No thanks. Because it's so ruined in my opinion. I don't care for it. I prefer Marcelline and Marcellina though.
I find this name pretty nice, and the Adventure Time association will die out.
I don't think the Adventure Time association is anything to worry about. Most people (that I know) that have seen the show enjoy it. The character Marceline is awesome! She might actually be my favorite.
Unpopular opinion, I think Marceline is gonna become more popular. Probably wouldn't make it in the top 100, but I see it somewhere in the top 500 pretty soon.
This is a very unusual yet elegant name. I don't think of Adventure Time when I hear it.
The Marceline association isn't going to be a problem for a very long time since the Adventure Time will become less and less relevant with time, plus people who don't watch Adventure Time have probably never even heard of the character. It is a very sweet name and I'm surprised it isn't more popular.
What a gorgeous name! Too bad about the Adventure Time association.
Makes me think of Adventure Time of course, so I might consider using this name... it ain't half bad!
My middle name is Marceline. I adore the name and will absolutely name one of my kids it.
Absolutely gorgeous! It also flows nicely with many different middle names.
Can't help but think of Adventure Time. Sorry.
Very rare and very dated.
The name Marceline was given to 48 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This name reminds me of marzipan and vaseline!
Marceline Day was an American silent film actress. She was the younger sister of actress Alice Day, and was known for her role in "The Cameraman" with Buster Keaton, and "London After Midnight" with Lon Chaney.
Marceline the Vampire Queen is a character on the cartoon Adventure Time.
I like the Marcheline spelling best as well. I think it would be easier for people to pronounce.
This name is overly beautiful. Marcheline is my favorite spelling of the name.
I think this a pretty name, but I like seeing it spelled like Marcheline instead.

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