it was a very popular name. If this spelling, I can't picture a child named Marc.
I like this name better Mark. Most Marcs I have met, either spelling, seem to be very nice people.
This spelling is fairly common in the States, at least. I've known several, none with any French connection.

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