First off. Marco Polo is not really a bad/terrible association but most probably could be annoying for bearers to hear it all the time. Secondly it seems and sounds very lovely to me. Thirdly, the meaning is not the best one I've heard so far (the meaning is badass but not very friendly and kind)!
In the end it makes a hyper brilliant and cool name for a baby. I honestly like it...Similar names : Marquis, Mark, Marcus.
Also Ligurian:
I don't really like this. I prefer Marcus. It's stronger sounding and more handsome. The reason I don't like this name is NOT because of the Polo association. I just don't really see the appeal, but it's a lot better than some other names, like Gabby.
I just love this name. It has a nice masculine quality that never feels tiresome. Good choice for someone looking to alternatives for Mark.
Handsome and manly.
If you have this name, you hear 'polo' a lot.
Marco is also used in the Disney animated TV Show, "Star vs the Forces of Evil" for the main character's best friend, Marco Diaz.
Marco is a great name that is 100 times better than the tired and boring alternatives of Marc and Mark.
I LOVE the name Marco so much, and it is cute, fits any age, is formal, perfect for any classic formal occasion, and I don't mind the Polo association, as when Marco gets older, he will learn about it. Perfect name for any boy! (DON'T USE THIS FOR A GIRL) I agree with Anonymous User, who commented on 5/16/20, I hate Mark, like Marc, but best of all, I LOVE Marco, so so much! Handsome!
I prefer Marc or Mark.
Marco/Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard is from DC's flash comics.
Marco and playing in the pool may pose a problem with this name.
From when I was in elementary school all the way through high school, if we had a substitute teacher they were excessively saying polo, the subs being over the age of 50 most of the time thought it was funny, but I remember I would usually fake laugh, then not laugh at all and pretend I did not hear them, then I would overly laugh, laugh a lot, and make it obvious that I was not seriously laughing and I did not care. Luckily they stopped doing it after they felt embarrassed.
I’ve not met a Marco in my life. But it seems like an okay name that is not too short nor long.
Marco is one of those names that I rarely hear in my part of the world. It sounds simple and could be suitable for any young person till middle age. The elderly period may pose a problem in my humble opinion as it does not sound like one of those first names that could age well as the person reaches his latter days.
Marco! Polo! Lol, imagine if a Marco's middle name was Polo.
Marco Antonio Solís, Mexican popular singer.
Marco Stanley Fogg is the main character in Paul Auster's novel "Moon Palace". He is named after Marco Polo.
In Star vs the Forces of Evil, there is a character named Marco Diaz.
Marco Asensio is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.
Marco René Estrada is a Mexican professional baseball pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball. He previously played for the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers.
Marco Rubio is an American politician and attorney, and the junior United States Senator from Florida. Rubio previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.Rubio is a Cuban American from Miami, with degrees from the University of Florida and the University of Miami School of Law. In the late 1990s, he served as a City Commissioner for West Miami and was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000, representing the 111th House district.
Marco Antonio Navas González is a Spanish footballer who plays as a right midfielder. He amassed Segunda División totals of 127 games and four goals over the course of six seasons, representing five teams. In La Liga, he appeared for Sevilla.
Marco Padalino is a Swiss footballer who plays as a midfielder for Lugano.
Marco Reus is a German professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder, winger or striker for German club Borussia Dortmund and the Germany national team. Reus is known for his versatility, speed and technique.
The name Marco is used for a character in 'Star vs the Forces of Evil' he is called Marco Diaz!
I personally like this name, the Marcos I have met were pretty nice and even smart in some cases.
Marco Reus (born 1989) is a famous german soccer player.
There's Florida senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.
My name is Marco and I couldn't love it more than I already do. It is a very rare name, I was the only Marco in my school for five years before someone from Spain moved to my town and their name was Marco. We always refer to each other as 'Me', and have a lot of fun talking abount the variants and diminutives of Marco. It has always bothered me when I say, "Hi, my name is Marco", to someone and they would always say, you guessed it, "Polo". I don't understand if they mean the game or the explorer, but even so, it has and will always bother me. When I was two, I was at a pond where people were playing Marco Polo. Whenever they shouted Marco, I would say "I'm here!". I worry that as I grow up, I will be picked on because of my name, but the more I say it, the better I like it, mostly because of the Co syllable. It kind of reminds me of Petco, because I LOVE dogs! Anywho, Marco is an extremely smart, but rough name, and has an even temper, but will break if you push too hard. Not too geeky, but not too jockish.
Marco Diaz is a character on the Disney XD cartoon "Star Vs. The Forces of Evil".
Marco Ikusaba is a character in the manga and anime, Mirai Nikki.
Marco is also a very popular Dutch name. It's most likely a variant of Mars, the Roman god of war. [noted -ed]
Marco Boschini (1613–1678) was an Italian painter and engraver of the early-Baroque period in Venice.
Marco Berlinghieri was one of the painters in the Italian family Berlinghieri.
It is MARKO POLO not MARCO POLO. I am a Croat and Marko Polo was a Croat from Korčula Island and Croatian form of Marco is Marko.
Actorss Jillian Hennessy and Paolo Mastropietro have a son Marco, born 17th September 2003.
Marco Hietala is the bassist and one of the vocalists of the Finnish metal band Nightwish.
A character on Degrassi: The Next Generation is Marco del Rossi.
This isn't really a famous bearer but, Marco is a character in KA Applegate's series Animorphs.
Marco is a cool name for a boy. Though if you had to call out to a Marco in public, somebody will most likely say Polo back.
Marco Polo is a game that people often play in swimming pools where one person closes their eyes, yells out "Marco" and listens for the other swimmers to yell "Polo" back in order to tag them.
Marco Minghetti (November 18, 1818 – December 10, 1886) was an Italian economist and statesman.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Marco here:
The ancient Marco Polo is a famous bearer!
"Marco" ("Marko") is also the Bulgarian variant of "Mark".
Marco Quaglia plays the role of Massimo Nardi in the Italian series "Incantesimo".
It is also a Finnish form of Mark ... widely used in Finland.

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