Mahr-SEHL is also the English pronunciation of Marcel.
RHAWK3935  6/14/2020
While I do like this name, it does seem a bit plain and too BOOOOOOOOORING! I MUCH rather prefer MARCELLO to THIS.
LionB3  5/12/2020
I think this name is so adorable! I have grown to love it since watching the “Ricardo Family” Playmobil show on YouTube. The teenage boy of the family is named Marcel. My husband thought the name and the character were feminine, and apparently other fans have wondered that too.
Zinha  5/17/2019
The name Marcel was given to 312 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Marcel are male.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
Marcel Nguyen is a German gymnast. In 2012, he became an Olympic silver medalist after competing at the 2012 London Olympic Games. He's a soldier (currently ranked Corporal) in the Bundeswehr (German military) since July 2007, beginning when he was training in the Bundeswehr Sports Development Group (Sportfördergruppe der Bundeswehr) in Munich.

Born in Munich, to a German mother and a Central Vietnamese father, Nguyen began gymnastics at the age of four, and at seven years of age, joined TSV Unterhaching. Since 1995, he has trained at the regional training center in Munich. Since 1997, Nguyen was part of the squad perspective, where Andreas Hirsch and Jens Milbradt were his coaches. He rose quickly from the D- to B-squad. Since 2002, he has started for the Junior National Team. In 2005, Nguyen was the German junior champion on parallel bars, runner-up on rings and third in the vault. That same year he took part in the World Championships in Melbourne for the first time and placed 16th on the parallel bars.
lilolaf  2/23/2017
I thought this was a girl name. Awkward.
lilpimpteller  8/9/2015
Marcel Bezençon was president of the European Broadcasting Union from 1955-1970; you could also say he's the father of the Eurovision Song Contest.
AnastasiaE  8/27/2013
There are many, many translations of this name. Out of all of them, I would select this one because of the association with Marcel Duchamp.
dimitridominic  3/19/2013
I like the look of the name but the pronunciation sounds kind of dopey. I do, however, like the French pronunciation.
renee06  2/28/2013
Look up "Marcel the Shell with shoes on" on YouTube. Cutest video ever.
Liesl  5/12/2011
It's also Croatian.
goricar  4/20/2010
This is a good strong name, and it's not frequently used at all. It doesn't sound feminine, but maybe a bit wimpy. It could always be shortened to Marc though, if he felt that way.
Aureliano  2/24/2010
Marcel Pagnol, French filmmaker, playwright and novelist.
Arialblack  12/29/2009
Marcel is also the Catalan form of Marcellus. [noted -ed]
paula_vm  7/12/2009
It's also used in the Netherlands where it's pronounced MAHR-cel.
renee06  7/3/2009
I love this name! I don't understand why it isn't used more often.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2009
Marcel is also the Czech and Slovak form. [noted -ed]
Maggie_Simpson  11/10/2007
Also a boys name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/3/2007
On the sitcom Friends, I'm pretty sure Ross named his annoying little monkey Marcel.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007
Marcel Marceau, the French mime artist, is a famous bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  3/22/2006
This is my all-time favorite name. It's deep, unique, masculine, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!
Mithos514  3/17/2006
Two famous Marcel's are:
The French realist novelist Marcel Proust.
The French dadaist and surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp.
ars musica  11/30/2005

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